Stater Bros Gift Card Balance Check (How to in 2023)

Stater Bros is another grocery store that provides their own gift cards for their various store locations and other retailer gift cards (like Visa or Mastercard gift cards and others).

But how do you check the balance of your Stater Brothers Markets gift cards? We take you through all the ways.

There are few easy steps that you can follow to check your current gift card balance.


You can easily check Stater Brothers gift card balances in the following ways:

  • Check Balance Online HERE (they don’t seem to have a specific facility online but contact them through this form for help finding your balance)
  • Contact Stater Brothers via a phone call on 1.855.782.8377
  • Or while visiting the store in person (store locator)

All of these method are some simple ways that will help you to figure out your gift card balance.

Can I Check My Stater Brothers Gift Card Balance Online? How?

Checking your gift card balance online is normally one of the easiest ways of all but they Stater Brothers don’t seem to have an online balance check facility on their gift card page like other retailers.

We recommend the following steps:

  • Have the gift card number handy initially, so that you can enter the number into the contact form.
  • DON’T enter your Pin code into the online form just yet unless an official member of staff asks for it for security reasons.
  • Visit the contact page on the official website of the Stater Bros (here).
  • Enter all the required information into the contact formand click the ‘SEND’ button.
  • An advisor will respond who will further guide you on how to access a Gift card balance check.

You should be able to get all the information needed regarding your gift card balance in their response.

How to Check a Stater Bros Gift Card Balance in Person at a Store

Finding your nearest location is the most important step in this process.

  • You can locate the Stater Bros store while using the stores locator app. This will help you to find a nearby store.
  • Or you can use their website store locator at
  • Visit the store and go to the customer service desk in person and share your card details with them or e gift card details with them, including card number and PIN.
  • They may request ID or will ask a few more relevant questions about your gift card and help you find the current balance or status of your gift card right away.

How to Check a Stater Bros Gift Card Balance via Phone

Your Stater Brothers gift card balance can also be figured out via a phone call.

  • You can find the company’s number at the back of the gift card (or dial 1.855.782.8377)
  • Dial the toll-free number to speak to an advisor.
  • Once you connect to the Stater Bros store and company advisors, they can help find your gift card balance.

You can learn more about the rules and regulations of your gift card, and do a card balance inquiry using this step too.

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Do Stater Bros Gift Cards Expire?

Stater Bros gift cards will never expire as per their terms.

Their site mentions the following terms:

No expiration dates and no maintenance or additional fees.

There are no hard dates mentioned on the gift card.

So, this means that their gift cards never expire.


How Do I Know if My Stater Bros Gift Card Is Still Active?

If your gift card is still working and you can make a purchase or shop online, then it means that your Stater Bros gift card is active and has sufficient balance and is in credit.

While, on the other hand, if your gift card does not process your transaction when you try to checkout after your shopping then, it means that your Stater Bros card is inactive due to lack of balance, deactivation or other issues.

If your gift card requires any activation and there are various indicators that lean towards the the card being inactive, it may be possible you haven’t yet redeemed the card.

This means that you have to redeem and activate your gift card.

You can do this online, dialing customer services with the activation code, or you can easily activate the gift card straight out of the box via the cashier at the store.

Where Can I Use My Stater Brothers Gift Card?

The Stater Bros gift card can be used in most Stater Brothers store locations to purchase their general merchandise.

It can be used in their different locations in the United States.

You can also check and visit the official website of Stater Brothers to know more about the gift card and where you an use them and what you can’t use them on.

How Can You Replace a Stolen or Lost Stater Bros Gift Card?

In certain conditions, the gift card might be replaced if you have the original receipt or a card number with valid ID, but it’s unlikely for yours and Stater Brothers’ own security.

Generally, it is not possible to replace a stolen or a lost Stater Bros gift card and it’s unlikely you’ll get your cash back from the shopping retailer.

What You Can Do if You Have a Stater Brothers Gift Card without A Pin?

If you have a Stater Bros gift card without a pin then, it is likely that you won’t be able to use the gift card.

Accessing a Stater Brothers gift card balance or using it without a pin would usually not let you perform any transaction or make any online purchases.

Contact the Stater Brothers customer services over the phone for help with your original receipt and card details to hand, but it’s unlikely you’ll get access to your money for security reasons.

Can I Use My Stater Brothers Gift Card Anywhere Else?

A Stater Brothers gift card is considered to be a form of payment that can be used certainly to make online purchases and shop at most Stater Brothers stores.

Generally, their gift cards can’t be used at any other restaurants, markets, and other stores.

You can shop at most Stater Brothers stores with the balance available in your card.

Stater Brothers Grocery Gift Card Balance Check – Summary

The Stater Bros store sells gift cards so that you can gift grocery essentials to those who need it.

Stater Brothers Markets gift cards or other gift cards are all available at your nearest store in Southern California and can be purchased from their supermarket or also from other online retailers who offer a platform similar to a gift card mall where people can sell their unwanted Stater Brothers gift card.

A gift card is actually a perfect gift given to any of your loved ones. They can buy whatever they want from the store, which makes gift cards perfect as a gift.

If you want to check a Stater Brothers gift card balance online or while visiting a nearest store, you can follow all the above-mentioned steps in this article to check your card balance.

When buying Stater Brothers gift cards, this constitutes acceptance of their terms in different stores, property and states. Be sure to read all of their terms and conditions on the website.

You can also turn the gift card into cash by selling the gift card for almost as much as 92 percent – you have various gift card selling site options to choose from like EJ cards.

A gift card is a very precious gift that you can give to someone to allow them to shop for anything while using their gift card.

You can even use it to make purchases of items with discounts (subject to terms).

Discounts are also available on bulk gift card buys which make for the perfect gift for your employees if you’re a corporate buyer.

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