5 Gifts For Marines Going For a Boot-camp

gift ideas for new marines

When your best friend's son is leaving to boot camp, chances are you would want to have a surprise BBQ. You will need to present something to someone going for basic training.

While giving them money is just of the ways you can do it, you can do better to gift them something that they could use. If you don’t have any ideas, here are a couple of gift ideas for new marines going for a boot camp you may want to consider.

1. Marine Corps Playing Cards with Marine Corps Dice Gift Set

Dice Set makes a wonderful gift for someone going to basic training or those that are part of the The Marine Corp brotherhood. The back of our marine corps cards features full-color USMC emblem. Besides, instead of using the traditional card faces, these cards use insignia and ranks right from Private First Class through to General.

The case, made up of a beautifully stained wood is absolutely stunning. Besides, the pricing is pocket-friendly compared to the craftsmanship that goes into it. Inside the beautiful box are 5 jewel dice and 2 decks of professional playing cards. And, rather than using simple white pips, these Marine Coprs dice use EGA symbols for marking.

5 Gifts For Marines Going For a Bootcamp 1Marine Corps Playing Cards with Marine Corps Dice Gift Set

Thanks to the attractive metal accents and a 3D metal USMC logo, it makes it something you might want to display between game sessions. You can get the card set and show off your Marine Corps pride on game night. It is great for any USMC game.

That is why this Marine Corps dice makes one of the perfect and gifts for marines going to boot camp.

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2. United States Marine Corps Heavy Metal Red Ball Point Pen and Gift Box

5 Gifts For Marines Going For a Bootcamp 2marine corps gift ideas

The US Marine Corps pen makes one of the truly unique gifts for marines going to boot camp or any active Marine Service member you love. It is a heavy-weight metal pen, that is crafted from the finest metal features. It comes with an easy glide ballpoint that making writing easy and effortless.

Besides, the pen comes stuck in commemorative box emblazoned with United States Marine Corp symbols. It can make a perfect early Christmas gift for your marine boyfriend. The box packaging is much better that you would anticipate and larger.

Using Corps Ball Point Pen Gift pen every day at work will earn you a load of compliments. It’s an awesome pen featuring a great design and made to rock. The only challenge is that the ink might dry out. As a result, it causes nothing to come out until you buy an ink insert.

US Marine Red Pen and Box ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. This making it a perfect navy boot camp graduation gifts.

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3. Zippo Hand Warmer 2012

5 Gifts For Marines Going For a Bootcamp 3gifts for marine boyfriend

Sometimes, it can get really chilly in the training fields. Your friends or loved ones in the marine service will need a way to keep them warm. That is where The Zippo Hand Warmer becomes one of the best gift ideas for new marines who want to combat chilly weather.

No matter what your outdoor activity they are engaged in -running, jogging, hiking, fishing or hunting -  they can always warm their hands. The Hand Warmer also good for football gamers. That is, that right from tailgating through to the final whistle. It is also a perfect accessory that helps them stay warm during the winter activities like snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling.

Zippo Hand Warmer is built for winter warriors. It comes with sleek and compact design that fits easily into gloves, pockets and pants - actually without the bulk of other warmers. Besides, the Zippo premium lighter fluid it uses produces ten times the heat that is produced by traditional models. The heat, unlike other models, lasts for 12 hours. Besides, the manufacturers offer a one-year guarantee.

That way, it makes the Hand Warmer a perfect marine corps gift idea  who love to explore.

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4. Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk Dual Time Watch with Date, BJ7000-52E

5 Gifts For Marines Going For a Bootcamp 4gift ideas for new marines

If you are a serious watch collector, Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive is a serious timepiece you can’t miss in your arsenal. The Citizen BJ7000-52E watch is a stainless steel men's watch that offers powerful timekeeping functionalities both for novice and professional pilots. Thus, it makes a perfect gift idea for marines going to boot camp.

The watch comes in a large round steel case measuring approximately 43mm in diameter and a thin silver bezel. It is this bezel that houses a black dial with the astronaut’s inner rotating slide rule bezel. The watch has a dual time capability (GMT), large markers and luminous hands for readability.

Other features that make the watch impressive is low-charge indicator window, it’s water resistance capabilities at 200 meters deep, power saver function, non-reflective mineral crust. Besides the watch features an Eco-Drive technology. Meaning it can be powered by light, just any light. It never needs any battery.

Generally, it is also suitable for any marine activity and other serious surface water sports.

5. Rite In The Rain All Weather Tactical Pocket Notebooks

5 Gifts For Marines Going For a Bootcamp 5navy boot camp graduation gifts

Discovered Rite in the Rain is great product to give especially when you want to locate the position of work outside shine or rain. That is why it features as one of the most attractive marine corps gift ideas. These notebooks are life saver especially when you want to write down info safely during these such whether conditions.

Sometimes, Marine Servicemen work during these periods and might want to put something down in writing. They can do it on regular paper s because they can get drenched/drained in rain. Thanks to wire -o - binding, it gives the book a tough, impact-resistant capabilities such that it won’t lose its shape in your backpack or pocket. Unlike the standard spiral notebook, this functionality keeps the open pages intact and aligned.

The standard Ballpoint pens will work when your paper is dry. Water-based ink pens, on the other hand will bead off these Rite in the Rain paper sheets. But, using a standard pencil or an All-weather Pen like Fisher Space Pen, they can write your notes and have them kept intact.

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Thanks to the waterproof notebook cover, the book comes with a tough but flexible out cover. Whatever you are doing in the rain, the Ploydura cover material will keep your notes save.

Unlike other synthetic waterproofing paper, the Rite in the Rain cover is wood-based, making it totally recyclable. Besides, the polydura cover protects your notes form stains and scratches.

6. LEATHERMAN - Super Tool 300 Multitool, Stainless Steel with Leather Sheath (FFP)

5 Gifts For Marines Going For a Bootcamp 6gifts for someone going to basic training

Another perfect marine corps gift idea is The Leatherman Super Tool. This multi-tool for the working man is much larger than pliers. The sloped-top handle designs allow it to go further into tight spaces. Besides, the large side cutouts allow users to grab components while on gloves giving it comfortable grip.a

It comes with 19 tools ready to help them in their toughest job. Leatherman Super Tool 300 has already been optimized for strength.

More steel has been added in key areas and thus making it the strongest and safest tool suited for different tasks in the marine boot-camps.

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Summing it up

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. If you have a Marine Service person on the gift list this holiday, you can consider the suggested gifts for marines going to boot camp.

If you are adventurer and love messing with water, there is a perfect gift for you too.

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