Present Ideas For Parents With Dementia

It’s always tricky to find a suitable gift for your parents, especially when you consider the efforts and love they have invested in you. Finding a gift that easily portrays how you feel tends to be much more difficult than it should be. It’s understandable though, the many gifts available in the market today tend to confuse us.

Finding gifts for dementia parents is much more difficult, but in this article I will guide you on how to go on finding present ideas for dementia parents.

Whatever the occasion:  wedding anniversary, birthday, mother’s day, father’s day? These 11 best gifts for an Alzheimer patient are not only sensory stimulating but practical too.

Gifts For Parents With Dementia

Most Alzheimer’s patients experience these symptoms: irritability, boredom, anxiety, wandering, sleep disturbance, thinking and memory problems. Therefore it would be prudent to get a gift that addresses one of these challenges.

We will be looking at the things they need for their day to day life. These items below are practical solutions to the challenges they face. They will not only help your dementia parents live a better life but will also help you take better care of them.

1.     MedSmart Plus, Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser

What’s more important for your dementia parents than their health?

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This pill dispenser is not only valuable to the patient but to caregivers too. It will allow you to monitor your parent’s medication even when you are not around. This will highly reduce the chances of the patient overdosing or under dosing- We both know the consequences.

What I love about this pill dispenser

  • The alarm is quite loud for the patient to hear and beeps for a long duration. Should the patient not take the pills it will automatically alert you by sending a text message to your phone number.
  • The dispenser will always alert you when the pills are low and need to be refilled.
  • The kit can be set up for different dosages so you don’t have to buy several kits.
  • There are no monthly charges to be incurred while using this dispenser.

 As much as the MedSmart plus Automatic pill dispenser is quite pricey, its benefits outweigh the cost especially when you consider that you no longer have to hire a care giver to monitor your loved ones medication.

2.     Family tree picture flame

It’s a proven fact that photos help stimulate memories for Alzheimer’s patients.

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Image association through photos plays a key role in allowing your dementia parents to reminisce about pleasant times in their lives.  It will also help them to be engaged in the present moment by helping them remember the people in their current lives. This is a perfect gift for seniors with dementia.

So why don’t you get one and spend quality time with your mama: choosing, labeling and organizing the pictures. Luckily enough, we have several options of picture frames that you can choose from as you will see here. I would recommend a family tree picture flame any day.

A family tree picture flame will make it easy for you and your parents to introduce and reintroduce close family members as needed.

Go through the options and choose the flame that best represents your family and budget.

3.     A memory phone

A common challenge with People suffering from Alzheimer’s is that they will often forget their loved ones phone numbers. Getting your papa a memory phone will help him get in touch with you or any other important person in his life any time he needs to.

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Another challenge with Alzheimer’s patients is that sometimes they forget to disconnect calls, this not only leads to huge bills that can be avoided but it also makes it hard for anyone to call since the phone is engaged. This can be exasperating especially in case of an emergency.

We therefore recommend buying this phone.

This phone has visuals that will help them figure out who they want to call. It has also employed a mechanism that disconnects after a certain time therefore playing a huge part in giving you some peace that you really deserve.

4.     Silicone Sport Medical Alert ID Bracelet 

Sometimes Alzheimer’s patients tend to wander off. This is a scary experience especially when she is a new environment.

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This hypoallergenic Silicone bracelet that has a medical alert Star of Life symbol, will not only enable strangers to help you find your loved one fast but will also provide medical information to medical practitioners in case of an emergency.

What I love about this alert ID bracelet

  • You can easily customize the medical details up to 5 lines.
  • It’s fully waterproof.
  • It has a dual safety lock and will fit most hand sizes.
  • It has an EMC (Emergency Medical Card) that you can use to add more details.
  • It also has an online registry to update the medical details as they change.

 5.     Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp

Many times the bad moods, sleep disturbances, agitation, depression can be attributed to lack of enough and well regulated sleep.

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Studies have shown that good lighting that mimics night and day light pattern helps, regulate sleep and wake cycles for Alzheimer patients.

And this therapy lamp does that. It has a sunrise and sunset simulation that will help your dementia parent fall asleep through its light and sound guided relaxation exercise.

This therapy lamp also collects external data that might affect or interfere with the patients sleep e.g. noise, humidity, temperature and light levels.


6.     J & E Talit Inc Alzheimer Anti-Strip Jumpsuit

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The Alzheimer anti strip jumpsuit is a must have garment for parents with the compulsive stripping problem. The jump suit has snap closures and two tabs at the back line thus making it difficult for a patient to undress self-toilet or remove the diapers.

Present Ideas For Parents With Dementia 13Present Ideas For Parents With Dementia 14

This is a must have in a care package for dementia patients.

7.     Memory Loss Fidget & Sensory Pad

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Does your parent fidget a lot? This memory loss fidget & sensory pad is perfect for Alzheimer patients that need extra stimulation.

It will enable your parent to keep busy thus reducing loneliness and boredom.

8.     Dementia Therapy Doll- Annie

This is a live like doll that your parent will rock, talk to and put to sleep. – And yes she closes her eyes when it’s time to sleep.

Present Ideas For Parents With Dementia 17Present Ideas For Parents With Dementia 18

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Annie is infused with natural lavender to promote a calming effect to your patient and weighs 3 lbs. other than that, the doll can be dressed in different doll outfits creating more activities for you mum and when closely held it provides a therapeutic pressure that will smoothly calm your mum.

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9.     MP3 music box for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

They say “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” And they are right.

Present Ideas For Parents With Dementia 19Present Ideas For Parents With Dementia 20

This music box is specifically designed for people with memory problems. It’s so simple to use that you don’t need a care giver to operate it for them, other than maybe loading their favorite songs for them.

It has 3 very simple to use controls:

·         To start the music your parent only needs to lift the lid.

·         For the next song she only needs to push the huge button.

·         And to stop the music he only needs to close the lid.

           Check it out here; I know you will love it.

10.  Activities to do with Your Parent who has Alzheimer’s Dementia

Sometimes it’s not the gift that counts but the time spent with them.

Present Ideas For Parents With Dementia 21Present Ideas For Parents With Dementia 22

You may want to spend quality time with them but your mind is blank on the activities to do. This guide does exactly that. It will help you come up with a list of activities to do with your parent without drying your pockets.

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11. High Resolution Digital Alarm Clock

Present Ideas For Parents With Dementia 23Present Ideas For Parents With Dementia 24

The clock clearly states in large letters the time, day, period of the day, day of the week, month etc This way should she take a nap during the day, when she wakes up she will be in a position to know time of the day it is.

Wrapping up

I believe you now have several gift ideas to present to your dementia parents. You can choose one or buy more depending on your budget and need. Don’t forget to sprinkle the gift with some magic love dust kisses and well wishes.  If this “Present ideas for dementia parents” guide helped you in anyway, kindly leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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