How to Make a Homemade Easter Gift Basket (and Alternatives Like a Bucket or Box)

An Easter gift basket is used during the Easter season and baskets are typically filled with sweets, toys, or other gifts depending on any cool Easter basket ideas you may have!

As many people give up sweets as a Lenten sacrifice, people also receive them in their Easter baskets after abstaining from the previous forty days of Lent.

Through the use of various materials that are available to a person, through sheer creativity and determination, a home-made, adorable Easter basket can be made and used for gift receiving of the whole family.

We show you how you can make your Easter basket at home and fill it with cool Easter candy and other gifts!

How to Make an Easter Gift Basket at Home?

Many unique homemade Easter baskets are simple to put together using items you probably already have around the house, such as glitter, cardboard, or even a mason jar.

Consider making a felt rainbow bag that doubles as a purse and can be stuffed with popular fillers like chocolate, candy, Easter books, and other small toys for children.

This video shows you the steps:

If you’re not the creative type, you could consider something less DIY and more giftable for adults, but STILL with your personal “homemade” touch, such as a ceramic berry basket which you can fill with gifts of your own choice.

They can also display this gift once Easter is over.

Of course, you can substitute mini wine bottles for the jelly beans when filling an adults Easter basket!

Whatever path you take, whether it’s fun, functional, or sophisticated, one thing is certain: if you try one of these, your finished masterpiece will truly stand out, even if it’s made from scratch.

How do you make cheap Easter baskets?

Making an inexpensive Easter basket out of readily available items can reduce costs and ultimately fuel your creativity in creating a grand Easter basket that can later be filled with varying treats for the family; below is an example of how to make one from canvas:

 1. Determine the size of the canvas and cut it.

Measure a piece of canvas to the desired size for your basket. 11.5 inches wide by 20 inches long is a good starting point and you can reduce its size thereafter, if needed.

 2. Sew the canvas after it has been folded.

Fold the canvas in half, then sew a straight line in about 1/4 – 1/2 inch from the edge of what will be your basket, leaving the top open.

 3. Twist the canvas corners into two peaks.

Next, align the bottom corners of the basket and fold them into two peaks.

 4. Draw horizontal lines across all four corners.

Make a mark from the tip to 1.5 inches down, then draw a horizontal line across as a guide. Repeat on the opposite corner.

Flip over and then repeat on the other side.

 5. Sew straight lines through the corners.

After, sew a straight line across the fabric, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end. Repeat the process for the other corner.

 6. Fold the top down and turn them right side out.

Turn the right side out and fold the top down in a roll one or two times to hide the raw edge, and that’s all there is to it.

You have yourself a cheap, but beautiful Easter basket that even the Easter bunny would be proud of.

How do you make an Easter basket out of a box?

It’s a family tradition in family houses to make Easter baskets for an Easter egg hunt.

A clever Easter basket idea is to use your recycled boxes or discarded boxes around the house, such as two empty tissue boxes or extra-large cereal boxes.

If you don’t have any empty cereal or tissue boxes, make do with something else, like a larger cardboard box.

With a few decorations and a diverse imagination, any box can be transformed into an Easter basket.

A large box of any size, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, cardboard, construction paper, double-sided tape, and cotton swabs are all required.

1. Cut the box in half and coat it with warm yellow paint.

Make two wing shapes out of scrap cardboard and paint them a warm yellow.

You may also need to apply a second coat to cover the packaging completely.

 2. Using a ruler, measure and cut two 3cm wide strips of construction paper, then glue or stick them together with double-sided tape.

 3. Cut a folded beak shape in orange construction paper, followed by a slightly smaller beak shape in pink.

Insert the pink shape inside the orange shape and glue it in place.

 4. Cut out two pink circles for the cheeks, and draw and cut out two eyes in black marker on white paper.

 5. Apply the facial features with glue.

Bend the wings slightly so that they protrude from the body and secure them with double-sided tape.

Then, using double-sided tape, secure the handle.

 6. Finish by wrapping the box in tissue paper.

Voila! You have your very own Easter baskets ready to be filled with Easter eggs and other Easter goodies for your hunt.

Alternatively, watch this video for a step by step guide for making a basket out of a cardboard box – this is one of the coolest Easter basket ideas we’ve seen:

How do you make an Easter bucket?

How to Make a Homemade Easter Gift Basket blog post image

A recycled or unused bucket, a cardboard box, a fabric hole punch, wired ribbons, a blue and green card, pastel paper, scissors, paper, and a glue stick are all the craft supplies required to make a DIY Easter basket at home.

1. Cover the bucket in paper, then punch a hole on each side of the said box and thread a length of wired ribbon through, knotting the ends inside.

 2. Using an egg template, cut two egg shapes from the blue card that are slightly larger than your box.

Depending on the size of the bucket, you may need to enlarge or reduce the template.

 3. Measure the bottom edge of the ‘eggs’ against the bucket and cut it.

 4. Cut grass from the thin green card and adhere it to one of the egg shapes, trimming the edges to neaten.

Cut out a butterfly, flowers, and a rabbit from the pastel-colored paper.

5. To finish, glue each blue card egg to either side of the bucket.

Alternatively, follow this video guide to make this cool Easter basket out of paper:

What Can I Use Instead of A Basket for Easter?

It is not necessary to use a ‘basket’ in accordance with the grand holiday when making an Easter basket; instead, you can use the following materials to complement its overall convenience and appearance:

Easter Bunny Jar

You could make a lovely candy jar that will be treasured for years to come.

A crown of candy-wrapper roses around the lid of this pink candy-filled bunny jar adds a fun spring touch.

Mason jars make for perfect candy jars.

Bucket Made of Jute

Wrap jute or twine around the bottom of a galvanized bucket, around the side, and back to the bottom to make a handle.

Then, wrap the jute around the bucket, hot gluing it in place as you go.

Continue wrapping the bucket until the handles are secure.

Gardener’s Chalkboard Pot

To make a Gardener’s Chalkboard Pot, paint a terra-cotta pot with chalkboard paint and then rub the pot with chalk to cure the paint. ‘

Wipe away any excess and use chalk or a chalkboard pen to write or draw the recipient’s name or an Easter message.

Hanging Paper Flower Cute Basket

To make this, 3D paper flowers in energizing hues and patterns are glued onto a small pot to create a one-of-a-kind basket that will catch the attention of anyone who sees it.


Easter Gift baskets are used in the season of Lent as a means of a medium in receiving various delights such as sweets and material objects.

These Easter baskets can easily be created at your own home via the available materials present at a given period to create a lovely basket.

It may be cardboard boxes, tape, paper, and the like; it can all be used to make an Easter gift basket with your imagination as an asset.

Easter gift baskets can all be created with a step-by-step processes and we hope ours have helped you out.

As well as this, you can find any household items to use as Easter decorations for the front of the Easter gift basket, such as boxes, jars, flowerpots, etc.

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