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There’s this group of our friends that gift manufacturers nowadays seem to take more seriously than ever. I mean our germaphobe pals.

Yeah, that’s correct. Walk to any gift shop and ask for gifts for a germaphobe and you’ll be surprised by the variety on offer.

Well, it’s happening everywhere and I believe is a good thing for the industry that everyone is catered for.

Now, guess the type of gifts that seem to win favor with this group?

Well, I know we can’t blame their being almost paranoid about germs but to be honest, I didn’t expect gift sellers to be this committed.

10 Best Germaphobe Gift Ideas

Go through the following list and see what excites our buddies – sworn enemies of germs- love:

  • 1. UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Holder

Germaphobes are constantly battling against unseen bacteria and you would do well to give them a weapon that can shoot dead some of the bacteria invading his or her toothbrush.

Gifts For Germaphobes 1Gifts For Germaphobes 2

This toothbrush sanitizer demolishes nasty bacteria and helps prevent gum disease, infectious diseases, cavities, and even some life-threatening diseases!

Your Germaphobe pal will even be happier to hear that the UV light bulbs will last until they see the back of the last drop of bacteria.

Best of all? It turns on automatically on sensing a new toothbrush being inserted so it’s quite easy to use.

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​2. HEROCLIP Carabiner Clip and Hook for Purses, Strollers, and Backpacks

Clipa2 Bag Hanger, Polished Silver

You can imagine the germs lying hidden in all the public places that your friend visits… tennis courts, hockey rinks, baseball fields, the airport…you name it.

Gifts For Germaphobes 3Gifts For Germaphobes 4

One thing is for sure:

The bathrooms in these places are havens for nasty bacteria and Mr or Mrs germaphone won’t love that.

Clipa2 Bag Hanger, Polished Hematite

So, you surprise them with this bag hanger collection to solve their problems.

You see, they can hang their clean purses or backpacks and then clip it on any wall rather than risk infections by placing them on the ground where germs rule.

It’s useful, compact, has a fantastic price, and would make a superb travel gift for your hygiene-conscious girlfriend or boyfriend.

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3. Mom Screen Cleaner- TV, iPad, Tablets, Phones, Laptop,Eyeglasses, Computer Monitor

Gifts For Germaphobes 5

​The statistics are shocking, to say the least.

Imagine 9 out of every 10 cell phones will harbor illness-causing germs! To make matters worse, these germs can remain undetected for years constantly wreaking havoc on your hapless friend.

smartphone sanitizer

Now, you can save him/her by presenting him with this Mom screen cleaner. Rather than wait until the organisms have multiplied, he kills even the eggs by simply wiping the screen/surfaces of the laptop, TV, phone, and even eyeglasses.

And it works like a charm. The electronics are left immaculate and importantly, none of the buggers survive so your pal will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

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​4. 5W UV Sterilizer Box with Ozone LED UV Light Disinfection

gifts for clean freaks

This sanitizer and disinfectant box by LAMPTOP could be huge for your buddy. And the best part is that it is compact enough for them to travel with!

It sanitizes most things you can think including baby pacifiers, cellphones, beauty tools, kid’s toys, makeup brushes, toothbrushes or anything else you can fit in their that needs cleaning.

Not forgetting that the box comes without requiring any cumbersome assembly.

And it’s very effective. Whether your item has been in a breeding ground for contaminating bacteria, to every other hiding spot for germs and other pathogens, the Lamptop washes them all away to oblivion with precision and vigor.

Similarly, any germs inside any plastic tubings or masks, or anywhere else will have nowhere to hide.

This way, your clean freak of a friend or loved one will never again have to worry about feeling icky about using unclean items.

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SoClean 2 + ResMed AirSense 10 Adapter (SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Bundle with Free Adapter)

​​5. Female Portable Urination Device

Are you aware that the gorgeous  Megan Fox and the charming Jennifer Lawrence are 100% germaphobes and are always interested in the latest germaphobe survival kit ?

Gifts For Germaphobes 6
germaphobe gear

That means one thing: your friend is keeping good company.

Let’s now talk about the gazillions of germs she has to play hide and seek with when traveling…

Now, I know you agree with me:

Things are especially terrible when she needs to pee. Can you imagine her crouching over or scrambling for cover in a messy public toilet? Scary, huh?

But it doesn’t have to be…the ​Female Portable Urination Device fits in her purse and she can do her stuff anywhere, anytime, and hygienically! 

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6. VEVA Premium HEPA Filters

​Installing a no-nonsense aircon is one thing. Keeping it working and in murderous mood as far as microorganisms are concerned is another thing.

Gifts For Germaphobes 7
germaphobe travel kit

This is what you do:

If you suspect that the friend is currently exposed because the aircon is finding the going tough when confronted by the teeming germs, buy him this replacement HEPA air filter kit.

