Al about us

Al Kay

Hey I’m Al, the founder of Fit2Gift Ideas…and I have a confession; I absolutely suck at picking gifts! Picking the right gift was actually the worst thing I could think of. Ever felt the same? Gifting someone the right present is an awesome feeling, don’t get me wrong. I just wasn’t very good at it. So, I created Fit2Gift Ideas and built a team to help other people like me, who dread giving the wrong gift! This site has had hours of research and writing put into every gifting scenario and I hope it helps make gifting your friends and loved ones a little easier, like it has for me 🙂

Alexandra Yak

Aleksandra Yak

Aleksandra is a content writer and gift researcher at Fit2Gift Ideas…and unlike Al above, she is amazing at picking the right gifts! Aleksandra is responsible for many of the best listicles you might read on the site i.e. “Top 10 gifts for X” . She has a knack for gift giving and her hobbies include hiking, travelling and generally laughing at Al’s lack of ability to pick good gifts.