9 Best Gifts For Expectant Grandmothers (Who Want To Show Off to Their Friends!)

Whether your Mom and Dad are about to become grandparents for the first time or the fifth time, the experience is always wonderful! It means so much to Grandma and Grandpa to be included – and finding out that their babies are about to embark on the same journey they’ve been on, too. We’ve hunted down gifts for expectant grandmothers who want to show off – regardless of whether it’s a boy or girl.

If you’re really struggling to find gifts new grandparents are going to love showing off to the world, narrow down your search with our perfect picks.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

What Gifts For New and Expectant Grandmothers Should You Buy?

A new Grandmother is going to want to wear her new title with pride!

You should look for grand gifts for new Grandmas that let her tell the world how proud she is of you and your new brood. That might be a mug, a sweater, a keychain – something simple, but effective.

Keep reading, and we’ll run through great gift picks for new Grandparents you can easily find on Amazon, Etsy and more.

Personalized Magic Mug

These mugs change colors and reveal pictures and messages as soon as they are filled with hot water.

The image reacts to the heat and the mug therefore needs to be filled to the top in order to reveal the entire image. Why not surprise your Mom with the happy news over a cup of coffee?

There are plenty of companies out there that will cover a magic mug in a photo, a message, artwork or all of the above.

It’s actually pretty easy to find them on Amazon, too – where you can add personal messages and moments for only a few dollars.

What could be better for a new grandma or grandpa than to have a new favorite coffee and tea mug that tells them that they are going to be grandparents!

It will no doubt become a firm favorite – and they will love watching the message reveal itself with every drink, like a gift being opened every day. 

Proud Grandma Shirts

Statement shirts are usually a safe bet when it comes to presents for anyone.

There are so many places with the technologies to write whatever message you like on a shirt and a variety of other products, and at a low cost.

One of the best gifts for new Grandparents is to splash their proud new roles across a shirt or sweater.

proud grandma shirt blog post image

It will immediately become your mother’s favorite item of clothing, wearing it everywhere with sheer pride.

It’s a great conversation starter and we all know that the one thing that mothers enjoy more than bragging about their children is bragging about their grandchildren.

Let her know with a personalized shirt that she is about to go from being the best mum in the world to being the best grandma in the world – and that she can show that off to everyone she comes across!

Pendant Necklace

As a little more expensive gift, you can always go for a pendant necklace.

Pendant necklaces, rings and other pieces of jewelry have always been considered to be romantic, kind, generous and beautiful gifts – and if anyone deserves those, it is a grandmother-to-be. 

You could opt for a pendant that opens and fill the inside with photos of the baby or of your family, and Grandma can literally keep you close to her heart.

pendant necklace blog post image

It’s a sweet, tender gift that might also work as a wedding offering – it’s one of many items we really love on this list for its sheer flexibility and timelessness. 

Another great thing about this gift is that, if you are planning on having more than one child, the gift can be added onto.

Leave room for more photos in the pendant for additional surprises.

It’s a lovely present that can grow over time, Grandchild after Grandchild. 

Bumper Stickers

Let your mother show everyone in the neighborhood that she is about to become a new Grandma – by taking that pride to the streets!

Bumper stickers are old favorites as far as showing off what you love is concerned.

Sure – Grandma might already have a few sports team recommendations from window to window, but she can definitely make room for a baby on the bumper (Not literally, of course!)

This is especially great for the motorist Granny, and could be a funny way to reveal the news to her.

Take her out for a spin and see how long it takes her to realize what is different on the car. It will make for a moment you’ll share for years to come.

These stickers tend to be really affordable – and you won’t have to go far to find custom options.

Wall Decals

Maybe you have the type of Mom who has your height marked on the walls – or photoframes of memories all over the home.

If that’s the case, you’re going to want to share new Grandparent news with her in the form of a wall decal or two.

You will undoubtedly have come across wall decals before, in different shapes, colours, sizes, patterns, images, etc.

The great thing about decals is that there is a style to suit everyone’s home – and thanks to new technologies, it is easy to get your very own custom messages made just for you.

So why not let every guest that enters your Mom’s home know she’s proud to be a Granny? 

Of course, once they are on the wall they cannot be moved, so make sure to help her find the perfect spot. 

Otherwise, you’re looking at having to hire a few decorating people in to fix up.

Knitting or Embroidery Kit

It might be a bit of a cliche, but there are plenty of Grandmas out there who love to knit and embroider.

Actually, one of the best gift ideas to announce the happy news might be to give a future Grandma her own knitting set!

Even if she’s barely breaking 60 years of age, let her know she’s Grandma material in a sweet way with a lovely set of materials and/or needles.

It’ll be a great chance for the Granny to be to really get into knitting up a scarf or sewing a hat for the newest addition.

Even if your Mom doesn’t seem like the kind to turn into a knit-happy Grandma overnight, you’d be surprised at how quickly new Grandparents can change into their new roles.

Family Tree

A family tree is the perfect gift for any grandmother-to-be – it’s great to show off how far a family line has come.

It’s one of the most fitting ideas for introducing a new addition or two into the world.

This is a very personal gift that you can easily source online, whether through a web tree builder or in the form of a personalized printout.

Family trees are always nice to have around to let everyone in the family know that they are a part of something larger, and that they are loved.

It’s more than just names on a diagram – a family tree shows you just how far you’ve come.

New Grandparents will love being able to effectively show off their ‘life’s work’ in their own home – short of parading their Grandchildren around, of course!


Mothers and fathers teach us many things as we grow up and whether your mother is a domestic goddess or not, chances are that she will have taught you a few family recipes. 

Giving her a recipe journal ready for her cooking to be passed down for generations is a wonderful idea, reminding her how much she means to you.

It also means that she can pass down her treats to new members of the family, too.

cookbook blog post image

One of the great things about this gift is that it will last for years and years and can keep getting added onto.

Once your mother has finished with it, you can write down your very own recipes and so on and so forth.

It’s one of the most timeless gift ideas that you can just keep rolling forwards and onwards.

Multi-Piece Diaper Bag

Being a Grandmother means being a part-time babysitter for their grandkids as well as many other things on the days and nights that you need help.

With that in mind, what could be a better gift for new Grandparents than a multi-piece diaper bag?

Find one that is easy for her to carry around, with enough pockets for baby bottles, diapers, wipes and maybe a flask!  

It’s a super-practical gift that’s going to come in pretty handy.

Grandparents already know a thing about looking after kids – and a practical basket, accessories, bags, etc will help them ease into looking after little ones all over again.

Grandma might be one for heartfelt or funny gifts, but something practical will always go a long way.

You’ll find plenty of sellers offering baby items like this to Grandma and Grandpa alike, and the more features it has, the more you can generally expect to pay.

So do make sure to shop around for a fitting gift!


Once Grandkids come along, everything changes. Great gifts for new Grandma and Grandpa could be papercraft or DIY items, or you could break the news of a new addition in the form of personalized items.

As you can see from the information above, there are lots of ways to really show off being a proud Grandma. Think outside of the box and find something your Mom or other expectant grandma is going to treasure for the years to come.

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