Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers

Cruisers will tell you this for free: they will not exchange the bliss that is gracefully floating over the vast acres of blue water wilderness for anything.

But there is another way to charm your cruising friend on their next voyage to the Mediterranean: surprise them with a (water-loving) gift… or anything that will brighten their days from the plethora of gift ideas for cruise goers.

Wondering what this could be? In this post, I will introduce you to some mind-blowing ideas to surprise someone with a cruise along his/her favorite coastline.

You see, the seas are always full of surprises and so should you.

Let’s swim into the cool world of gift ideas for cruise lovers.

Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers Who Have Already Booked Their Cruises

This section is for the lover of cruises who have already booked their vacation (don’t go double-booking them by gifting ANOTHER cruise! Awkward…)

Gift ideas for cruisers are as many as the gazillion marine creatures. And each could turn out to be brilliant.

Here are some other simple but profound suggestions.

1. JOTO Universal Waterproof Cellphone Pouch

Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 1
Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 2

The water has its rich offering of fun and it’s irresistible once you get an addiction.

But the ocean doesn’t find electronics any amusing and will devour them at the slightest provocation.

Yet, you would hate to lose touch with him/her for as long as possible during the adventure.

As such, a waterproof cellphone poach would be a very kind gesture from you to a cherished partner.

This Joto universal cellphone’s pouch has been hailed as 100% waterproof and jealously watches over smartphones (up to 6.0-inches screen size), credit cards, money, keys, and other stuff as they go snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, and more.

2. PolarBear Water Resistant Blanket 

Winter cruise weather can be very random. Chilly weather, sudden temperature drops, and rain are always lurking.

If you’re under dressed during cold air, the wind may rapidly suck away your body heat with scary results like hypothermia sneaking up on your hapless soul and wreaking havoc.

Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 3
Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 4

Now, you don’t want this misfortune to befall your special one and you need, first, to advise them to dress not just for the water but also the weather.

Next, a water-resistant blanket could just be the magic wand the doctor would order to help keep the biting winter cold and water at bay.

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3. Hooway 7×50 Waterproof Marine Binocular

One of the most exciting parts of cruising is watching marine life.

Whether out there on open waves in the yacht or on a rousing guided boat tour, missing the wildlife is an unforgivable sin for many cruisers.

Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 5
Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 6

By arming him/her with a waterproof binocular, you’ll be playing your part in making their voyage even more fulfilling and, at the same time demonstrate that they have a special place in your heart.

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He/she will enjoy watching all of the saltwater life they have ever dreamed of and your gift will live long in the memory.

The Hooway 7×50 waterproof marine binocular could thus be the missing piece in the cruising jigsaw.      

4. Kindle Oasis High-Resolution Display 7″ E-reader – Graphite

The high seas have it all.. buffets, booze, the sunsets, the pool deck, and sensational dances.

And then there is a once in a lifetime chance to delve into serious reading by the poolside on a cruise

Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 7

The worst nightmare is for your bookworm friend to forget his bundle of great books…the expedition would suddenly become horribly boring and tiring, not unless he remembers that he has the kindle reader you gave him lying in the gift bag.

I can imagine how he jumps all over the place, the Oasis kindle in hand, giving the fellow perplexed cruisers that look that says “Here, I got him!”.

For this, you will have booked a spot in his select list of biggest friends.

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5. Ivation 20MP Underwater Digital Shockproof Camera & Video

Rare things happen in the ocean. For instance, whales or dolphins, in their dozens, gathered together, enjoying a warm swim in one tight circle are spectacular.

Or suddenly you see, right ahead, hundreds of seagulls swimming and dancing to some imaginary dance, and laughing at something, they only can see!

Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 8
Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 9

Or a new herd of whales rising up in unison, the mouths gaping to catch pools of fish…these are sights anyone would die for.

Now, it’s your friend having the privilege and wanting to record the wonder that’s sea life. Clearly, he/she will be overjoyed to receive an awesome underwater camera like the Ivation 20MP digital camera.

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6. Delsey Luggage Trolley

When heading to the coast, our mate will need to carry a plethora of stuff. From smart clothes, shoes, some pieces of jewelry, grooming products, socks…you name it.

Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 10
Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 11

So, how do they pack all the stuff pleasantly and efficiently? That’s where this Delsey luggage trolley comes in. 

With two fully-lined compartments and an extra zippered compartment, there is ample space to pack all the essentials neatly to ensure they don’t miss a thing.

Expensive taste on a budget

7. GoPro Full Face Design Snorkel Mask

The rise of snorkeling has undoubtedly made sea itineraries more glamorous and triggered a stampede as more cruisers head here, hoping to get wet, to live amongst the teeming fish, and to experience some terrific time.

Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 12
Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 13

A proper full face snorkeling mask will help your best friend to see more fish and the exciting sea creatures than they have ever done and should be pure paradise.

They can even attach a waterproof camera to this GoPro full face panoramic snorkel mask to easily capture and share the adventure with you and family at home.

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8. Midland 30 Miles Range Walkie Talkie

The cruise ship can be mammoth making the work of hunting down others in the traveling party even more overwhelming.

I remember our first time on a cruise and my boyfriend and I hadn’t appreciated how large these ships could be until he was trying to find me.

Well, walkie-talkies always save the situation for cruisers.

Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 14
Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 15

Of course one can carry the smartphone onboard but you’ll need to be ready to live without cell service for significant chunks of your trip (not a very bright proposition).

