4 Amazing Secret Easter Bunny Gift Exchange Ideas

Easter is a time for egg hunts, Easter baskets, brighter weather, and fancy flowers. But what if you made it a great gift-giving occasion at work or at home?

More and more people are getting involved with the idea of the Secret Easter Bunny (think of it as a little like Secret Santa at Christmas) – and it could be a great thing for you and your loved ones to try this year.

In a rush? Here are our top secret Easter Bunny gift exchange ideas:

To help you get started, here is a list of great Easter gift ideas you might want to enter into the sharing pool.

Top 4 Secret Easter Bunny Gift Ideas for Gift Exchange

Easter Plants

Everybody loves indoor plants.

They’re a great way of bringing some life into our homes and brightening up our days.

So, why not spoil your loved one with a beautiful plant?

Around springtime, there are plenty of beautiful plants and flowers in full bloom, so opt for something colorful to keep with the Easter theme.

Alternatively, there’s some great artificial Easter displays on Amazon that make ideal gifts as part of the fun exchange.

Novelty Mugs

Mugs are universal gifts that – when super-personal – can mean more to the average person than, say, Easter eggs this time of year.

We all need a nice cup of something warm in the morning, so why not personalize your loved one’s new favorite mug?

Choose a favorite photo, a sweet message, a memory – your call.

You could also opt for mugs related to their favorite shows, films, music, art, etc.

Finally, you could, of course, make it completely about Easter by getting them a bunny mug, a mug shaped like a carrot, or even an egg – go full mad march hare.

Personalized mugs are widely available – great for kids, co-workers and loved ones of all ages.

Adult Coloring Books

These are stressful times that we live in, and chances are that after the Easter break, most of us will have to go back to work.

So, here is your chance to make someone’s life a little more relaxing.

Adult coloring books have become increasingly popular.

You can find many with different images and styles to suit all personalities and temperaments.

You could make the gift extra special by buying them a set of pencils or paints, too.

It’s a great idea for secret Easter exchanges, and it’s a little bit more exciting than, say, the standard Easter basket.

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Gift Cards

Not everyone is easy to buy for.

The great thing about gift cards is that you can still show your appreciation to someone without having to worry about getting them the wrong thing – and they can make the perfect gift for an Easter gift exchange or pot luck.

Amazon gift cards tend to be a fantastic choice – simply thanks to the number of options available online.

If recipients want to spend their credit on a funky new T-Shirt, something for the home, or a gift for their pets, they can.

You can choose the exact amount that you put in and set the date for when you want the card to be delivered.

Then, once the special day arrives, Amazon will send a gift card email to your recipient with their own special code to pay at the checkout.

Or, why not enter into the holiday exchange with an e-gift card instead?

What is Secret Easter Bunny?

Essentially, Secret Easter Bunny is just like Secret Santa. 

You and your friends get together and pick names of a hat or a pot.

It’s even better if it’s bunny-related, so try to make it like a magician’s hat or something Easter-themed (like a bonnet).

Then, each of you pulls out a name, and it is up to you to give that special someone a gift at Easter.

You can even do the name drawing online! 

The great thing about Secret Easter Bunny is that it helps make Easter a holiday for everyone to look forward to.

Many of us can’t wait and become impatient when we have to wait all year for Christmas to come back around!

Secret Easter Bunny is a great way of capturing that magic and having some well-deserved fun months before the other festive season.

If you rarely celebrate Easter, a special gift exchange might make someone’s day.

It’s a festival of celebrating new life, so why not celebrate a new tradition this spring?

How to Host an Easter Gift Exchange That People Will Love

The first thing that you will need to determine for your Easter gift exchange is, of course, whether or not everyone be together.

Family members and friends usually make the effort to come together for Easter itself, but it can be a pain getting everyone together for the first part of the gift exchange, the name drawing.

Therefore, using a site that will help you to set up the gift exchange is usually the best idea.

Websites such as DrawNames will allow for you and your friends to each put in your names and your own wish lists.

The website will then randomly pair people up, at which point they will be able to see each other’s wishes.

You could also keep the gifts Easter-related, such as some of the gifts mentioned above.

You could also set a price limit so that everyone gets presents of about the same amount, and you can better handle your search for the perfect Easter gift.


Holidays are a time for friends and family, no matter the occasion.

However, we tend to think of Easter as being the holiday for Easter eggs, warmer weather, and religious services.

For many people, the fun of Easter can take a back seat to Christmas.

Even if you’re not in the mood for an egg hunt, however, there are some great ways to make the most of the season.

Secret Easter Bunny exchanges are great fun for people of all ages.

What’s more, if you already refer to gift guides and make an effort to buy presents over the period, it’s a novel way to ensure everyone gets a fair gift.

That might be candy, gift cards or otherwise – this year, do more than just decorate eggs.

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