Gift Ideas for Special Needs Teenager

Millions of children suffer different kinds of disabilities, and you likely know a few in your circle. It could even be within your extended family, and the least you can do is show some love.

However, deciding what gift to get them is not always a walk in the park. Every time you choose to visit them, the big question would still come up, what’s the best gift ideas for special needs teenager?

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

Some gifts can be specific to the kind of teenager you want to gift. For instance, you may look for board games for autistic teenager or gifts for down syndrome teenager.

In any case, you may want to get them a gift that not only lets them have fun but also helps in learning. For instance, recent studies revealed that board games could help autistic children develop specific skills that are otherwise challenging to grasp.

Best Gifts for Special Needs Teens

Here is a list of some gift ideas you can buy for a special needs teenager.

Simbans Picasso Drawing Tablet and Stylus Pen

Many special needs children have unique talents, and it could take some practice to discover them. As such, a drawing tablet and stylus pen is an excellent way for them to be creative and possibly join the art world.

The tablet is specially designed to help users develop their drawing skills but can also perform other functions.

Whether you are looking for gifts for an autistic teenager or other disability, the tablet can be useful for educational purposes like taking notes and entertainment. They simply have to connect to the TV via the HDMI port or connect to the WI-FI network and enjoy crystal clear images.

Further, the 10-inch tablet package comes complete with a universal power adapter, drawing gloves, and a tablet case. As the world fast-turns to digital mode, this tablet and pen are among the best 2020 gifts for special needs teenagers.

Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera

What better way to touch a special needs teenager’s heart than gifting a Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera?

It’s a pricey gift choice for special needs teen that is keen about photography. Even if the kid may not know much about photography, some special needs students respond fast to training and could come up quickly.

The mirrorless design allows the camera to have more explicit images compared to the optical viewfinder cameras. The camera has color options, including black and white, so you can choose the color that seems to suit the teen best.

They can use the camera for professional photography and capture special and happy moments with family and friends.

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Holy Stone Foldable Mini Nano Drone

While a drone may sound a bit complicated for a special needs teenager, the Holy Stone Foldable Mini Nano Drone is specifically designed for beginners.

It is perfect for introducing teenagers to drones and learning the basics such as taking off, maneuvering in the air, and landing.

You don’t have to worry about the drone going too far where the special needs teenager may not be able to get it back. They just press the Return button and get it back right where they are. It’s not that big to carry and is even foldable for better portability.

Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

Most teenagers love to sleep but that shouldn’t come between their daily schedules.

The morning nap can be tempting, so an alarm is a thoughtful gift for any teenager. The wooden digital alarm clock is a great gift idea for autistic kids, and teens of any other disability. It blends its wooden design with different functionalities. It is a clock with multiple alarms, and a mobile device charger.

The owner can set the alarms for three different intervals. It could be the time they plan to wake up, when you should be out of the bathroom, and when you should be at the door leaving.

It is an excellent choice of gift, especially if the teenager has poor time management skills.

 Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhones are among the top items on the wish list of teenagers, and it can be a perfect gift for special needs teens.

Most iPhones, especially iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, have excellent cameras and fast internet speeds for social media use. A special needs teenager can use the phone for both entertainment and learning. Besides, some entertainment platforms accessible using this phone can even earn them some income.

For instance, if the teen has a special talent like singing or is a comedian, they can create a YouTube Channel and invite subscribers and promote their talent. Millions of teenagers are creating awareness and earning a living through social channels, so giving a special need minor a means to access the platforms is quite thoughtful.

Apple AirPods

For most teenagers with Apple iPhones, Apple AirPods are the next big thing they desire. Therefore, getting a pair of Apple AirPods can be a perfect gift choice for a special needs teenager with an Apple mobile device.

The AirPods are useful in listening to any content, including music and audiovisuals from mobile devices. The teen can enjoy quality music or informative content or videos without noise distractions.

Also, the fantastic features of the AirPods are perfect for special needs users. Some of the features include the automatic turn on and connection and double-tap to skip or play.

Gifting someone is always a great idea. It shows you love and care about the person. Therefore, it will especially mean a lot if you are gifting a special need teenager. Teens love many things, but you could easily fall into confusion, trying to figure out what’s best for them.

You want to offer a gift that will seem thoughtful of you and quite useful to the teen you are gifting. The price may not entirely matter, but you can be sure a nice gift will cost more than the typical toys.

However, with our list above of gift ideas for special needs teenager, we believe you are good to step out and shop. Whether you want to gift a down syndrome or autism teenager, our six gift choices above will be good for them.

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