5 Clever Gift Ideas For Aspiring Rappers

gifts for rap lovers

The holiday season is just around the corner. Everyone’s gift list is growing. If you have a hip hop music lover on your gift list, that might be the easiest to shop for. Hip-hop gift ideas for aspiring rappers range from collectibles to exclusive rapper merchandise to footwear accessories.

Whether you are after the greatest or the latest or just need some inspiration, here are  gift ideas that  appeal to all fancies - both fans, aspiring hip hop artists and industry-harded clique.

These gifts for rap lovers will allow help them upgrade their music listening game. They will also help them to creatively compose their own jams. It doesn’t matter whether there interests are in are hip hop, pop or rock and roll,  there are old school hip hop gifts on the list for every music lover on this gift ideas for aspiring rappers list.

1. Funko Tupac rock pop

In this world, you are either a worrier and a legend. Tupac shakur is a legendary figure when it comes to the realms of hip hop music. And, gifting this Funko Tupac Rock Pop collectible to your friend or loved one  is a cool and fun way to show your love for Tupac. It is also an interesting find for anyone looking for interesting Shakur stuff.

Gift ideas for aspiring Rappers: old school hip hop gifts 1old school hip hop gifts

The collectible figure is about 3 3/4" tall and has a rotating head of Tupac Shakur figure. It also comes in a displayable window box. The collectible also features a stylized, urban-vinyl look and has become  one of the best world entertainers of all time.

Turn up the heat of your friends and get their arms moving with this old school hip hop gifts collectible. Let them add it to their collection - it is a pretty good choice for anyone from 5 years up.

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2. The rap year book

This contains the most important rap songs all the way from 1979 debated, discussed and also deconstructed. It’s funny and highly entertaining. It is a simple and precious choice to gift your friend if you have issues with your finances.

It is an insane amount of entertainment - a load full of witty comments punctuated by real historical hip hop contexts.

Gift ideas for aspiring Rappers: old school hip hop gifts 2gift ideas for aspiring rappers

Besides, this is a 200 pages gem that everyone would enjoy to read. Even the sad faces like Flyod Mayweather would still find it  fun to read.

The book comes complete with info graphics, informative footnotes, lyric maps,short essays by other artists and portraits of the artists. The illustrations by Arturo Torres are over-the-top. But, it is the writer’s style that makes the book even more interesting .

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It makes it an easy read, interesting, what most people would call an entertaining “controlled chaos”. So at the end, making the book read like a humorous, well-informed and persuasive rant.

3. How to rap: The art and science of the Hip-Hop MC

Gift ideas for aspiring Rappers: old school hip hop gifts 3How to Rap: The Art and Science of the Hip-Hop MC

You can as well gift your lover or friend this book and add a smile to their faces. The book breaks down the science of rapping not from a know-it-all point of view but by letting different artist speak about how they go about the art. Talk of the different presentation styles or the work ethics.

The books helps upcoming hip hop artists or anyone aspiring to become one understand that rap is just more than putting together words that rhyme. It’s more of an artform. That way, they will come out with a better understanding of the hip hop craft.

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The book is compiled from an extensive research on rapping. in fact, it is a first of it’s kind that delivers candid insights from over 100 highly acclaimed artists in the hip-hop. That includes Cypress Hill, Clipse, Nelly, Remy Ma, Public Enemy, Schoolly D. among others revealing stories behind their arts, downfall, challenges, insights, along their career line.

4. The complete rhyming dictionary

Gift ideas for aspiring Rappers: old school hip hop gifts 4The Complete Rhyming Dictionary: Including The Poet's Craft Book

Anyone that is aspiring to become a hip hop artist must be contemplating of writing their own lyrics. Anything that would help them improve their craft will be highly appreciated. This book will make a perfect gift for them.

This is a simple, easy to use reference work that takes care of different rhyming words that are possible in the English language. The book comes with an exceptionally complete reference work that is expanded, updated and redesigned to meet the needs of the today’s evolving hop hop industry.

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So far, it includes over 10,000 new entries and over words 60,000 in all - including consonants, vowels and also  one-, two-, and three-syllable rhymes. Sofar, it is the most recommended rap dictionary for songwriters by instructor at Pattison.

5. Camp explicit lyrics 

Gift ideas for aspiring Rappers: old school hip hop gifts 5gifts for rap lovers

Digging the lyrics of the acclaimed artists gives young artist the inspiration and direct they need to do their own. This is a perfect gift you can offer to any upcoming hip hop artist an album. OR, anyone who aspires to be one.

 Camp Explicit Lyrics becomes one of the absolutely breathtaking album you can always gift them. Most artists regard “That Power”, "Fire fly"  and "Letter Home" as the real stand-outs. There are still other hits there that would spook their curiosity in the music like the “Outside" and "Bonfire".

The artist does a great job by attaching the theme to the album but without making it completely a theme piece. Besides, there is so much heart in hi lyrics. Most fans think he is possibly the most honest artist in the hip hop arena in quite a while.

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A word of warning though. Before you commit yourself to buying the book, make sure they are comfortable with occasional curse words. If not, look elsewhere and get them different album. And, if you have to gift them this album, you can get the edited version.

Summing it up

It’s that time of the year again and you want to touch someones live, gift them. Although hip-hop gifts for rap lovers might sound like hard buys, they are not. This post  should point you in the right direction. There are various gift ideas for aspiring rappers you can choose from for gifting upcoming hip hop artists you value.

 If you are also a fan and have plenty of cash to splurge, there are a couple of gems up there for you to take home.

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