Gifts for Stroke Patients in Hospital

Alleviating or reducing suffering for your loved one who has just had a stroke and is in hospital can come in many forms, including providing reassurance, solace, and comfort. One of the ways to show that they’re in your thoughts is with specific gifts for stroke patients in hospital. But what should you buy? We put together a list of the best gifts.

Hospital walls are cold and bare, and sometimes the provided entertainment may not be enough, but you can do something about it and help your loved one with a gift.

Giving a gift is a nice gesture and a way of expressing well wishes and hope for the future. See our picks below which we’ve split into funny and entertaining to lift your loved one’s mood, and practical presents for patients who have had severe strokes

Getting a gift for a stroke patient need not be a daunting task. There is a wide variety of handy and sensible gifts that you can get your loved one that survived a stroke.

Typically, the gifts for stroke patients should correspond with the severity of the stroke. The best gift should cater to their needs, support the recovery process, and make their life a little bit easier by taking their mind off what happened.

The following suggestions will brighten up the days of the stroke patient by showing them that you care.

Funny T-Shirt, Socks, Heating Pad

The good thing about t-shirts as a gift is that you can customize the writings on it. If your sense of humor is not what you can refer to as creative, you can always go with the stroke survivor t-shirt that already has a funny quote or message.

The t-shirt is excellent for both genders, and the message will light up the mood of everyone that comes across it, and of course, that is the main idea.

The funny coffee socks, true to size and sewn with a hilarious message (message can also be about beer, wine, tacos and more), will make everyone giggle and forget about the pity party. Nothing affects the mood and attitude of the stroke survivor more than feeling pity for them.

The socks are quite comfortable since the material is 80% cotton and 20% blend of polyamide and spandex. Apart from the comfort, the socks will hold up for years to come and keep everyone giggly.

The huggable Sloth Heating Pad is adorably cute for cramp, stress, and pain relief. The heating pad comes in a giftable canvas bag for easy transport.

The Men’s Soft Cozy Solid Sherpa Slippers or the Snook-Ease Microwavable Heated Slippers are not only funny and adorable but comfortable and warm as well. These sweet taters are an excellent gift for the patient, especially during winter. They will feel your presence and care, which translates to gratitude for them.

Funny Mugs

A stroke patient may appreciate having a few items that remind them life should not always be taken too seriously. Coffee mugs with a witty message such as Alexa, do the dishes, or what happens at grandma’s house are great ideas.

There is also this mug for your dad with a humorous message about the pandemic or the vegan coffee mug if the patient is a vegan.

The mugs are beautiful with glossy white and vivid colors to ensure that the message is as clear as possible.

Gifts of Entertainment

Passing the time in the hospital is not something you can call easy. If you can come up with a creative gift to help your relative or loved one pass the time, then you’d help them significantly.

Among the most incredible gifts include music and funny recordings. You can bring them an mp3 player or their favorite CDs to play quietly by their bedside.

The majority of the health care facilities anticipate the need for music and other forms of entertainment, and they have the necessary facilities installed.

If that is the case, your work is much easier. You only need to bring the appropriate media for them to plug in and listen to or watch.


Books are an excellent gift for stroke victims who love to read and help take their minds off the illness.

Excellent books such as F**k Off, Coronavirus, I’m Coloring will make the hospital stay or the indoors great bearable.

The meditative self-care through 112 pages of coloring may be what the patient needs to have a better attitude despite what is happening outside.

The audiobook by Trevor Noah about his path to self-discovery is intriguing. The poignant and comical episodes in the Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood are a great time killer.

The audiobook will effortlessly raise the spirits of the stroke patient, and the day will be shorter.

You can choose the book by Comedian Cameron Esposito, famous for her podcast appearances and hilarious stand-up comedy.

Cameron’s wit and humor have a pinch of transformative vulnerability that makes it so endearing for recovering patients.

Jeff Kagan, a best-selling author, has written a book to help stroke survivors, friends, and families. These are factual stories of stroke survivors told from a happy and comical side of stroke. The book encourages the stroke patient to take the recovery process one day at a time.

Funny Food-Related Gifts

You can pair this delicious-looking avocado plush blanket with an actual basket of fruits to encourage the stroke survivor to eat healthily. The food blanket is soft and warm and will quickly make everyone jealous.

