10 Gifts For Coffee Lovers – Unique & Affordable

When it comes to coffee, true coffee connoisseurs take it seriously, tasting different beans, carefully boiling water, and passionately arguing the advantages of pour-over vs. cold brew. So, instead of a regular mug or a Starbucks gift card, go more prominent when it comes to giving your local coffee enthusiast something that suits their interest.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most inventive, original, and intriguing presents available, all of which are sure to delight the coffee drinker in your life.

Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Nifty K-Cup Carousel

10 Gifts For Coffee Lovers - Unique & Affordable 2

A lovely carousel for arranging your K-cups for those that will never give up their favorite Keurig. These are perfect gifts for coffee lovers.

The Nifty Solutions K-Cup Carousel has a slow base and spins 360 degrees with the touch of a finger. NIFTY Carousel is made for Keurig K-Cup coffee pods, but it is also compatible with other cups. 

Nifty Coffee Pod Carousel – Compatible with K-Cups, 35 Pod Pack Storage, Spins 360-Degrees, Lazy Susan Platform, Modern Black Design, Home or Office Kitchen Counter Organizer

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  • COFFEE POD CAROUSEL: This Nifty carousel is compatible with K-Cups and stylishly showcases up to 35 of your favorite coffee pods. The lazy Susan base platform revolves and spins 360-degrees, which makes it simple and convenient to find and choose your preferred flavor.
  • MODERN DESIGN: The modern, black powder-coated design looks fantastic on the countertop in the kitchen, your dorm room, or in the office coffee bar. Even the heaviest of coffee drinkers will want this carousel to easily brew a cup of coffee.
  • KITCHEN COUNTER ORGANIZER: The vertical coffee storage is compatible with K-Cups and is a unique way to display and store your single-serve pods. Keep your kitchen neat, clean, and organized for your caffeine fix first thing in the morning, or when serving guests.
  • DIMENSIONS: The convenient space saving carousel is only 13 inches in height and 7 inches in diameter. It only takes up a small portion of your precious space while fitting nicely next to your coffee maker.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT: Nifty Solutions will solve your kitchen dilemma’s with high-quality and practical products. Keeping design in mind for your home, this coffee accessory is made to last, hard to break, and easy to clean.

It smoothly turns 360 degrees without making any noise. You can easily check the various flavors, select one, and begin brewing a great cup of coffee.

The NIFTY Carousel coffee pod holder is solid and robust. The black powder coat finish complements it nicely. A non-slip pad is added to the base to keep it from sliding about.

Trade Coffee Monthly Subscription

10 Gifts For Coffee Lovers - Unique & Affordable 3

The beautiful package is a joy to open, and the fact that the beans are roasted by the creators makes this subscription a fantastic present. You can adjust the amount of coffee, the regularity of delivery, and the subscription term.

A membership to a service like Trade is a present that will keep surprising even the most jaded coffee aficionados. It allows the user to select the type of beans that will be delivered based on whether you prefer light, medium, nutty, or fruity coffee.

Trade is not a coffee roaster, unlike a lot of subscription services. Instead, they collaborate with 50 high-end roasters across the United States, allowing you to choose from over 400 unique coffees, equally distributed between mixed and single-origin varieties.

Trade’s 400+ coffees are pretty distinctive, and their Match feature does an excellent job of assessing your tastes and matching you with the coffee you’ll enjoy. You can get beans supplied on a flexible work schedule if you locate exactly what you’re looking for. 

Chemex Coffee Maker

10 Gifts For Coffee Lovers - Unique & Affordable 4

When it comes to coffee brewing methods, this six-cup glass Chemex is a classic. The Chemex coffee machine (and flask) is a famous borosilicate glassware pour-over coffee maker.

If you want to present a brewer that is also a style statement, Chemex is the best pour-over equipment. This 1941 design is both a coffee maker and a carafe, and it makes a crisp, excellent brew that our testers enjoyed. The Chemex can also brew six cups of coffee at once.

Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker - Classic Series - 8-Cup - Exclusive Packaging

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  • All CHEMEX Coffeemakers are measured using 5 oz. as 1 cup
  • All CHEMEX Coffeemakers are made of the highest quality, non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues
  • The patented CHEMEX pour-over design allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor
  • CHEMEX - simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant design
  • Use CHEMEX Bonded Filters FP-1, FC-100, FS-100, FSU-100

Pouring boiled water over ground coffee beans inside a filter and allowing the filtered water to drain into a carafe or mug is the conventional pour-over method, which does not require a piece of automatic equipment. 

As per Chemex, the carafe is not only elegant and attractive, but the Borosilicate glass is also engineered to stay odor-free, and the insulated detachable wood collar makes it simple to transport the carafe from the countertop to the dining table.

OXO Coffee Maker

10 Gifts For Coffee Lovers - Unique & Affordable 5

A nice cold-brew coffee maker would be a welcome gift for anyone who enjoys iced coffee all year. 

The process involves soaking the grounds in cold water for several hours, producing a sweeter, gentler coffee with less sharpness and acidity.

OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel

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  • Gold-standard coffee certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Brew by the cup or the carafe.
  • Single-serve capability with optional brew basket accessory included optimizes flavor
  • Better Brew precision controls water temperature and brew cycles; meeting the Specialty Coffee Association's Golden Cup standard
  • Rainmaker shower head evenly distributes water over grounds
  • Double-wall, vacuum-insulated thermal carafe with brew-through, pour-through carafe lid reduces heat loss, rather than reheating coffee

The OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker has a rich, tasty coffee concentration, a stylish design that fits any kitchen, simple maintenance and storage details, and sturdiness, making it well worth the cost.

