Easter Gifts for Boyfriend – Our Top Gift Picks

Easter isn’t necessarily known as being the most romantic of holidays, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be – your boyfriend deserves to be treated as well as all of your family members, so why not take this opportunity to get him some great, thoughtful Easter gifts?

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

Here, you’ll find the best Easter gift ideas for your boyfriend as well as a guide to help you to work out which gifts are likely to go down best for him this spring.

What Do You Get Your Boyfriend for Easter? Top 9 Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend this Easter is really going to revolve around his tastes, interests, hobbies and occupation.

You might be going out with a chocolate lover, or someone who has had their fill of sweet treats this year already – in which case, it’s worth consulting gift guides for some general ideas to fill your Easter baskets with.

Keep in mind, then, that the following Easter gifts are good, general starting points for any couple to start thinking about.

Easter socks 

What guy doesn’t love a good pair of socks? Socks can be a great way of setting your outfit off in a fun and subtle way.

Besides, they’ll keep your guy’s toes warm all day and make him laugh when he finally gets to take off his shoes.

There are plenty of Easter-related socks online, from ones with bunnies, eggs, and springtime flowers on.

They’re also an inexpensive gift and can fit into any Easter basket.

For example, check out these funky socks on Amazon with sweet designs.

You’ll be doing a great thing sneaking these socks in with his boring old pairs…

Novelty tie 

Novelty ties never go out of style, right?

Everyone loves complimenting the funniest and cheesiest ties at family gatherings, so ensure that your guy has the best one there – get him a tie with little birds, eggs, bunnies, or fun, bright-colored patterns.

You’ll see, he’ll be the belle of the ball in no time.

If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at this egg-patterned tie available now on Amazon.

Novelty t-shirt 

None of us ever have enough t-shirts, especially the fun kind – let your man know just how ‘eggcellent’ he is, or how much you love your bunny.

Consider this a springtime twist on the classic Christmas sweater – why not make it a new tradition to break out the Easter t-shirt every year?

Again, Amazon really does have you covered when it comes to Easter-themed apparel.

If your boyfriend is a fan of Peeps, here’s a great t-shirt he’ll love.


Easter Gifts for Boyfriend blog post image

Easter is here, and that means spring is, too – and the sun’s out in full force.

Spoil your boyfriend while you protect him and get him a great new pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses come in a wide range of styles, colors, and prices – there are designer brands and budget options alike.

What’s more is you can get him an even nicer present by putting them in a personalized sunglasses case, to help to keep his shades safe while he’s on the go.

A great budget pick for sunglasses for your husband or boyfriend is this trendy pair – again, available on Amazon.

Travel mug 

You’re on holiday now, but soon enough your boyfriend will be heading off back to work, ready to take on the long mornings.

How about you make his day a little easier and tastier by getting him a nice new travel mug?

You can always opt for the Easter touch by getting one in a wood pattern or bright colors to make his day a little easier until he gets to see you again.

On the other hand, this stunning Burnout travel mug might be just the ticket for keeping that coffee nice and warm.

Easter cufflinks 

Cufflinks are kind of like socks in the sense that they are little understated touches that can absolutely make an outfit!

Get your boyfriend a lovely set of Easter cufflinks shaped like rabbits, Easter eggs, or more serious ones in the spirit of the season.

Either way, they will become his new favorite cufflinks that he’ll want to wear every Easter.

Bunny cufflinks, for example, are great starting points – and you can just go wackier from there. 

A BBQ set 

Easter tends to be a great time for throwing a BBQ, and whether it is your turn to host the festivities, or you just plan on having loads of outdoor meals over the spring and summer, gifting your boyfriend a set of fantastic BBQ tools might be an ideal opportunity.

There are so many fantastic sets online complete with different tools, gadgets, and fun touches. 

Consider investing in this stunning Cuisinart BBQ set, for example – before the weather starts hotting up!

A pocket knife 

So you’re dating the outdoorsy type?

Well, why not give him something that he can keep with him wherever he goes to help with his daily outdoor tasks?

A pocket knife is a great idea, especially a personalized option.

You can find plenty of online stores or retailers that will engrave the knife with a special message, your beau’s initials, or something that means something to the both of you, to make it that much more special. 

Alternatively, there are some brilliant brands in knifeware online – with this Smith and Wesson pocket knife standing proud on Amazon.

A suitcase set 

Easter holidays normally means it’s time to visit the family – so, make your boyfriend’s trip easier by getting him a fantastic new suitcase set.

From his toiletry bag and carry-on to a large suitcase to carry all of his Easter presents, you can find great complete sets online and in stores, in the best colors, shapes, and materials to suit your boyfriend. 

This Wrangler smart luggage set even comes with a holder for your husband or boyfriend to hold his travel mug in – a great choice if you’ve already bought this as a separate gift.

What Do You Put in Your Boyfriends Easter Basket? 

Everyone deserves a superb Easter Basket, especially the man that you love – make the perfect Easter Basket for him by including the essentials such as romantic candies, Easter chocolates, eggs, and of course, one or more of his special Easter presents (as listed above).

Gifts such as watches, cufflinks, socks, and more can easily fit into an Easter Basket and make for the perfect little goodies for him to find at the bottom. 

Of course, the perfect basket design for your boyfriend will be unique to him and his tastes.

You can also personalize his basket by making it his favorite color, and with a card just from you.

You could also put in some fun game or date night ideas just for the two of you to keep the both of you occupied and with plans together over the Easter holiday.

They can be as simple as going for a walk together and watching your favorite movies or fun games like Monopoly or Uno.

You can trust us when we say that as long as your boyfriend’s Easter Basket is full of treats that keep him occupied, he’ll be happy!

How to Choose an Easter Gift For Your Boyfriend?

Choosing the right gift for someone at any time can be a nightmare. Easter definitely isn’t the easiest holiday to buy for, especially in early relationships.

How do you ensure that what you get for him isn’t too much? What if it’s too little? 

The main thing for you to remember is that any truly thoughtful gift is more than enough, no matter its size, cost, or quantity.

Your boyfriend will likely love anything that you give him, especially if it reminds him of you.

The first thing that you need to do is think of something that you think will suit him. Start by thinking of his hobbies and his day to day life.

  • What sports does he like?
  • Where does he like to go?
  • Does he enjoy his job? 

From there, you can start to think of what he’s like.

  • Does he take Easter very seriously, or does he have a great sense of humor?
  • Does he love being with his family, or
  • would he rather have some time alone with you? 

Finally, think of the basics.

  • What is his favorite color?
  • What is his style?
  • Have you noticed anything that he desperately needs (such as a new travel mug, a watch, clothes, etc.)? 

With just a little bit of thought and some online browsing, you can easily find the perfect Easter gift for your boyfriend to suit your budget, his tastes, and your perfect Easter together.


Easter can be just as big of a deal as any other holiday, and you can easily make it a great romantic time for you and your boyfriend.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find time just for the two of you, especially around big family holidays, so whatever you do, take the time to make your boyfriend’s Easter Basket personal, romantic, and fun.

The gift ideas we’ve lined up for you above can be just the beginning – why not see what other stuff you can find to make him smile this spring?

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