You can then buy the food basket, our favorite is below, and fill it with fruits of your choice for the stroke patient.

Funny and Interesting Games

care package ideas for stroke victims

Research has shown that playing video games is essential for recovering stroke patients.

The games foster friendly competition more than the traditional exercises.

It is enjoyable, and it allows the stroke patient to live in the moment as they try to figure out their next move.

The same case applies to board games.

However, board games can accommodate a few more people and make it more interesting.

And the more competition there is, the better it is for the patient and everyone involved.

The game helps regain strength and movement in the hands and arms after a stroke.

For some reason, the daily rehab exercises become more fun, and your recovering patient feels better sooner.

It can take time to recover all the movement entirely, but the exercises they put in when playing the games can make all the difference.

The Family Board Game can accommodate up to eight players and encourage the patient to move actively and purposely.

That means they put in some exercises, and the bonding with loved ones facilitates the healing process. The only caveat is that the participants should be ready to laugh-cry as they have the fun of their lifetime, and that’s not a bad thing.

More than anything, stroke patients need all the care and support you can give. Encourage them to have a positive attitude towards recovery. Typically, gifts play a significant role in their recovery through gratitude and feeling of care.

Practical Gifts For Stroke Victims

This type of gift is better suited for someone who has unfortunately had a severe stroke and needs help with their day to day living and recovery while in hospital.

Be careful with these gifts; although they are being gifted from a good place in your heart, the stroke patient may not be ready to accept that they need help at this difficult time. Be sensitive to your loved one’s feelings and their mood.

1. Vive Alternating Pressure Pad

Extended bed rest can cause bed sores and ulcers and thus making the hospital stay very uncomfortable.

Gifts for Stroke Patients in Hospital 1Choosing a Gift for a Stroke Patient

The alternating pressure mattress relieves the discomfort and helps manage skin maceration through increased circulation. It also relieves pressure points by evenly distributing weight on the bed.

As a result, your loved one enjoys exceptional support and comfort to enhance the healing process. The mattress is especially ideal for weak or immobilized patients that have trouble shifting their weight frequently.

Typically, the alternating pressure pad has up to 130 air cells that inflate and deflate for even weight distribution. The air cells are heat sealed to ensure optimal durability.

Its variable pressure pump is silent, and the patient can sleep soundly. The pump provides multiple levels of pressure to accommodate the comfort needs of your loved one.

It has a weight capacity of 300lbs and can easily fit on the mattress frame.

2. Leg Elevation Pillow

The leg elevation pillow promotes relaxation and relief by placing your legs at an elevated position.

Gifts for Stroke Patients in Hospital 2care package ideas for stroke victims

The pad works by relieving excess pressure off your hips, legs, and knees. It features a generous cushion to eliminate leg cramps or provide relief for phlebitis and varicose veins.

The leg elevation pillow is excellent for sleeping. This hypoallergenic foam pillow promotes blood circulation through a gentle inclination that elevates the feet above the heart level.

The wedge also reduces back pain and leg pain so that your recovering stroke patient can sleep better.

The material is high-density premium foam, and so it does not collapse under the leg weight of your recovering patient. But apart from the firmness, it is also breathable and comfortable.

The pillow stays cool through the summer months. Your recovering loved one will appreciate the gift and be motivated to get better soon.

3. Incontinence Bed Pads

The soft kilted side of these incontinence bed pads is comfortable on the skin and will make the life of your loved one in the hospital a little bit easier.

Gifts for Stroke Patients in Hospital 3products for stroke patients

The bed pads are a worry-free solution as they shield and protect the mattress and furniture against frequent wetting.

Anything that makes the work of the caregiver easier is always welcome. The incontinence bed pads afford them more time to focus on the patient’s needs, and that helps significantly.

Typically, the material is a blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester and up to 7 oz. absorbent. They are sufficient to provide all-night comfort.

The bed pads are crinkle-free and non-slip and so your loved one sleeps soundly without any disturbance.

The reusable bed pads are easy to maintain and clean. You can wash them over 300 times, and there is no need to replace them, and hence economical.

4. Patient Aid Universal Mesh Bath Patient Lift Sling with Head Support

Moving the sick from a bed to a chair or from the bed to the wheelchair can sometimes be an uphill task, primarily if they do not support themselves.

