Albertsons Gift Card Balance Check (2023 UPDATE)

The Albertson’s Gift Card Balance can be checked in a few different ways that will help you to find the exact balance or remaining funds available on the gift card you have purchased.

There are different websites – but the easiest and safest is Albertson’s official site – from where you can easily check your Albertson’s gift card balance.

Here are three different ways with the help of which, gift card owners or Albertson members can check the balance hassle-free and conveniently.


1) You can check your Albertson gift card balance online on their site here

2) You can also check your Albertson gift card balance on the phone by calling their customer support service on +1-877-932-7948

3) You can check Albertson gift cards balances in person at an Albertsons store by speaking to an employee or customer services: Find your local Albertsons store here

These three methods are some of the common ways with which you can stay updated about your Albertson’s gift card balance.

Here are the steps in much greater detail:

Can I Check My Albertsons Gift Card Balance Online? How?

You can check your Albertsons gift card balance online while signing in to your Albertsons member account.

  • You can log in to your account and visit the website link on the back of the card or by clicking here.
  • After accessing the website, you have to follow certain simple steps to check the gift card balance online.
  • Now, simply enter your pin number and gift card number to figure out your remaining card balance.
  • You must use the link mentioned at the back of the gift card or the website links linked to the official website. Be aware of email phishing scams and other links. Be sure you’re on the official site and the best way to do that is to enter the website address manually.

How to Check My Albertsons Gift Card Balance in Person at a Store

Checking an Albertson’s gift card balance in person or while visiting a store is also an easy and a convenient way to check your Albertsons gift card balance if you prefer the personal touch or you’re having issues online.

(Take your original receipt for your gift card order just in case, if you have one.)

  • All you have to do is visit an official store or you can use the Albertson locator app to visit their official stores. (Or use their store locator)
  • Speaking to an Albertson employee in person will help you to figure out your balance.
  • They may direct you to a cashier or customer services, where you must provide a gift card pin number to know about your gift card balance.
  • They will typically tell you about the remaining Albertson gift card balance free of charge with no fees.

How to Check an Albertsons Gift Card Balance Over the Phone

Another way to check an Albertson’s gift card balance is to contact customer support services over the phone on +1-877-932-7948.

  • If you’re unsure, double check their contact number mentioned on their card (usually on the back) or the official website.
  • Albertson’s customer support providers will ask about your gift card details like pin number and card number.
  • Then they will inform you about the remaining funds available on your gift card (subject to this information to confirm you are the recipient).
  • The company has their own toll-free number which can be dialed any time to solve your queries.
  • It is possible that if you call their customer service number, they may have an automated message which will redirect you to the balance inquiry phone number extension.
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Do Albertsons Gift Cards Expire?

We can confirm that Albertsons Gift Cards do not expire.

But, check the gift card availability after every five years of use to be sure terms haven’t changed or state laws haven’t changed.

There are different cards which you can buy from Albertsons for other gift card merchants that CAN expire, but Albertson gift cards do not have any such condition or expiry date.

Albertsons Gift Card Balance Check FAQs

Below are the questions we’ve most frequently seen asked in relation to an Albertsons gift card balance check:

Can You Buy a Gift Card with An Albertsons Gift Card?

Merchandise purchases can be made through your gift card while non-merchandise purchases are not allowed through the gift card as confirmed on the website:

Card can be used for merchandise purchases only at any of the stores listed on this card, non-merchandise purchases (e.g. gift cards, money orders/transfers, lottery) are not allowed

While there are no laws or policies regarding this issue, it’s subject to if the companies allow the users to buy other gift cards, using their own.

For example, you can buy Albertsons gift cards with a Mastercard pre-paid card but not vice-versa.

Can I Use an Albertsons Gift Card Online?

Yes, you can use an Albertson’s gift card to purchase online from the official Albertsons company website, as these cards are made specifically for this purpose to shop smarter online.

You can order grocery online and do the rest of your shopping with the help of this gift card and use it as you would use cash (besides non-merchandise items as mentioned above).

Where Can I Use My Albertsons Gift Card?

You can use your Albertson gift card online for online purchases from some stores besides Albertsons.

There are different stores that accept the Albertson gift card in the US such as

  • Vons
  • Safeway
  • Albertsons
  • Randalls
  • Pavilions
  • Carrs
  • Tom Thumb
  • Star Market
  • Jewel
  • Shaw’s.

Can Stolen Gift Cards Be Replaced at Albertsons?

Albertson is not responsible for any of your gift cards that are lost or got stolen.

Funds or cash will also not be replaced if you lose any of your gift cards.

You can contact them and report your issue at Albertsons and wait for their reply regarding the replacement of your Albertson gift card.

Just be aware, the decision is unlikely to go in your favor.

Can I Check My Albertsons Gift Card Balance if It Hasn’t Been Redeemed Yet?

You can access the customer support to access the Albertsons gift card balance if it hasn’t been redeemed yet.

Again, it’s unlikely they will be able to check your balance if you haven’t yet redeemed the card.

You will likely know what the card is worth if you are the legit recipient.

If it was gifted, just send a message to the person who bought it and explain you’re wondering the value of it to save yourself embarrassment of going to the store and making an attempted purchase.

How to Check Your Albertsons Gift Card Balance – Summary and Final Thoughts

Gifters like to purchase these gift cards and gift them to recipients who shop for their groceries from Albertsons stores.

If you were looking to check your albertsons gift card balance, we’ve provided you with three easy ways which we hope has helped!

Happy shopping.

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