Millionaire Gift Ideas: Thoughtful Gifts For Millionaires That Won’t Break The Bank (And Some That Will!)

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Almost everyone has a friend or loved one on their gift list who is impossible to buy for. Some people, unfortunately, have more than one. These are the people who can buy everything they ever wanted. They have money to buy what their hearts desire.

These are usual suspects – the millionaires club. Over the years, you have dwelt in the impersonal, faceless, unbranded so thoughtful gifts for a millionaire arena that might never shake their nerves.

Here are some of the interesting, practical cheap gifts for expensive tastes you can offer them that will put a smile on their faces:

2. Leather Writing Journal Notebook

​One of the products that have endless applications is a leather notebook. Most people consider these notebooks priceless and thus it makes for a perfect thoughtful gifts for a millionaire friend.

It doesn’t matter what they do for a living – entrepreneurs, creative writers, travelers, business executives, etc – the leather notebooks never lack a purpose.

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gifts for wealthy clients

Leather Writing Journal Notebook has an advantage of durability over other notebooks. It features high-quality PU leather that is soft in your hands and highly durable for any outdoor adventure or travel. Besides, the inserts are craft papers that give them a permanent memory. That means whatever they write down will be preserved for along time.

The best part about this notebook is that it’s pages are removable. That makes it a good thing especially if you want to add a page, remove a page or rearrange pages as you wish.

For under $10, this journal makes one of the most memorable gifts for wealthy clients. Your millionaire friend will love it too.

3. Distil Union Slim Wallets for Men – Minimalist Bifold Wallets with Money Clip

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thoughtful gift ideas for best friend

When it comes to purchasing wallets, what you see is what you get. For example, minimalist wallets are often about form  function.

But, traditional wallets often get bulky and boring. This wallet – The Wally Bifold –  is focused on the traditional bifold factor with its interesting, minimalist operation.

Plus, its shiny metal clip peeking and curious ribbon pull-tabs peeking out from within shows you that this isn’t a wallet like the ones you are used to.

Distil Union Wally Stick-On Premium Leather Cell Phone Slim Wallet, Credit Card Holder for iPhone 6/6s (Cowboy Brown)

The wallet resembles Wally Stick-On wallet (this is actually a leather card or mobile phone holder). It has a pocket system holding up to 12 cards while the two halves of the wallet function like vertical versions of the Stick-On’s ribbon. Besides, the metal money clip holds money in place internally.

The wallet manufacturers embrace the “traditional” bifold form factor for it’s look especially on the posterior. But, despite the many brands of wallets pursuing extreme minimalism, so many lose the mark.

They become less intuitive and lose the familiar gesture of opening a wallet to grab cash and shoving it back into the pocket without worrying about something getting scratched.

This wallet is much different. It’s made from the most luxurious leather out there, making it comfortable in the hand and in the pocket.

Besides, it ages beautifully without getting worn out. This makes the premium leather wallet one of the perfect thoughtful gifts for a millionaire friend.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Evolution Pocket Knife

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The Victorinox Swiss Army Evolution Pocket Knife offers an interesting insight into what Victorinox calls the “next evolutionary” for their popular Swiss Army knives.

The evolution marks a departure form their classic minimalist red slabs that many people are accustomed to.

This knife still resembles the traditional Swiss Army knives, making part of a series of  multi-tools that are inspired  by the classics twist.

The Swiss Evolution collection makes a good package for people who like to think ahead. The knife features of 13 tools that offer over 31 functionalities. As a result, making it one of the cheap gifts that seem expensive for offering to your highly regarded friends.

Aesthetically, the bumblebee colour will also make them a pretty huge hit with most millionaires. Your friend will appreciate to have such a “loud” EDC tool that will help them carry on many subdued “tactical” options.

Besides, it not too small nor too big, making it a perfect addition to carry in your pocket every day.

The knife is constructed in stainless steel that is encased in polished ergonomic ABS scales that offer over not only protection from wearing our but also superior grip and comfort.

​5. Streamlight 90541 Survivor LED Battery Powered Flashlight, Yellow

cheap gifts for expensive taste

​Maybe a bit random, and could be used as a bit of a gag gift, but millionaires are often worried about the apocalypse and are seen being crammed into bunkers in every “end of the world” movie.

This flashlight is a lightweight, hand-held light battery powered flashlight designed for use in hazardous locations.

It comes with microprocessor controlled low, high and emergency lighting modes.

The flashlight is actually the brightest, right-Angle LED Flashlight in the World. Plus, the in-build Luxeon LED never burns out or break. And is  actually never be replaced while the 3-watt Luxeon LED ultra-bright flashlight comes with 50,000 hour life.

So, there is no need purchasing an extra spare bulb. On the other hand, the parabolic beam generator creates a 500 feet (long-range) focused beam. The flashlight also offers ample side lighting that can be used for multi-use applications.

It’s microprocessor controlled, waterproof push button switch is raised such that it can be easily used with gloves. The raised push button is a three switch – low, high, and locator – that is recessed in a protective polymer housing.

On a high beam mode, the flashlight will run up three hours and for about six hours on low beam.

The flashlight is powered by four AA Alkaline batteries. You don’t need to use any tools to change batteries.

This is not only a preserve for firefighters or marines. It also makes one of the thoughtful cheap gifts you can offer to your millionaire friend to help them while rucking at night.

Cheap Gifts For Expensive Taste

Summing it up

The thoughtful gifts for a millionaire gifts need to simultaneously create and satisfy their wants. So you would better stop offering lame gifts – gift cards and clothes – to your to your friends or loved ones who have everything they need.

Keep in mind their hobbies, like whether they’re sporty, in which case a gift for a young athlete would be appropriate. Also, let them know you’ve been paying attention by giving a gift that means something to them.

The above gift ideas will give your favorite millionaire reason to show off the fact they have such a great friend, and probably keep thanking you long after forgetting what everyone else has brought them.

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