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9. Portable Wireless Speakers

There’s no harm in getting carried away by the music. Take this to the bank: the combination of good music and the rocking motions of the cruise ship as it glides over wave after wave of stormy waters has not equal- at least on land.

Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 16
Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 17

Hand out these speakers packed smartly in a gift box and know one thing: it will take some convincing to make your buddy not want to become a full-time cruiser.

That’s how infectious the rhythms from these speakers can be.

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 10. ALEADER Men’s Quick-Drying Water Shoes

Every cruiser needs a good pair of fitting water shoes.

There’s the sometimes rough underwater vegetation, sharp dead matter, and even some biting creatures on the prowl in some spots.

Gift Ideas For Cruise Lovers & First Time Cruisers 18

Sadly, men don’t have lots of beautiful casual sailing footwear to choose from which makes a shoe like the Aleader Men’s aqua water shoes all the more interesting.

He will look gorgeous and feel cozy all through. Crucially, he will dock at the local port unscathed.

Gift Cards For a Cruise

Each sailor has their own craving but there’s one thing they all love: random cruise gift cards.

The thing with gift cards is that they come in all sorts of delightful designs and denominations. Plus, your loved one is spoilt for choice when we come to redemption options.

Bottom line?

It’s fun, friend, and your special one will thank you for this. You can even reward them with a free cruise.

How to gift your beloved buddy a cruise

Cruisers have the best moments of their lives moving from place to place sampling the best that high seas have to offer.

And is there a better way of motivating them than gifting them another adventure as soon as they dock?

Here, you help their pursuit of pleasure by sponsoring their next sojourn.

The best bit?

There are amazing deals out there (I will explain more in a little while) so you don’t really need to break your bank.

Sounds good? Now, let me share how to win some hot steals.

Cruising Deals

If you’re planning to book a cruise for a buddy, keep your eyes open for special deals.

Lots of cruise lines including Norwegian Cruise run promotions where they award bumper discount incentives to those buying their gift cards.

If you seriously want this like yesterday, pay attention to ads announcing deals online and offline.

Talk to travel agents

Sure, a lot of us book cruises online through the various cruise line websites. But a good number also book through travel agents.

This is what you do:

Contact any travel agent and find out if they are aware of cruise lines running any specials connected to gift cards or pegged on any of our cruise gift basket ideas.

Thank your lucky stars if your timing coincides with any of these specials as the cruise gift card will be more affordable.

Off-peak sailings

Off-peak sailings have more generous terms so you can schedule the itinerary to run off-season.

The principal factor is typically a mix of the weather and general travel trends (whether it’s summer, a holiday, during school vacation and more) and even though the discounts may differ from one Cruise Company to another, you’ll nick some handsome savings.

How To Approach It

From my experience, the coolest way of gifting someone a cruise is by presenting a gift certificate to them.

And to spice things up, you can research a bit on their dream destinations or even work with travel specialists to identify a thrilling location.

This will make you look like a godsend in their eyes!

The certificates can be plastic or digital and your thankful bosom buddy can redeem it towards cruise fare or little sailing pleasures such as shore excursions, a sweet massage, or savory drinks on the ship.

Cruise Gift Cards/Certificates Offers

ideas to surprise someone with a cruise

Whatever they like, there’s a cruise line to take them there. You will, however, need to scour the web for a gift card/certificate first.

Here are some ideas:

Carnival Cruise Lines

The Carnival cruise gift card is pretty much similar to regular gift certificates and can be utilized as payment towards a cruise trip booking on their ships, pre-purchases of carnival’s famous shore excursions, spa treatments, and even fun shop gifts.

You can also hook up with their plastic cards on thousands of other retail locations such as Price Chopper, Kroger, Giant Eagle, and more.

Princess Cruises

Princess also offers both plastic and e-gift cards in various denominations.

Their cards are easy to buy online and redeem and you can use them for cruise bookings or any onboard service.

They go as far as delivering the gift card to your grateful ally with a personalized message not to mention their expedited deliveries.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

In addition to purchasing a cruise, your darling can use ncl gift cards towards plenty of pre cruise gift ideas like a special night out.

They are available in multiple denominations and you have an opportunity to have it customized up to $1,000 if you’re feeling super generous.

Royal Caribbean

You can leave your co-workers, family, or friends dazed by gifting them a Royal Caribbean cruise gift certificate.

Again these come in all shapes and sizes starting from $50 all the way to $2000 USD and are also full of awesome gift ideas for frequent cruisers like a sweet-scented bouquet of roses, a bottle of their favorite wine, or, for a sailor girlfriend/boyfriend, a romantic candlelit dinner package.

Cruise direct

Cruise direct gift certificates range from $50 to $1000 gift and can buy anything from fancy cocktails to professional photos.

Your colleague will forever appreciate your $200 cruise direct gift card kind gesture as they sit pretty, whale-watching as the sea breeze works its magic on his face.

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If not impressed by what you have so far, GoBahamas will sometimes offer huge deals on cruiser gift cards. Also look out for extraordinary surprise cruise gift ideas that come with gift certificates from CelebrityCruises.

Final thoughts

Your budget may not be big but that should not worry you. Reason? Most of the times, friends appreciate any of the many thoughtful gift ideas for cruise goers regardless of the size.

Again, as you can see from our cruise gift bag ideas, we have tried to include multiple favorite suggestions that can keep your cruising companion charmed on their travels to inspire your choice.

Ultimately, even simple ideas to surprise someone with a cruise will certainly have a lasting impact on a special person.

And that’s what matters!

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