9 Reasons to Give Someone a Gift

Receiving a gift can be a lovely show of affection for someone without expectation of anything in return. But you might be wondering what reasons to give someone a gift are there? We’ve put together 9 reasons people give gifts in this post.

Why Gifts are Important in a Relationship

Gifts are a great way to build stronger relationships with your friends and loved ones, as long as they’re not overused or being bought to cover up for other failings in the relationship.

Yes, even millionaires that have everything love to receive gifts. After all, they have everything material they could possibly want, but you can’t buy real human love and appreciation.

Sometimes, a gift can convey this better than your words can. Here are some great ideas if you’re stuck for inexpensive gifts for rich tastes.

9 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Loved One a Gift

1. Gifts For Your Loved Ones on Their Birthday or Other Special Occasions

Special occasions are usually the most popular and common reason to give someone a gift. Especially, birthdays.

Almost everyone, no matter their age, loves celebrating the day they were born and every birthday, you are expected to bring gifts to the birthday boy or girl.

You can surprise your loved one even more with a gift that they best relate to, which shows you pay attention and care about them.

For example, if you know any cruise lovers, gifting them with a cruise gift card or vacation would leave them giddy with excitement. Here are some more gift ideas for cruise lovers if you’re stuck.

Even if you know your loved one has a special hobby but are unsure about what to get them, vouchers or gift cards are a great option for any occasion which gives them the choice to choose what they want.

2. Giving a Gift as an Expression of Love to Make Your Loved One Feel Special

What excites any human being more than knowing there is someone who genuinely loves them? Not much, I’d bet.

And this is why expressing your love for someone is one of the most popular reasons to give a gift.

The person receiving the gift will feel very much loved when they receive a gift from you, especially if it is given outside of a special occasion.

reasons to give someone a gift - frog giving flowers

There is more to gifts than just the act of simply buying and giving, though.

The message behind it is what is most important and the right present will show someone how loved and appreciated they they are.

Gifting your loved one will make your relationship with them stronger as long as it is not a way to compensate for a lack of your attention. 

Your loved one will know you are thinking about them and gifting is an excellent way of showing affection for them.

3.  To Show Appreciation For Something or Someone

You may have found yourself in a bind and someone has done you a solid and helped you out.

This is a great reason to give someone a gift and say “thank you, I appreciate you”.

We gift people who are very important in our lives, but also gift people who have gone out of their way to help us out.

This could be a loved one, a work colleague or even a complete stranger.

You may give gifts to reward your loved one behavior or even some achievement. You may also want to encourage them in the activities they are involved.

4. Gifts Help you Keep in Touch With Your Friends or Family

We all want to be remembered by our loved ones and you may not be in a position to meet or even talk to them on a daily basis. Letting them know you’re thinking of them is a great reason to send a gift.

Sending a gift to your friend or family member is a great way to show them that although they’re out of sight, they’re not out of your mind.

A good example of this is giving a gift to a marine going to boot camp who you know you won’t see for a while and will be difficult to contact otherwise.

This makes them feel treasured and loved while they’re gone and keeps ties with your loved ones strong.

Like all of these ideas, don’t overuse it in place of what really matters – making the effort to talk to and SHOW that you love them.

5. To Show Your Loved One That You Pay Attention

In one of your conversations, your loved one may have mentioned a goal they desire to reach. Your little nephew maybe aspiring to be a rapper.

Or your partner has just found a new love for exercise and you want to give them a gift of encouragement and motivate them with a fitness related gift.

When you buy them a gift that helps them reach their goal, they will know that you pay attention to what they like and care for them enough to help them on their journey.

A gift that shows you pay attention is powerful and is a great reason for giving a gift.

6. To Express Sorrow

Gifts are not always given on happy occasions and are sometimes given to cheer someone up because of a sad event.

You’ll usually find flowers given at funerals. You may even see people who have suffered a loss giving gifts to other sad people to cheer them up or so that happy memories remain with the loss.

For example, dog owners will often get a gift for a vet after their dog dies to say “thank you” for looking after their fur baby.

A gift given to someone who is sad may make them feel more energized and cheery.

At the very least, it shows you care and every time your loved one sees this gift, they will remember you.

7. To Raise Spirits in ill Health

Giving a gift to someone who has had an accident or is battling a disease can raise their spirits and is an excellent reason to present somebody with a gift.

Whether it’s a gift for someone with a broken arm or somebody who is battling cancer and you want to gift someone going through chemotherapy or radiation, they will appreciate a thoughtful gift which shows you’re with them every step of the way.

Don’t underestimate how far your gift will go towards changing somebodies mood for the better.

8. To Say Congratulations

Maybe your loved one nailed that job interview and got the job. Or your friend just gave birth to a beautiful baby.

There is no better reason to lavish someone with gifts than to say “congratulations”.

A congratulatory gift shows how happy and proud you are of someone and expresses that you wish them all of the luck and success in their new endeavor.

9. Gift Giving Makes YOU Feel Good

We finish off with what sounds like a more selfish reason to give someone a gift, but I doubt the gift receipient will care!

A 2008 study showed that when people spend money on other people, that they experience more happiness than in they spent that money on themselves!

The participants surveyed as part of the study were much happier giving than taking for themselves, so one of the best reasons for gift giving is to keep ourselves happy.

Selfish? Maybe. But are there any losers in this scenario? Not really!

In closing, just know that gifts can bring a smile to anyone’s face. When done right, they are one of the most significant ways to express our feelings for our loved ones.

Sometimes, you don’t even need a reason to give that special person in your life a gift! Enjoy the joy gifting brings to you and the person receiving your present.

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