Gordmans Gift Card Balance Check (in 2023)

You can now conveniently shop while using your Gordmans gift card, but one thing to keep in mind is to check your Gordmans gift card balance before you go out with your family, especially for shopping.

Keeping a track of Gordman’s gift card balance will save you from multiple problems and, of course, embarrassment..but we’ve got you covered!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of May 2020, Stage Stores (who owned Gordmans) filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Our research shows all Gordmans store locations were closed as of September 27th, 2020. This may mean you can’t check balance or find a Gordmans store location.

The only information we found about using your purchased Gordmans Cards were the following: Cards ill also be accepted at Bealls, Peebles, Goody’s, Palais Royal or Stage locations in the United States. (Cards not valid at Bealls locations in Florida, Georgia and Arizona). But we can’t be sure this information is updated.

There are a few different ways by which the company can facilitate their clients and customers whenever they need help like a Gordmans gift card balance check.

Here are the easiest three methods:


  • The Gordman gift card balance can be checked online here
  • The Gordmans gift card balance can be accessed over the phone by dialing a toll-free number: 1-855-316-4157
  • You can check your Gordmans gift card balance in store and meet the customer advisor in person.

All of these three are easy and efficient ways to check the gift card balance right away without any hassle.

If you’re still struggling, here are the steps in more detail:

Can I Still Use My Gordmans Gift Card? How to Check the Balance Online?

The Gordman gift card can be used anytime without any doubt to shop online or from any merchandise store. This card will be a great help if you use it for online purchases like groceries, accessories, clothes, and other shopping.

In order to check the balance online, you must thoroughly analyze and read the back side of the gift card to inquire about their toll-free number or official website. The website link is often given on the back side of the card, but you can also search online and access Gordman’s website.

Checking your gift card balance online is quite an easy task when you get access to the official website. Now, you have to scroll down the page and look for the icon ‘gift card balance check’. After finding this option, now you have to click to enter other relevant details such as pin number and various other essentials.

After entering all the requirements, you will be able to get a figure that will show how much balance or funds are remaining in your gift card.

Can I Check My Gordmans Gift Card Balance Online? How?

Yes, you can check your Gordman gift card balance online while getting logged into the official website. The website will ask you to enter cardholder information, address, name, and security code along with the 16-digit number. This will further ease the process for you to inquire about your gift card balance online.

How to Check a Gordmans Gift Card Balance in Person at a Store

Checking a Gordman’s gift card balance in person at a store is also an important way to check the balance. All you have to do is simply find an appropriate gordman store or outlet near you and visit it.

It will be a good option to meet in person with the customer advisor or the assistant who can further guide you about all the protocols and rules related to the balance inquiry. Thus, you can give them your pin number or security code and they will help you in finding the remaining funds available.

Moreover, they can also further rguide you about their new gift card related policies and latest updates that will be beneficial for you.

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How to Check a Gordmans Gift Card Balance via Phone

Phone is another easiest way to to check a Gordmans gift card balance. You can find their toll-free number at the back of the gift card and dial the number to learn more about balance inquiry.

You can also ask them how to check the in and out gift card balance. On call, they will ask about your guft card essentials like security code or pin number which will help them to figure out the exact balance available in your card.

Do Gordmans Gift Cards Expire?

Most of the gift cards do not expire until and unless the entire value has been used. However, there are financial institutions that issue gift cards to the people so they can mention an expiry date on their cards. Otherwise, there is no expiry date.

FAQS – Check Your Gordmans Gift Card Balance

Below are the questions we’ve most frequently seen asked when people talk about a Gordmans gift card balance check.

Can I Check My Gordmans Gift Card Balance Before Redeeming It?

Yes, you may check your Gordman’s gift card balance before redeeming it, if you have an account. Youc an easily log in to your account and check the balance, otherwise, if you do not remember the card details then it is not possible to check the balance.

Can I Check My Gordmans Gift Card Remaining Balance Before Without a Card Number?

No, it is not possible to check Gordman’s gift card remaining balance before without a card number as knowing the card number is a most important element. Still, if you want to check the balance, you can dial the toll-free number and communicate with the customer care who will guide you in discovering your balance. You can also visit the card issuer site or enter your security code with 16-digit number.

Can I Check My Gordmans Gift Card Balance Without a PIN or Security Code?

No, it is not possible even to check your Gordman’s gift card balance without a pin or security code. As these are some basic essentials and details that are must required if you are checking the balance. Otherwise, it is not possible to check.

Summary and Fine Print – Checking Your Gift Card Balance: Gordmans

Gordman is a good platform that benefit many people who likes to keep a gift card and enjoy shopping online or in-store. You will never face any issue in finding the toll-free number or if you are searching for the near by store, you can easily find it on their offical website.

The gift card can be used in any Gordman store. Moreover, in case of stolen or lost gift card, you can take the original receipt of the card to the nearest store. This will also help you to find the gift card balance .

Gordman is a company from where you can expect the unexpected.

It helps you to enjoy online purchases and it also allows your families and friends to shop while using the Gordman’s gift card.

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