Gifts for Stroke Patients in Hospital 4useful things for stroke victims

This lift sling provides good back and thigh support for effective transfer. It is ideal for partially or dependent patients with limited or no head control.

It has six reinforced attachment points to work with a wide variety of patient lifts, and thus making the work of their caregiver much easier.

The material is a fast-draining mesh for showering and bathing. It does not hold water for long, and that helps keep the patient dry after bathing.

The lift string is easy to use and can be applied or removed when the patient is in a reclined or sitting position. Moreover, the material is a soft polyester mesh fabric that will not irritate the skin.

5. Drive Medical Full Body Patient Lift Sling

With a weight limit of 600lbs, this full-body patient lift sling is robust and reliable.

Gifts for Stroke Patients in Hospital 5best gifts to give stroke victims

You can use it to transfer the stroke patient from the bed to the wheelchair with much ease. The lift sling is easy to use and comes with four sling points to work with any floor lift.

The handholds and loops are quite useful, especially when your loved one needs to be repositioned. It is very comfortable for wheelchair patients.

The polyester mesh design is comfortable on the skin of the patients as it does not hold any moisture or heat. More importantly, the lift sling is easy to maintain.

Normally, machine wash it in cold or warm water. Use a non-enzyme detergent and avoid breach at all costs.

The lift sling is durable and does not shrink after washing – something you cannot say about most other lift slings on the market.

Gift Guide: How to Choose the Best Gifts for Stroke Victims

Stroke survivors have several challenges they face and which negatively affect the quality of their life.

Typically, gifts are a unique way of telling someone that you care about them. Stroke victims need all the care and attention that you can give to support their recovery process, and gifts come in handy.

The Role of Gifts for Recovering Stroke Survivors

Recovery from stroke starts with the brain before moving on to lifestyle.

Therefore, any gifts that you take to them should stimulate the brain in one way or another. The trick is to reverse negativity.

According to research, our brains have a natural negative bias where we remember negative events more often than positive ones.

The good news is that gratitude can reverse the negativity, and that is where the funny gifts come in. The gratitude that envelopes the heart of the stroke survivor plays a vital role in their recovery.

Nicole Marquez had her dreams of becoming a professional dancer crash after surviving a fall from the roof. However, that did not stop her willpower to recover.

The TBI survivor pushed through her recovery and exceeded the expectations of her doctors. Her attitude was what made all the difference.

The gifts, encouragement, and just being there for them can help create a positive attitude that stroke survivors need to push through the recovery process.

Types of Gifts For Someone Who Had a Stroke

There are a wide variety of gifts that you can get your relative recovering from a stroke, ranging from a funny gift to raise their spirit or a practical gift to help with their day to day recovery.

The gift can be in the form of anything such as a piece of clothing, music, valuable equipment, entertainment or anything that will help your loved one.

Choosing a Gift for a Stroke Patient

Before you can pick a stroke patient’s gift, ask yourself what it is that they need most to support their recovery and improve their comfort.

  • Talk to their doctor to make sure the gift is acceptable.
  • Discuss the recurring needs of the stroke patient and how best it can be met.
  • Consider the patient’s tastes and preferences when buying gifts such as a Bluetooth radio to listen to music and sports news. 

The Best Gift for a Stroke Patient in Hospital

Even though the tools, as mentioned earlier, are invaluable gifts for your bedridden relative or friend recovering from a stroke, nothing beats your presence and the time you spend with them.

Spending time with the stroke survivor makes them feel supported and loved. This is among the best reasons to gift your loved one your time.

Proactive support in the form of encouragement and care is among the best reasons to gift you can give a stroke patient.

Aggressively search for ways to improve the quality of their life during the recovery process and their hospital stay. They may not be responding to your small talk, but they feel your presence and effort.

Photos and video messages are an excellent way to lift their spirits. Make recordings of their friends and relatives wishing them quick recovery. Don’t forget to take them their favorite home-cooked food if the doctors allow it.


The gifts for stroke patients are numerous. Take your time to research and to pick the best presents and entertainment to make the life of your recovering loved one more comfortable.

Each of the above gifts has been carefully selected and reviewed for entertainment value and functionality.

Seek the advice of a qualified health provider or physician regarding the medical condition before purchasing any gifts for your stroke patients in the hospital.

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