11 Gag Gifts For a 50 Year Old Man (That Will Shock & Make Him Laugh!)

That big 5-0 is a pretty massive milestone. What on earth do you buy a guy hitting his fifties? Do you go for something practical and add a bit of cheekiness on top? Or do you go for one-off gag gifts for a 50 year old man that dare to push his buttons a little more? The best 50th birthday gag gifts are those that are memorable while poking some (very) gentle fun.

Looking for rude, cheeky or daft gifts for the forty-something man in your life hitting that next milestone? We’ve rounded up some brilliant ideas for gag gifts any 50 year old man will love to make use of.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

What are some fun gifts for men on their 50th birthday?

A great gag gift for a man reaching 50 might revolve around beer, cars, his physique – you name it. You can’t go wrong looking at his hobbies and letting that lead the way. But you might have some funny ideas of your own…

Every guy is different in one way or another, but a great gag gift is one that’s playful at its core.

Here are 11 50th birthday gag gifts we think your husband, Dad, boyfriend or brother are really going to love. Your search end here:

Cold Beer Coats for Heartwarming Moments

These funky little jackets are great for the gentleman in your life who cares about his bevvies, and will give him the chance to dress up his bottles like dolls.

Weird on paper, but trust us, it’ll work in practice. The idea behind the gift (aside from being intentionally daft) is actually to keep your hands warm whilst you drink a nice cold beer.

Help him swap a boring glass of wine for a jacket of something that is sure to lighten up the mood.

Beer coats are actually made from the same material as everyday jackets – however, they are much more affordable, and are great little buys to help finish off a present stack.

Belly Fanny Pack

Your average middle-aged guy usually has a middle-aged body to match! A beer belly is nothing to be ashamed of when you hit a certain age.

For a bit of harmless fun, why not give your fiftysomething friend a belly fanny pack for his birthday?

Fanny packs took the world by storm in the 80s, and they’ve definitely tried to make a decent comeback as of late.

Help the middle-aged dude in your life be on trend, all while having a place to hold his keys and phone!

This is a funny gift that, again, won’t break the bank, whether you’re buying from Amazon or elsewhere.

Who knows, your Dad or husband might be rocking a six-pack – there’s one way to fix that!

Adult Onesie

The onesie is the absolute bastion of home comfort for young and old alike.

There’s no doubt that these incredible wardrobe wonders are extremely cosy, and, believe it or not, pretty useful.

Of course, they can be a bit of a pain for a 50 year old who’s going to have to start getting up multiple times a night to pee!

Another great thing about onesies is that they are arriving in more and more styles and lines, and even themed characters.

You’ll definitely be able to find the animal and/or character that best represents your middle-aged man! 

Fancy turning him into Batman or a dinosaur? Now’s your chance.

For this important birthday, make him warm, cozy and a little grumpy!

Don’t worry, the comfort will calm him down instantly, and he will hopefully be laughing along with you.

There’s no harm in looking a bit dumb every now and again – this is mid-priced fun you’ll find all over Amazon.

Photo-Bearing Necktie for All Occasions  

There are a few things that every guy over a certain age owns, and a favorite necktie is definitely one of them.

Now, everyone’s heard of novelty neckties suitable for Christmas, fancy dinners and so on, but have you ever considered having your own specific necktie made with a photo of a loved one?

Nowadays, you can pretty much add a photo or add a picture to any gift or clothing item you can think of.

Remember that terrible drunken photo of your best bud? That pic that best encompasses your Dad’s personality? How about one of the dog?

This is a surprisingly affordable idea – and one of our favourite 50th birthday gag gifts purely for the sheer unlimited, personalized potential.

Set of Brightly Coloured Socks

Now, onto a piece of clothing that everybody owns: socks. Socks are incredibly useful and incredibly boring. Who gives a hoot about socks? Everyone – if they were bright and funky enough.

With that in mind, why not brighten up your middle-aged man’s look with a pair of brightly colored foot warmers?

It’s always fun to go for the brightest colors just to give him that extra spring in his step and help him stand out in the crowd.

set of brightly coloured socks blog post image

Honestly, who can be upset walking around in neon yellow and bright pink socks?