Once installed, you can rest assured that all of the dust, allergens, pet dander, pollen and mold spores will have their peace interrupted and their souls squeezed out.

VEVA Premium 2 HEPA Filters and 8 Pack of Pre-Filters Compatible with Air Purifier Models AC4825, 4800, 4900 and Replacement Filter B

For me, these air cleaners are some of the best gift ideas for clean freak.

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​7. Gryp Keychain Silicone Germaphobes Door Handle Opener

​This is a pretty cool gift (well, if you’re into your germs anyway.)

For germaphones, worries about contamination and germs extend to doors, buttons and anything the unwashed masses get their grubby hands on. Clean freaks will often have to get creative when approaching door knobs.

Enter; the Gryp Keychain

gifts for clean freaks

You need not look any further than this squeaky-clean door handle opener to salvage the situation. 

Rather than risk using bare hands or paper towels, they will use the handle opener to shield themselves from the barrage of invisible bacteria.

From airports to hospitals, this revolutionary device ensures that his or her hands are clean and free from catching the infectious diseases that are always lurking.

What I like more is that it comes in different colorful silicone handle openers, so you’ll surely find a favorite color from these popular gifts for a germaphobe!

​8. UV Pro Shoe Sanitizer Elite , 2 Piece

Your shoes are another favorite shelter for sneaky bacteria which you then spread around your home when wearing shoes indoors.

Your favorite germ avoider is only too aware of this, which makes this pair of gifts perfect.

Gifts For Germaphobes 8Gifts For Germaphobes 9

One study painted a particularly grim picture showing that a mammoth 421,000 units of germs survive on the outer side of your shoe alone, including those that cause the dreaded meningitis disease!

That’s freaking scary and a call to arms for your germaphobe relative. These UV Pro sanitizers are the perfect weapons in their war against bacteria in shoes.

They’re wireless, USB charged, and work flawlessly in ridding the shoes of fungi and stink. It would be a worthy addition to any germaphobe gift basket.

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9. GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier/Bottle [+ FILTER]

​An occasional trip to the wild is refreshing and a moment to relax and reflect. But how is someone constantly worried about germs supposed to do that in the great outdoors?

The Grayl water purifier bottle, of course.

germaphobe gadgets

You’ll need to keep hydrated as you climb the winding hills or trek in the picturesque open landscape which makes this bottle perfect.

Gifts For Germaphobes 10

But let’s face it: the water you will come across in the forest streams is never trustworthy and tends to be full of disease-causing bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, Cholera, protozoan cysts, and more.

Does that mean that your friend has to abandon their hiking passions? Not really. Just arm them with this water filter which cleanses and makes water 100% safe within 15 seconds!

It’s not just for hiking either. A hygiene freak will appreciate having this around in any emergency situation.

And it doesn’t discriminate. Whether from a well, stream, tap, or the lake, this is the ultimate water germs killer.

10. Accoutrements Public Sanitary Toilet Survival Kit

​Again your friend may never know when the call of nature will make its move. Funny enough, sometimes it makes an appearance in very awkward places and hours.

For instance, it can be when out in the stadium in the midst of a game or in the middle of a long road to nowhere. A germaphobes nightmare!

Gifts For Germaphobes 11
germaphobe travel kit public toilet survival kit

The options are limited to the public toilet and we all know how unkempt some of them are.

So, how will your best buddy survive with his overarching concern for being neat?

This public toilet surviving kit is all he may need to do his thing and leave unscathed.  

It comes with a toilet seat cover, 2 antiseptic wipes and a pair of disposable gloves for germaphobes.

How To Approach Buying Gifts For Clean Freaks and Germaphobes

Germaphobes are preoccupied with sanitation and seemingly appreciate presents that help their cleaning endeavors so whatever you choose, it’s hygiene first.

That being said, it’s always advisable to keep the following in mind:

  • Know his/her interests: if, for example, he is a frequent traveler, giving him a product that makes their traveling life easier makes more sense to them. You may ask him cleverly.
  • Go back in Time: If you have previously given them gifts, try to recall what gave them a twinkle in the eye. Something on the same line would probably work marvelously- of course, you can’t buy them same gift twice.
  • Talk To Close friends: Since you would most likely want it to be a pleasant surprise, an easier way of getting a gift idea is to inquire from close friends. He/she could have shared some experiences which can help you understand his tastes better.

As you know, our comrades wash, sanitize, blow, dust, brush, scour, disinfect and all that stuff so gifts for a germaphobe tend to follow one theme- being neat and germ-free.

From  germaphobe keychain and all the way to toilet survival kits, it’s all about beating the terrible disease carriers in their own game.

The prices vary a lot but our list has a healthy mixture so you won’t luck something thrilling to suit your budget.

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