Gifts For a Vet After Your Dog Dies

The greatest feeling for a vet is when pet owners show appreciation for the work that they did for an owners pets before the loss. Vets and your dog will have also created a relationship, and the death of our furry friends is painful for them too. A gift for a vet after your dog dies is appropriate – but, what to buy?

What is The Best Thank You Gift For a Veterinarian After the Loss of a Dog?

Here is our quick list of gifts if you’re in a rush. We go into more detail below this table. Ideas for gifts you can give your vet range from amazingly thoughtful ones, to strange and funny ones. It depends on their personality.

Gifts are meant to console, keep the memory and also maintain the relationship between the owner and the vet.

After all, when you’re ready, you may take another dog into your home and will want the same vet to give their love and care to your new furry friend.

Below are helpful gift ideas for a vet after a dog dies.

1. Personalized Dog Bone Charm

Made from sterling silver, this piece of personalized pet jewelry is the perfect gift for a vet to remember your dog.

Personalized Dog Bone Charm

as of May 9, 2024 1:44 am

It makes a beautiful and meaningful gift for a pet memorial for any dog lover and the necklace can be engraved with your dogs name on each of the charms. Two cute bones.

With each bone charm fitting up to 12 characters, you can fit both your doggies name and your vets name for the perfect personal gift to remember your dog after it has passed away

2. Paw Wind Chime

This paw wind chime is a beautiful gift that symbolizes spirituality (find out if your vet is into that) and that your dog is always nearby.

The chime comes with a lovely message inscribed on the paw which says “You’re gone from our lives but never from our heart”. The bottom heart says “always remembered”. It will make a perfect gift for your vet.

Pet Memorial Wind Chime

as of May 9, 2024 1:44 am

As well as remembering the pet, you also have the double benefit of being able to use it indoors and outdoors. The chime makes a soothing sound in the wind which will relax and remind the vet of your dog.

Is your vet into fitness? You can also buy your veterinarian a fitness related gift to show your appreciation gift for taking good care of your pet.

You can also see gift ideas for frequent cruisers if your vet enjoys cruises.

3. Memorial Stone With Personalized Message (3 Designs)

This memorial stone has a unique design to personalize for your veterinarian. If they are into their gardening, then who wouldn’t love coming home from work each day to find this cute reminder decorating their garden path?

Memorial Stone With Personalized Message (3 Optional Designs)

as of May 9, 2024 1:44 am

Some might even prefer to keep it indoors as a pretty ornament. Either way, it makes for a perfect gift for your vet.

The stone can be made even more personal with your dogs name or the vets name inscribed. It’s a very thoughtful thank you gift for a vet that would make them happy to receive.

4. Dog Portrait – Personalized Charm Necklace

Similar to our first recommendation, but with a slightly different charm. This may be something you prefer to give.

This gift has your doggies portrait on the flat silver, gold or rose-gold plated coin. You can choose from many breeds and also have your dog’s name engraved on the coin.

Dog Portrait Personalized Charm Necklace

as of May 9, 2024 1:44 am

It’s a gift that would make any vet emotional to receive and let them know how thankful you are that they looked after your dog with the most love.

This is one of our favorite and cutest gifts for vets. You can’t go wrong gifting this.

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5. Veterinarian Sign Personalized With Custom Typography and Colors

This sign with personalized custom message and colors is something your vet can proudly hang in their treatment room to remind themselves of what a loving veterinarian they are.

Veterinarian Sign Personalized With Custom Typography and Colors

as of May 9, 2024 1:44 am

You can choose from different typography, sign color and customize the messaging to say whatever you like. The more personal you make it, the better.

This is one sign your vet will not get bored of seeing and reading to remember your dog and how much they cared for it.

6. Pet Memorial Frame

This Pet Memorial is a pretty picture frame that holds a photo of a dog or cat. In most cases, it’s used for pet sympathy when someone has a loss of a dog or a cat.

It has a metal paw attachment in the middle of the silk screened message: “a lifetime of love – forever in our hearts”

Pet Memorial Photo Frame

as of May 9, 2024 1:44 am

You can honor your dog with this beautiful memorial frame in your vet’s office. The picture frame holds pictures that are 4 x 6 and comes with an easel back to sit nicely on a desk or a bookshelf.

Wall hanging is also an easy option with this photo frame.

It will be a perfect memorial gift for your vet since it will showcase a photograph of the dog they loved as much as you did at his or her cutest.

You can get your veterinarian’s favorite dog picture and frame it. You can also consider buying this as a Christmas gift for your veterinarian.

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7. Veterinarian Keychain and Charm

This Veterinarian gift includes a gorgeous Keychain with charms and a pouch.

A small but thoughtful gift to show your appreciation and thanks for your vet for looking after your dog before it died.

Gifts For a Vet After Your Dog Dies 1
what to give someone when their dog dies

Your vet will be thrilled that you thought of them enough to get this gift.

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Summary of Gifts to Buy Your Vet When Your Dog Dies

Buying gifts is a tougher job than selecting a career sometimes! In fact, at times, it can be very overwhelming and stressful. First, keep in mind shopping for a gift should be fun – this will help you ease the pain and enjoy this activity.

Is the vet in your life a germaphobe? Check out these germaphobes gifts

Take the following factors into consideration to find something that will perfectly suit your veterinary consultant:

  • You should at least be aware of what your vet likes or dislikes. It would not hurt if you researched them (some light research – not full-on stalking!). If he is into athletics then gifts for fitness enthusiasts are a great idea.
  • Give your vet something that will make them feel both happy, appreciated and a gift they will genuinely like.
  • Consider how you relate to them and the time you have known them. If you have only a four week connection, it’s going to be different than if you have had a five year relationship. This will determine whether your present is just right without under or overwhelming them.
  • Look at your budget and buy your vet something that you can afford. Do not go for a gift that is beyond your means but at the same time, go for something of quality where you can. If you can’t, then buy a sentimental gift
  • Consider their age, gender and their interests. It will help you buy something they will forever treasure and remember you by, rather than something they can use and then throw away.

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