10 Gifts for Athletic Teenage Guys (Our Top Sports Gift Picks For Your Boy!)

It’s your little guys birthday, (or you’re just feeling generous!) and you’re thrilled at his continued enthusiasm for sports and equally excited to play your part in helping him maintain this athletic phase of his life. But you’re not sure about what gift to get him? We’ve got you! We’ve put together a list of unique gifts for athletic teenage guys that could help bring the best out of his talent.

In a rush? Here are our top picks!

Well, it’s time to venture out and get a surprise present that pushes him further ahead of the competition in the form of one of the champion-making gifts for your sporty teenage boy.

And who knows? With time, your small gesture could prove a masterstroke. He may even go on to set long-standing records and become the next big thing in athletics thanks to your inspirational gift! But, whoa. Hold your horses…let’s just get him a gift that’ll put a smile on his face for now…

Top 10 Sports Gifts For Athletic Teen Boys

Bose SoundSports Wireless Ear Buds

Teens and good music are inseparable. And unless your boy enjoys silence, most will prefer having motivational beats pumping them through their workouts.

Match that with the famous sound quality and brand recognition of Bose and you have a gift for teenage guys which they will absolutely love you for!

Wired headphones are clunky for sports and athletes. They’re a thing of the past. These wireless earbuds are made for working out and are discreet, as well as secure. Your reputation for being the coolest relative will also be secured if you buy this cool gift for your teenager!

Whether on Android or the latest Apple iPhone, the audio quality is awesome as you’d expect from Bose and, of course, he will enjoy the convenience of working out without having cords hanging awkwardly from his ears or his phone.

The design, the faultless connection, and everything…this is a pure audio performance delight and one of the top gifts for fitness enthusiasts you can buy.

Fit Simplify Strength Training Loop Exercise Bands

To master most sports, they demand some degree of strength, endurance, power, speed, and more. 

For teenage athletes, strength training is often an afterthought. Gym’s can be expensive.

But a plan can and should be implemented to help boost muscle endurance, speed and power through strength training. That’s where resistance exercise bands come in!

Once he gets hold of them, he can use the resistance bands to build up endurance in his arms, legs, hips, back, shoulders, stomach, and more.

Which will later translate to leaner muscle and better performances in most sports.

And while they help him tone up, they remain comfortable, soft and super easy on his skin not to mention that there is unlimited access to creative strength training videos online.

This gift will help him be better at sports, save him money and space on a gym membership and equipment as it can all be carried in the bag it comes with. A great gift ideas for teenage guys which they’ll no doubt appreciate.

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NIKE Zip-Up Cold Weather Hoody

If your teen athlete favors the great outdoors or sports that involve being outside, he’ll want to beat the biting chill of Winter season.

An athlete won’t want to abandon his workout dreams until next summer – that’s one way to lose inspiration and motivation, especially for a distracted teen!

A smarter way of doing it is to reward him with one of the sportiest yet cheap and thoughtful gifts for athletes – a stylish, cold weather hoodie!

Most teens love hoodies, and most people love Nike, so it’s difficult to go wrong with one of these as a sporty gift for an athlete.

This particular hoodie is thick, but breathable and is designed to keep the cold away and allow him to proceed with the training regime uninterrupted – even during the icy months.

The weather can always catch us off guard, but have you ever heard of catching the weather off-guard? That’s precisely what we can do with this hoody. The cold can’t keep your athletic teen down!

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus Running Shoes

Staying with our theme of gifts for an athletic teen or an athlete boyfriend and making him a performance superstar, a popular running shoe like the Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus will hit the spot.

​These running sneakers are currently one of the most popular in the world. They look the part and perform very well to boot. Maybe these running shoes are a first step in molding your boy to become the champion he was always destined to be? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet…

They’re light, thin, and super responsive while the foam cushioning supports his strides and turns to give him a cutting edge.

Your boy will look cool while leaving everyone trailing in his wake. Plus, it makes running more fun!

Long Sleeve Hoodie Shirt With Sun Protection

What about a lighter hooded gift for gym junkies? You see, teenagers have always confessed their unending love for hoodies and have successfully pushed them to the forefront of today’s mainstream fashion, but they’re often not deemed suitable for sports.

Since it’s always difficult to find a piece of clothing that he will readily appreciate, a hoodie cuts it for both of you. He is happy for your fashionable gift and gesture, and you’ll be smiling that he’ll look the part even when out playing his sport or working out.

This particular lightweight hoodie looks great and also has factor 50 sun protection which is perfect for working out in the heat outdoors. An ideal gift for today’s athletic teenager.

Smartwool PhD Run Men’s Low Cut Socks

As you know, running can put a hefty amount of stress on your boy’s feet and a lot of sports involve running. Potential blisters and other niggling foot troubles especially in technical running, are common.

