Easter Gift Ideas for Teachers That They’ll Absolutely Love

Teachers play such an essential role in our lives, be it our children’s tutors, or our own.

Therefore, taking the various holidays around the year to treat them is an excellent way of showing our appreciation.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

Easter can be the perfect time to give a gift to your favorite teacher – but what are some Easter gift ideas for teachers that you should give them other than Easter eggs?

Here, you’ll find a guide to some of the best Easter gift ideas for teachers to add to their Easter basket and a quick buying guide to help you along.

Top 9 Easter Gifts For Teachers

Easter cookie jar

There are so many beautiful Easter cookie jars that you can find online and even in certain stores, from cookie jars shaped like bunnies to those shaped like eggs.

You could buy a completely white one and paint it as you choose, or buy one that has already been decorated to save yourself some time.

You could even go that extra mile and fill the cookie jar with some homemade cookies or sweet Easter treats.

This one’s the perfect Easter gift for any teacher – because honestly, who doesn’t love cookies?

You will also be able to easily find a cookie jar under $30, making it a relatively budget-friendly gift that you can personalize as you want.

Fun Easter socks

Let’s face it; everyone loves a teacher with fun socks!

What’s more is that, as adults, we all know that we actually love getting socks as gifts – they are always handy and make for great Easter gift ideas.

You will easily be able to find some fun Easter socks on Amazon and in retail stores.

This gift will make any teacher happy – even if they are a bit silly – and it is very budget-friendly.

You can get a great pair of socks for about $10 or even get a bundle set for under $20.

Easter novelty t-shirt

Yet another item of clothing that you offer to your teacher is an Easter top or shirt.

Again, with a wide variety of colors, sizes, patterns, and prices online, you can easily find the perfect one for your teacher (just be careful on sizing).

Generally speaking, you should be able to find a good quality t-shirt for about $15, but remember to check the sizes!

It is best to opt for a size that could be slightly bigger on them, just to be sure that it fits comfortably.

Many stores will let you exchange the t-shirts if they don’t fit, so do mention it to your teacher in case you need to.

Take a look at some cute Easter shirts for some inspiration.

Travel coffee mug

Easter Gift Ideas for Teachers That They will Love blog post image

Millions of teachers use a travel coffee mug during the day to keep them going, and many of them become very attached to them – so, why not take the opportunity at Easter to get them a brand new travel coffee mug in a nice, bright color (one reminiscent of the season)?

That way, every morning when they get their coffee ready, they can look at their special travel mug and be reminded about how much their students appreciate them.

Novelty mug

Why not create or order a personalized mug for your teacher?

You can make an Easter-related pun, inscribe their initials, print a class photo, etc.

You can tell them that they’re an ‘egg-specially sweet teacher’, or simply an ‘egg-cellent teacher’, for example!

Make your teacher’s mug stand out in the staff room, and make it one that they can be proud and happy to drink their daily coffees out of.

We guarantee that that mug will become your teacher’s new favorite accessory and is an excellent way of giving them a useful, affordable, and personal gift.

You can make your own personalized mug for under $30.

Rabbit pens

Plenty of teachers write all day long, and using the same old stationery can get pretty boring.

Having funky pens is a great way of boosting their mood and making their job that much more fun – so, this Easter, gift your favorite teacher a new set of stationery, maybe even stretching to funky rabbit pens that you can find for under $7.

This affordable gift will likely become their new favorite grading tool, too.

Rabbit pencil sharpener

Having pencil sharpeners handy is just a trick of the trade when you’re a teacher.

Both students and teachers alike will know the feeling of always seeming to have blunt pencils, or even pencils with broken ends, with not a sharpener in sight.

So, as weird as it may seem, buying a pencil sharpener for your teacher could actually be a great gift long-term.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be just any boring pencil sharpener – you can actually find rabbit-shaped pencil sharpeners for under $7, in keeping with the theme.

Egg basket

An Easter basket is a great gift idea for anyone who struggles to keep things together. They look good in any home as well as in the office.

You can get quality egg baskets made from chicken wire for less than $ 20.

For that extra sweet touch on this Easter teacher gift, you could fill the baskets with chocolate eggs, other chocolate treats, or even other Easter-related presents such as the rabbit pencil sharpener, rabbit pens, etc.


Easter arrives at spring, and spring means plenty of plants and flowers blossoming – so, why not bring some of that beauty into the classroom by buying your teacher a plant?

You can, of course, come across plants of all prices, sizes, and species in any garden center, and even in some stores, but why not make the present a little more teacher-worthy?

Check out this beautiful wooden frame that holds three glass vases, reminiscent of a test tube layout – and the twist is that it holds three beautiful plants.

You can choose your own plants or your teacher can pick their own; either way, this makes the perfect gift and adds a nice touch of color and life to any classroom.

What Do Teachers Really Want for Easter Gifts? (Buying Guide)

Teachers work incredibly hard all day to help so many of us move forward with our lives.

The best thing that you can gift them is something to help their days go by easier.

From travel coffee mugs to fun stationery, even the smallest gifts can make your teacher’s days that little bit more convenient.

They’re also great ways of reminding your teacher that they are appreciated and that they too are doing a great job.

Of course, Easter is a great time for chocolate; however, the chances are that your teacher will already be receiving candy from their friends, family, and other students.

Giving them something that can last and will help them with their day-to-day lives will be much-appreciated gifts.

What Should I Gift My Child’s Teacher For Easter?

As sweet as your little angels are, remember that your kids’ teacher has to handle a lot of boisterous nippers every day!

As lovely as they may be, kids can sometimes forget to thank those around them.

As a parent, you’ll definitely know that – so, anything from your kid will be appreciated, but anything with an extra personal touch will really help.

Whether it is a hand-painted gift, one with a card, a picture painted by your child, etc – their teacher will be able to see the personal effort and care that your child put into the gift, which will mean a lot to them.


While it should be done year round, Easter is definitely the perfect time to show appreciation to your teacher, and to your children’s teachers, too.

Wishing your teacher or tutor happy Easter is just one great way to show them how much they mean to you.

Putting an Easter gift into their treat bags is a huge cherry on top to show you appreciate them spending time giving you or your child the best education possible.

It’s great to get creative – let your kids come up with a cute idea or two – and show them how much you value their input on your child’s life (or your own).

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