Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas – 6 Thank You Gifts for Attendees

If you have an upcoming bachelorette party, you’re probably already a bit nervous about how the party will go and whether your attendees will have a good time, let alone worried about whether your bachelorette party gift ideas will hit the spot for your friends!

We’ve got you covered with some awesome, funny and sentimental thank you gifts for attendees which they’re sure to love and remind them of what a crazy-good bachelorette party you threw for them.

In a rush planning your party? Here are our top picks:

You may have had several other parties before, but it’s probably the first time you are planning to buy lots of gifts for the girls of your inner circle.

Of course, you know the preferences of the girlfriends you’re expecting and this gives you the advantage when choosing some great gifts for all of them.

But again, you need something that matches the occasion. It’s not unheard of to get a little bit confused and overwhelmed because you have SO many ideas!

It doesn’t help that there are a ton of options out there too. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

We did hours of research and found a few unique bachelorette gift ideas that can help you treat your bridal crew to some fun and memorable moments. Keep scrolling to see our favorite thank you gifts for your bachelorette party.

6 Unique Bachelorette Party Gifts That Will Have Your Guests Talking About it For a LONG Time

Diptyque Mimosa Scented Candle

It’s going to be a colorful and fun time with your girls (or some guys – hey, it’s your party!), but it’s not just the lighting that matters – the scent can bring back some amazing memories as well.

So, how best to ensure your entire crew is taken back to the party and feelgood time they had with you? Grab a Mimosa scented candle for the trip and then for each attendee to give to them at the end.

If it gets too expensive, you could just have a few of them in each setting if your squad is large enough and sitting in groups.

It’s probably more personal getting the scented candle for all of your circle. That way, they all will take them home after the party, and the mood will keep going even after every attendee is back home.

The candle is perfectly sat in a glass so anyone can easily carry it home, but it probably needs decent wrapping to avoid smashing the glass. Overall, a great thank you gift for bachelorette party host.

Custom Name Necklace Personalized Bar Necklace

Everyone at your bachelorette party is special and you can find a gift to make them feel extra special. Custom made, personalized gifts – like jewelry – can be a beautiful way to do it.

The necklace is not only adorable, but comes in 16k rose gold plating.

It comes with different design options so you can choose one that fits each individual. Whether you have particular nicknames or inside jokes for your friends, you can get them engraved on this cute bit of jewellery.

You can get different sizes depending on your guests, and there are also different color options.

The materials used also communicate a lot to your guests as these necklaces are stainless steel and gold plated.

So, they are not just cute and lasting, but also give the message of value.

The pieces come well-packaged in a gift box, ready for you to gift your crew as the perfect go-home present.

Natural Coco Rose Luxe Hydration Trio

It’s probably going to be a few days of partying and champagne so some hydration will definitely be needed for the after-party.

Treat your crew to a quality Coco Rose package and ensure their faces don’t look worn out the next day.

The hydration trio contains all natural ingredients, and is a sure way to get hydrated, keep the skin softer, and glowing like never before (apart from that one girl in every bride squad who always has PERFECT skin…meh!)

You can gift your squad just before the party gets started so they can use it along the way or at the end of all the madness.

It will be useful for the weekend partying and even while on-the go so your girls will keep glowing even for the next party session.

The trio comes packaged in a lovely box but you can still wrap it or put it in a gift box to arouse some anticipation.

Bride Tribe Embroidered Beach Sun Hat

Your bachelorette party is one of those important life events and you won’t want to let the occasion go without some Instagram photos.

Of course, the photos will appear best with matching outfits but have you thought of something as simple as a hat?

Bride Tribe Embroidered Beach Sun Hats can go a long way in setting the mood of your squad. They are fun and will grab a ton of interaction from your friends and people at the parties you attend.

This particular hat comes as a set of six with one for you and the other five for your crew.

It’s one of the best bachelorette party gifts for guests as they take the hats with them and can be useful on sunny days, (they are made with a floppy brim, which is excellent for extra sun protection) and then be kept as a souvenir to always fondly remember the crazy party weekend. 

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Personalized Wine Glasses

A couple of shots are a must-have in most bachelorette parties and I bet your isn’t lacking.

Your guests can enjoy to their fullest but such a memorable gift allows them to continue with the party at their homes and keep your big day vivid.

These custom wine glasses feature a classic stemless design. The glass carries a ‘Bachelorette Party’ label, and a space to engrave your text. You can thus engrave each glass with a special message or the name of the guest you decide to gift.

If you have been looking for ideal bachelorette party gifts for guests, this is a great choice.

Bachelorette Party Swimsuit

Pool parties are one of the fun activities people enjoy on these occasions so including it in your fun weekend is a great idea.

Will you let your bridal team get into the pool with all different bikinis?

No way – it’s time to get your squad into uniform and let everyone know they’re here to celebrate your bachelorette party.

The bachelorette party swimsuit is a fun and practical accessory for the pool part of your party. You’ll get a special bridal one for yourself and a different one for your attendees.

You can be sure your guests will go head over heels for this adorable bachelorette party gift from bride. Though, it’s always worth checking with everyone beforehand if they’re comfortable with this.

These different pieces come in all shapes and sizes so all you need is to get the right fit and quantity for your bridal team.

It provides just the perfect coverage for a swimsuit, so the girls can comfortably swim during the party. It will also be useful in for any after-party swimming sessions and vacations if your girlfriends are feeling brave enough to wear them again!

It’s a thoughtful way to match your bridal team for the fun activity with this pad-lined swimsuit. As with the other gifts, it can then be kept as a souvenir for your friends to remember the good times.

Bachelorette Gifts Summary and Other Things to Consider

Something else to consider about your bachelorette gifts is which part of the party to give them to your guests:

  • At the start before your weekend starts?
  • In the middle during the celebrations?
  • At the end when it’s time to go home?

If you’re really wanting to keep your girl’s endorphin levels high and your budget allows for it, buy them 3 sets of gifts. One for the beginning, middle and end of the party.

Some gifts suit different timings. This way, you hit all three times (but of course, this could get expensive).

Your bachelorette party is not an event you plan in a day.

You have most probably had a couple of months figuring out the destination and the fun activities you and your bridal team can enjoy.

But it’s equally important to gather the right supplies like:

  • party decorations
  • food
  • and drinks

These are the most essential, but it’s almost just as important you think about some appreciation gifts for your guests. The day won’t be that colorful in their absence after all.

This is our list of tips and also six thoughtful bachelorette party gifts for your guests so you don’t have to scratch your head. Have a look at our list and see what would best suit your squad. Do you have any other ideas for us to review? Let us know.

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