Who Should You Buy Gifts for At Christmas?

When it comes to remembering each and every person in our lives that should be on our Christmas list, things can get a little overwhelming.

Between planning meals, choosing the best location for the Christmas season, decorations (and more), we can easily forget to buy certain gifts and can even forget certain people on our Christmas gift list.

You should simply buy Christmas gifts for those who matter the most to you. Who are the most significant family members in your life -and who do you cherish?

Spend less time worrying about luxury items and etiquette, and more time making sure the people you love feel appreciated.

Who Do You Buy Holiday Gifts For?

Your Parents

Of course, the first people at the top of most of our lists are our parents.

As time goes on and we grow, move out, etc, our parents will want to remember how much they mean to us, especially if we cannot spend the holiday season with them.

When it comes to our parents, a thoughtful present along with a bunch of pretty Christmas flowers really does go a long way – so try not to leave Mom or Dad out of exchanging gifts!


If there’s a single group of people that should definitely not be forgotten on Christmas, it’s the kids!

The reaction that you will see as your child receives their Christmas gift they’ve been longing for will give you cherished memories to keep forever.

Christmas is a special time for all of us, but with all of the wonder, intrigue and beauty surrounding this time of the year, it is never more important than it is to a child.

So, remember to get them the presents that they want (and that you can feasibly afford – keep that gift receipt handy just in case!).


When we get older, many of us rarely get the opportunity to see our siblings as we live in different areas, work in different fields, and lead separate lives.

It’s a pleasure to be able to take the time to see them, especially around a time that you will have loved together as children.

That’s why, whether or not you are with your siblings this time of year, it is important to ensure that they get a gift from you that means something to them.


This year, remember everything that your spouse does and how much they love and support you.

You can discuss how much money you have mutually decided to use on each other, or go for a romantic joint gift – plan a vacation together, or a romantic meal, couples massage – the list goes on.

Just think of something that you and the other person can agree on and enjoy together, and don’t always flock to the expensive gifts.

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Close Friends

It can be difficult to decide which friend to buy for on Christmas. However, you should consider your budget and your relationship with each individual friend.

While some friends deserve a nice Christmas card, or maybe even a gift card to show our appreciation, our truly close friends deserve more.

Read our article to get the best suggestions for Christmas gifts for your friends.

Nieces and Nephews

Remember to keep your nieces and nephews in mind! Their Christmas is just as important as your kids’.

Ask your siblings what their kids are likely to want this year, or keep to your own idea based on the time you spend with them. Naturally, your own relationship with them will dictate what they receive!

Close Co-Workers

Let’s face it – some co-workers do deserve a gift for Christmas from us.

However, if they are just colleagues you don’t spend time outside of work with, then you can keep it simple with a Christmas card, a gift card or a Secret Santa present.

Just keep it simple – give a gift basket if they really are your office BFF, of course.

Read our suggested list of wines to gift your close co-workers on Christmas.

Your Boss

Ideally, your boss should get a Christmas gift this year, but only if you have a good working relationship with them, and if it’s appropriate.

You could decide with your entire team on the Christmas gifts that you would all like to give to your boss, to take the pressure off of you financially and in terms of that final decision.


Your children’s teacher works hard every day to help your child, so remember to keep them on your Christmas gift list.

Anything from a plant to a box of chocolates will likely be enough to show your and your child’s appreciation.

Who Should You Not Buy Christmas Presents For?

Gift-giving isn’t always so easy to understand as there are people who will always drift in and out of our lives.

That may be a family member, a friend, a colleague – you could be giving gifts one year, and not the next.

That is why instead of coming up with gift ideas for everyone you have ever known, it is best to review your gift-giving list every year.

This will ensure that everyone who truly matters to you still gets a thoughtful gift – and that you can move on from those who no longer do.

It’s harsh, but you can’t expect to have exchanged gifts with absolutely everybody.


Basic Christmas gift etiquette can be difficult to master – but is so worth it when you get it right.

But what should you do for others who deserve a holiday gift but who cannot fit into your holiday budget, or for whom you do not even know what you could buy?

There are certain other people, such as:

• babysitters

• bus drivers

• cleaning staff

• crossing guards

• doctors

• military service people

• nurses

• sanitation workers

• tutors

•  firemen

• and of course those who won’t have any family with them for the holidays

who deserve some holiday cheer and appreciation from us all and may be people you have a special relationship with.

However, given the fact that very few of us actually frequently speak to these people and merely show our appreciation when we see them, it can make quite an awkward situation if you give them a gift of the wrong size or value.

Of course, the amount that you are willing to spend depends on your own budget and comfort levels, but you don’t have to feel obligated to spend a lot of money to make someone feel good.

In fact, simply giving a nice box of chocolates, a homemade piece of Christmas cake, some holiday sweets, a gift card, or even a nice Christmas card can make a person’s day.

Even taking the time to speak to them, wish them a Merry Christmas and thank them for all that they do and have done is enough to make someone feel special.

If more of us did do this, there would be a lot more holiday cheer around! So – if all else fails, drop someone a line on Christmas morning, and leave that expensive gift catalogue to one side.

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