How to Check Lowes Gift Card and In-Store Credit Balance (in 2022)

Not sure, how much is left in your Lowes gift card or store credit and want to check the remaining balance?

Here are some tips and easy ways to figure out how you can check your remaining gift card balance available in your Lowe’s gift card or your in-store credit, for your convenience.

For the purposes of a balance check, you’ll usually need to locate the card number and PIN to find out the gift card balance or store credit.

Can I Check My Lowe’s Gift Card Balance Online? How?

Your Lowe’s gift card balance can be checked online while visiting their official website and visiting the gift card balance page HERE

Follow these mandatory steps to make the process easier:

  • Whether it is an e gift card or physical gift cards, in order to check your Lowe’s gift card balance online, successfully you’ll need your gift card number and PIN.
  • Your card number is written at the back side of the card, as is your PIN, which needs to be scratched off to reveal.
  • Enter this card number and PIN into the website fields required and you’ll e gift cards balance.
  • This means that checking your Lowe’s gift card online balance is not an issue and can be done pretty hassle-free.
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How to Check a Lowe’s Gift Card Balance in Person at a Store

Your Lowe’s gift card balance can also be checked while visiting the store personally and meeting the customer care rep in person at the customer service desk.

The best thing is to take all the related details to Lowe’s gift cards along and provide them to the lowe’s customer support.

  • Find your nearest Lowe’s stores (store locator)
  • Approach their customer service desk to check your Lowe’s gift card balance.
  • Lowe’s staff will solve your issues and check your gift card balance within a few minutes if you provide them with all the necessary information. (such as gift card number, security or pin code or e gift card email).

How to Check a Lowe’s Gift Card Balance over the Phone

If you are unable to visit a physical store then another option to check your gift card is to call the Lowe’s customer care service and share with them the relevant details of your gift cards.

Here are the steps to check your Lowe’s gift card balance:

  • Your Lowe’s gift card balance can be checked while dialing their toll-free number (1-800-560-7172) printed on the back of Lowe’s gift cards or the email you received your e gift card
  • Share the card number and pin (or gift card order if asked) with the customer services rep.
  • They will help you to check the current balance of the gift card.

These are the three convenient ways with the help of which the e gift card holder can easily access and figure out the current balance of their e gift card.

Does a Lowe’s Gift Card Expire?

No, it is mentioned on the Lowe’s official website that Lowe’s gift cards don’t expire and can be used indefinitely

So, you do not have to worry about its expiry date.

The only thing you need to worry about is if you want to reload and reuse the gift card – do not forget to check the current balance.

After 90 days of having a zero balance, Lowe’s will automatically invalidate your card for security reasons.

They won’t charge your account with any additional fees.

Check Lowes in Store Credit Balance (How To)

With the help of three convenient ways, now you can check the Lowe’s stores card in-store credit balance.

The Lowe’s in store credit card allows you to build up Lowes credit on your next purchase for the following reasons:

  • Purchases made with a Lowe’s gift card that are refunded
  • Any approved refund on a purchase where you have no receipt or proof of purchase
  • Purchases made via check that are refunded in under 4 days

If you want to check your Lowe’s in store credit balance, then the best ways are listed below:

  • On the mobile app: Log in to your mobile app if you’ve downloaded it for iOS or Android. Your credit card or in-store balance will be shown in your account dashboard.
  • Calling customer service desk: Call toll free on (800) 444-1408 and if you follow the prompts, you can have the automated voice read out your remaining balance.
  • Online: Simply Login to your online account and you’ll be able to check and see your remaining Lowe’s Store Card balance.
  • In-Store: Go to a cashier at checkout or a customer service rep to see how much money remains on your card in store

How Long Does Lowes in-Store Credit Last?

This is also one of the common questions asked by many Lowes store card owners.

According to our research there is no expiry date for the in-store credit.

So, it can be used for a long time.


Below are the questions we’ve most frequently seen asked about how to check your gift card balance from Lowe’s and in-store credit.

Can I Use a Lowe’s Store Credit Online?

Yes, Lowe’s store credit cards are actually made for the purpose of shopping online or in-store.

Therefore, they can be used online to purchase different things and enjoy shopping online from your account.

Can You Use a Lowe’s Gift Card Online?

Yes, Lowe’s gift card can also be used for online shopping.

You can use their online services while using an e gift card to make a purchase.

These cards have great value and are subject to shipping fees or local collection.

Shop all your favorite Lowe’s products online.

Where Is the Pin Number on Lowe’s Gift Cards?

The card number is mentioned on the back side of the card while the pin number is also located on the back, to the right of the card number as pictured below:

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Can I have My Lowe’s Gift Card or In-Store Credit Card Replaced if it is Lost or Stolen?

Gift Cards: No. For security reasons, if you have lost your card or had it stolen and don’t have a card number and pin or other relevant information, you can’t have your card replaced.

If you feel you’re an exceptional case, contact customer service desk and explain the situation. You’re unlikely to find a positive resolution though.

You should treat the card like money as Lowe’s reserves the right to not replace your lost or stolen gift card.

In-Store Cards: There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get your in-store card replaced at Lowe’s as long as you have all of your relevant information like your card number, ID or if you can login online.

How Many Digits Is a Lowe’s Gift Card Number?

A Lowe’s gift card number is usually 11-digits long with a 4-digit PIN ID number.

Can You Redeem a Lowe’s Gift Card for Cash?

You can easily redeem a Lowe’s gift card but Lowe’s gifts cards are not acceptable or redeemed for cash as per most state laws (with some exceptions – check your states specific gift card laws).

You can sell your gift cards for cash using third party services which allow you to sell your gift card to buyers willing to pay a percentage for the remaining balance on the card.

You can check the terms of the e gift card or Lowe’s gift cards which can guide you on the policies of Lowe’s when it comes to their gift cards.

Can I Use a Lowes Gift Card at Walmart?

Yes, you may use a Lowe’s gift card at Walmart as Walmart is accepting e gift cards.

Lowes Giftcard Balance Check: Summary and Final Thoughts

Whenever you’re think of sending a token of love or an online gift to your loved one, Lowe’s gift cards are the way to go to put a smile on your recipient’s face whether through using them as payment or giving them as a present.

You may want to remind them how they can check their Lowe’s gift card balance. Feel free to direct them to our post.

Besides that, you can also send a customized message to your loved ones with the help of a Lowe’s gift card you’ve purchased.

The best thing about the Lowe’s gift card is that it never expires, nor do they have any expiration date, plus it can be easily redeemable with the help of the original sales receipt.

Lowe’s gift card make efforts to connect you and your loved ones to make your and their special moments memorable.

Bear in mind that your card may not work on certain promotions or deals and this is subject to Lowe’s store and business discretion.

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