And so if you want him to be always be available for his sport, why not award him a very essential gift for a sporty boy in the form of these awesome low cut running socks?

He won’t see them as the typical Christmas gift of socks from grandma. He’ll certainly appreciate the gift and that they draw sweat and wick moisture away from his skin keeping his feet cool and dry.

Running socks are actually one of the more practical thank you gifts for athletic trainers and teenage athletes.

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Hydration Backpack Pack

Staying cool is a top priority in the midst of the heat of the competition. So, if you want to inspire him to reach for the stars, you can surprise him with this hydration pack. This is probably better suited if he enjoy hiking and similar activities but works well to keep off the field for any sport too.

Whether for practice sessions or on the day of the race, he can be sipping as he waits to take his place on the starting block with you cheering him on.

The extra pockets on this pack will hold his clothes, purses, keys, phones and more.

And you will definitely appreciate the larger opening as it makes cleaning the pack a breeze.

Teens will likely love the fancy design too.

Check out our broken arm care package to gift a loved one.

Reusable Ice Pack Gel (Flexible Therapy)

When my boy was in middle school (and just about to get serious with his sports), he got injured and sheepishly asked me if he could ever recover if he suffered an injury.

I pulled out an ice pack and told him it was going to be ok. And you know what? He still remembers this and now he can’t go for sessions without one. This gift is practical and relatively cheap too.

Whether it is backaches, head injuries, calf soreness, ankles pain, thigh injuries, and sprains, this reduces inflammation and aids in recovery. Obviously, it’s important to teach your boy to get the proper help for more serious injuries. The ice pack isn’t magic.

Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the most recommended gift ideas for sports fans, not just here, but globally!

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Radar Pace Coaching System

A personal athletics coaching system is also a fantastic gift for teenagers who are into short races, middle distance running/cycling, or those working at becoming long-distance monsters.

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These days, more and more sportsmen and women are self-training and comparing the results with set personalized targets, which make practicing even more thrilling and motivating.

With radar pace voice activated coaching, your boy can create a customized training program depending on his desired goals and run or cycle against it.

Then he can reset and restart until he beats his last score and hits prime form.

It’s one of the best gifts for sports fanatics and super exciting to train with. And yes, it’s a genius bit of kit which also gives brilliant coaching tips!

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Portable Pressure Shower

Showering after a hot day sweating it out will boost his muscle recovery and is considered therapeutic. This is probably not suitable for most sports but if your teen athlete is going camping or somewhere where shower facilities aren’t available, then this gift will tick the box!

Now, with this portable shower bag, he just grips the sprayer, holds down its release and starts bathing.

And he can take it anywhere – to the stadium or to the wild when he switches gears to other teenage stuff like camping or adventure travel.

Sports gifts for teenage guys need to be imaginative and this is exactly that…he likely won’t have seen anything like this before! You can use it one handed and it’s just like having a telephone shower on the road.

I am also fond of the wonderful trail-ready carrying case that comes with it!

How To Approach Gift Buying For Teenagers

The teenage years pose some difficulties. Teenagers are busy dealing with various hormonal changes and in the complex world today, buying him a gift he will appreciate isn’t always a walk in the park.

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But you can make it easier for you and your athletic teenager by trying these tips:

  • Talk to him

Asking your teenager about his specific sporting interests is the best and most important thing you can do.

This will help you understand what his likes and dislikes are and can make your decision easier. There’s nothing worse and less thoughtful than buying him a gift for a sport he doesn’t even play or enjoy.

For instance, you may learn that he dislikes heavy clothing which automatically knocks off some gift ideas like the aforementioned cold weather hoody.

Asking open-ended questions will help you extract as much information as possible.

  • Peep into his life on Social media

If possible, start sniffing around his Instagram and Facebook accounts. You may see him posing with peers and if lucky, you may find clues about what that he loves and which atheltic gifts he needs.

That would make a winning gift easier to buy.

  • Check The Trends

You can also research the latest fad among athletic teenagers in the country. Maybe everyone is buying a certain sneaker or some form of training equipment.

Have a look on Google Trends for the sporting gifts that are trending in the country you live.

Again, there’s a bigger chance of him being happy with a trendy gift given to him.

Final Word

Getting into sports at school and as a teen is a very positive thing. There are many gift ideas for fitness lovers including the above gifts for athletic teenage guys.

As you have seen, each is unique in its own way and could help him either to maintain a rousing performance or scale to further success.

Most resonate with teenagers and live long in the memory.

If you’re looking at saving money, I have included some stellar fitness gifts that won’t break the bank, such as the strength training bands.

So, you really don’t have an excuse not to make his day with a trending present.

If you’re looking for gifts for a younger kid, like sports gifts for a 10 year old boy <– we have a guide here for this too!

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