Besides, everybody always needs more socks, and these will immediately become his new favorites, even if he doesn’t want to admit it! Just don’t be surprised if these gag gifts ‘go missing in the wash’ or ‘get holes’ after a few uses…

Toilet Timer

The older men get, the longer they spend on the toilet, it’s just a fact of life. Try and deny it!

Why not make the inevitability of bodily change a bit of a game for the middle-aged man in your life? Everything about toilet humor transcends generations.

A toilet timer is the perfect gift for making fun of an ageing bloke (providing they’re not too proud).

You’ve got to know your audience when buying gag gifts like this! You shouldn’t find this birthday gift too pricey as ideas go.

It will become increasingly impossible to resist the challenge of beating record times, and watching a grown man rush to pull up his pants will never not be funny. Again, try and deny it!

You could always add on to the gift over the years by keeping score on a blackboard and even buying novelty trophies for the quickest times! 

Funny Apron

Encourage your recipient to cook more by presenting an eye-catching apron. Transform your partner, Dad or brother into an ape, or give him a six-pack in a matter of seconds.

If your man is someone you’ll always find hot and bothered over the grill, then some fitting attire you can laugh at is always a plus.

It also works great as a conversation starter for all of those dinner parties, family gatherings and BBQs yet to come.

funny apron blog post image

Every man likes having the right tools for any job, and an apron is definitely number one on the kitchen must-have list, so why not make his one funny as well?

Depending on the type or brand you look for, this is a gag gift that can be pricier than most – but it’s worth putting cash aside for.

Adult Coloring Books

As you may have noticed, adult coloring books have become increasingly popular over recent years.

They are supposed to promote relaxation and are a great way of being creative while mindlessly doodling.

Does the middle-aged bloke you know like coloring? Is he often pulling out the crayons for some good ‘me time’? No? Then get him one that he will not be able to put down!

Kama Sutra coloring books have become quite commonplace as gag gifts – as have a few where you can add color to reams of cuss words and characters from TV and movies.

adult colouring book blog post image

Amazon has plenty of these things for you to peek through online, and they’re all pretty affordable. Just don’t forget to delete your browser history!

If your man’s turning 50 and is handy with a crayon, this is a perfect birthday gift.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters can seem like an obvious gag gift, and they are offered to people of all ages to enjoy each year.

However, thanks to their popularity, more and more companies and people are making new and different Christmas sweaters, each more hideous than the last!

Ugly sweaters are great fun all year round, even ideal for a 50 year old who might be celebrating a birthday in February or March.

Gag gifts like this which are completely out of season are spectacularly nutty, and add more than a bit of fun to proceedings.

We personally really like ugly sweaters – for Christmas, birthdays or otherwise – and as they tend to be fairly unique, you’ll want to save a few pennies to put towards them. These are timeless funny gift ideas.

Beard Grow Supplement

Plenty of men care deeply about grooming when it comes to their facial hair.

Either they have baby faces that are incapable of growing any kind of beard or mustache, or they actively obsess over the growth and grooming of them.

That’s why a beard growth supplement is a hilarious gift for your favorite middle ager!

Either he has a hairless mug and will get the gag, or he’ll be obsessed with his face-fuzz and will delight in topping up on the tangle.

Novelty Underpants

Now you’ve got the colorful socks, it’s time to match up with novelty underpants!

Show some love to the soon to be middle-aged bloke in your life by gifting him a daft pair of undergarments – whether lacy panties in his size, or oversized y-fronts that really do show off his age.

Novelty underpants also bear popular characters and brands.

There’s nothing more stylish than a fifty-something Dad in a pair of Spongebob Squarepants underpants – and there’s nothing like making him swear he’ll never wear them outside!

These are funny 50th birthday gag gifts that aren’t normally practical ideas, but try not to make fun of the old guy if he runs out of boxers and has nothing else to wear.

The Conclusion on 50th Birthday Gag Gifts

Turning 50 is no laughing matter for some people, but for those that love to see the funny side of aging, these gift ideas are sure to work wonders.

You don’t have to give gifts or items that are always so serious! The same old book or DVD really can get tiresome.

These are just 11 of the best 50th birthday gag gifts for a man with a sense of humor.

Great for 50th birthday party prizes or for helping to create the worst possible outfit known to mankind, these cheeky, memorable gag gifts will help you show the old dude in your life just how much he means to you.

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