Gifts for Someone Going through Chemo and Radiation

When a sickness such as cancer strikes, you become slower with chores, and most things become uninteresting. Some of us also feel guilty asking for help. The fear of feeling like an imposition to loved ones and friends or showing vulnerability eventually keeps us from reaching out.

When individuals feel vulnerable, they open themselves up to potential emotional injury, ridicule, or criticism. There is a probability that vulnerability risks setting the patients outside the group or disconnecting them from the field of belonging they crave.

Setting apart from others underscores some failing or deficiency in character and we do everything to avoid it. We all want to stay in the group because we are social beings. It is an innate desire to connect with others.

Sometimes, a loved one will fall sick and will feel embarrassed to ask for anything. Also, a cancer diagnosis is a new experience, and they may not know what to suggest when you insist. But you can still perform an act of service or give them a gift during the holidays and at other times.

Here are some great gifts for chemo patients.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

5 Best Gifts for Chemo and Radiation Patients

1. Insulated Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is as important as the medication that your friend or relative, going through chemo or radiation, takes. A quality insulated water bottle that keeps liquids hot or cold is particularly useful and will be a great gift on your next visit.

Gifts for Someone Going through Chemo and Radiation 21Gifts for Someone Going through Chemo and Radiation 22

Takeya Originals Stainless-Steel Water Bottle demonstrates over five decades of Japanese design heritage and is as safe and durable as they come. The bottle handle has this nearly indestructible stainless steel pin for a smooth swing action.

The insulated water bottle, food-grade, and BPA-free, with a leak-proof spout lid, is just the right gift for your patient. It has an innovative hinge lock to keep the cap out of the way and make it easy to take refreshments without spills over your shirt.

You can personalize the water bottle by getting it monogrammed or pick one with their favorite themes, such as music or sports.

2. Silk Eye Mask

The silk eye mask is an inexpensive and thoughtful gift that may help the patient catch a bit of sleep while undergoing treatment in the hospital, where light and noise may interfere with sleep quality. Unlike satin and other materials, silk tends to be quite comfortable even when worn over long periods.

Gifts for Someone Going through Chemo and Radiation 23Gifts for Someone Going through Chemo and Radiation 24

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask does not dry out the skin like other materials such as cotton. The sleep mask is gentle on the skin and does not add another problem to the hands of your cancer patient. It maintains the skin’s moisture to keep it healthy and supple.

The eye mask has an anti-sleep crease to reduce pressure and friction on the creased skin for healthy and uninterrupted sleep. The patient can now enjoy some sleep during a chemo session at the hospital.

3. A Blanket

Inarguably, most hospitals are often chilly, and a velvety, warm, and soft covering comes in handy during chemo treatments. A comfortable and good quality blanket provides a sense of calm when the patient is cold or restless.

Gifts for Someone Going through Chemo and Radiation 25Gifts for Someone Going through Chemo and Radiation 26

The Homech Electric Heated Blankets are 100% comfortable polyester. With irresistible smooth flannel Microplush, and a customized heat setting is definitely among the most thoughtful gifts for your patient at home or hospital.

And with up to 10 heat levels and a comprehensive protection system, your loved one or friend can finally enjoy some time alone to recuperate. It has a 12-hour timer and an easy-to-use controller.

The blanket is machine washable and easy to maintain.

4. Lounge Wear

During radiation or chemo treatment, most patients are not their best, and doing some basic things such as raising their arms to put on a t-shirt may be an uphill task. Comfortable pajamas or loungewear is an appropriate gift for them. Consider the limitations they are dealing with when picking the loungewear.

Gifts for Someone Going through Chemo and Radiation 27Gifts for Someone Going through Chemo and Radiation

jijamas Incredibly Soft Pima Cotton Women’s Pajamas Set has a soft Pima cotton material that you usually find in fabrics for newborns. This makes it one of the comfiest wears, and you will want one for yourself. The shirt’s neckline is wide and comfy and does not have any scratchy labels that may distract them.

5. Kindle, iPad Tablet

We all agree that tablets are some of the most convenient devices you can get as gifts for someone in the hospital. Typically, the patient can use the iPad to catch up on some work, watch some entertainment, and do many other things.

Gifts for Someone Going through Chemo and Radiation 28great gifts for chemo patients

JOBY GripTight GorillaPod Stand PRO Tablet will also be very helpful. The stand has wide tablet compatibility and can accommodate between 7 and 10 inches tablet or iPad. It locks securely and rotates effortlessly to shoot videos and photos.

With one of the most secure holds featuring 150° tilt and 90° of rotation capability to switch between favorite shows and facetime, your loved one can keep entertained and connected as they receive chemo.

You don’t have to worry about sturdiness as the ABS plastic material is strong. The same case applies to the stainless steel plates and TPE grip pads.

6. Tote Bag

A basket or tote bag of items that your loved one uses during chemo will come in handy. Add other gifts such as a scarf or beanie to cover their head, magazines, healthy snacks, fruits, lip balm, and coloring books.

Gifts for Someone Going through Chemo and Radiation 29Gifts for Someone Going through Chemo and Radiation 30

Travelpro Maxlite 5-Lightweight Underseat Carry-on Travel Tote Bag is one gift that will demonstrate love and care to that friend or loved one. The tote bag is compact to fit under the seat of most airlines and superlightweight for easier carrying movement. It is comfortable to carry, and the stain-resistant polyester fabric is water repellent.

The weakest point for most tote bags is the zipper, but that is not something you will need to worry about with Travelpro Maxlite 5-Lightweight. The zipper is durable, and the zipper pulls have high tensile strength. You can put various things that the cancer patient will need inside the tote bag and watch as their smile grows and their eyes light up with gladness.

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Other great gifts for chemo patients

The majority of the cancer patients experience various radiation or chemo side effects, and the most common is fatigue on some of the days. Offer to do some simple tasks, such as the dishes, dog walking, and mowing the lawn. As mentioned earlier, most patients are embarrassed to ask for favors, and offering to do something for them will be extremely helpful.

You can organize a sign-up sheet or agreed-upon schedule with family and friends on house cleaning, doing the laundry, driving the patient to the doctor’s appointments, and cleaning, among others.

Don’t forget to frequently send some positive energy with a get well card to comfort them. Let the patient know that you are always thinking of them and wishing them a quick recovery. We all crave love and care from friends and relatives. Give it abundantly, and they will be encouraged to work harder towards their recovery.

Some of the great gifts for cancer patients, like the ones listed above, send a particular message of care and best wishes to them. It lets the patient know that they are constantly on your mind and want them to feel better soon. Pick your favorite gift and show them love.

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