It is the best cold-brew model because it makes iced coffee with controlled bitterness, a richer scent, and a smoother taste. Furthermore, it is simple to use and maintain.

Glass Mug Set (Rifle Paper Co. Colette)

10 Gifts For Coffee Lovers - Unique & Affordable 6

Attractive mugs have a way of making their drinks taste better, and these gold-colored Colette-style cups are no exception. 

These mug sets are made of lightweight, double-walled glass and will elevate the experience of drinking anything from espresso to tea to hot chocolate.

They’re also packaged in a gorgeous, sturdy box that’s perfect for gifting.

Espresso Boulangerie Candle

10 Gifts For Coffee Lovers - Unique & Affordable 7

Illume is well renowned for its richly fragrant clean-burning candles made in Minnesota. To re-create the rich aroma of morning espresso, this candle conjures fresh coffee beans and is blended with almond milk, dark chocolate, and patchouli.

Using an espresso-scented candle, your friends can make their home smell like freshly brewed coffee at any time of day. Even the scent might jolt them awake!

If your giftee prefers their coffee candles delicate, fragrant, and sweet, they won’t be disappointed with Illume’s Boulangerie Jar.

 With their exquisite espresso smell, the Minnesota-based candle makers have indeed struck the target, and this candle, in particular, provides you a blend of diverse aromas, including creamy milk and dark chocolate, to complement the morning cup of coffee experience.

This coffee-scented candle is made with ground coffee and almond milk and has overtones of dark chocolate and patchouli, making it the nearest thing to a natural cup of coffee.

The Ember Mug

10 Gifts For Coffee Lovers - Unique & Affordable 8

For coffee aficionados, the Ember mug is a must-have.

Many electrical mugs keep coffee warm, but the Ember goes a step farther. Adjust the cup to a precise sipping temperature to assure 1.5 hours of regular coffee temperatures that are neither too cold nor hot. 

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2, 14 oz, Black, 80 min. Battery Life - App Controlled Heated Coffee Mug - Improved Design

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  • LONGER LASTING BATTERY: Extended battery life on your temperature control mug keeps your drink perfectly hot for up to 80 minutes on a full charge or all day on the newly redesigned charging coaster. Choose the exact temperature you prefer (between 120°F - 145°F).
  • APP CONTROLLED: Ember smart mug allows you to control with your smartphone. Pair with the Ember app to set your temperature, customize presets, receive notifications and more.
  • USE WITHOUT APP: Ember Mug is functional without connection to the app and will remember last used temperature. Out of the box, the Ember Mug is set to 135°F.
  • AUTO SLEEP: Ember heated mug intelligently senses when to turn on and off. The mug enters sleep mode when empty or after 2 hours of inactivity. Ember wakes up when it senses movement or liquid.
  • HAND WASH ONLY: An updated scratch-resistant ceramic coating is safe to hand wash. Ember Mug 2 is IPX7 rated and fully submersible up to 1 meter deep.

When the coffee has achieved the proper temperature, an LED light illuminates. The mug includes a coaster that can also be used as a charging point and is simple to clean.

Bialetti Moka Express

10 Gifts For Coffee Lovers - Unique & Affordable 9

The Bialetti Moka Express is amongst the most famous stovetop espresso makers in the marketplace. It’s a traditional Italian stovetop espresso machine that wowed us with its consistent taste and ease of maintenance.

It’s a cheap way to make wonderful “espresso-like” coffee at home, similar to what you’d find in high-end specialty coffee shops. It’s entertaining to use, and it’ll help you stay alert and active. Your friend will definitely like this Moka Express if he/she is a coffee lover.

Bialetti - Moka Express: Iconic Stovetop Espresso Maker, Makes Real Italian Coffee, Moka Pot 9 Cups (14 Oz - 420 Ml), Aluminium, Silver

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  • The original moka coffee pot: Moka Express is the original stovetop espresso maker, it provides the experience of the real Italian way of preparing a tasteful coffee, its unique shape and the inimitable gentleman with moustache date back to 1933, when Alfonso Bialetti invented it.
  • Made in Italy: it is Made in Italy and its quality is enhanced by the patented safety valve which makes it easy to clean and its ergonomic handle, available in many sizes and suitable for gas, electric and induction (with the Bialetti induction adapter plate)
  • How to prepare the coffee: fill the boiler up to the safety valve, fill it up with ground coffee without pressing, close the moka pot and place it on the stovetop, as soon as Moka Express starts to gurgle, turn the fire off and coffee will be ready
  • One size for each need: Moka Express sizes are measured in Espresso Cups, coffee can be enjoyed in Espresso Cups or in larger containers
  • Cleaning instructions: The Bialetti Moka Express must only be rinsed with clean water after use, with no detergents, the product is not to be washed with a dishwasher as it will be irremediably damaged and the taste of coffee altered

The ageless Moka coffee pot, designed by Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti in the 1930s. To use the pot, fill it with water up to the safety valve, place ground coffee inside the filter, and heat it on the stovetop until it gurgles.

Bean Box Coffee & Chocolate Tasting Box

10 Gifts For Coffee Lovers - Unique & Affordable 10

With Bean Box’s handcrafted tasting experience, you can give a timeless pair of coffee and chocolate.

Small batch coffees from four of Seattle’s most excellent roasters are included in the box, along with gourmet chocolates to complement each one. It’s a beautiful way to try different coffees. 

Bean Box Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box | Specialty Coffee Gift Set | Coffee Gifts for Women and Men | Care Package | Whole Bean Coffee | 8 Piece Variety Gift Box

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  • BEAN BOX SAMPLER: Our bestselling Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box features: 4 freshly-roasted coffees, 4 artisan chocolates, and tasting notes for each pairing
  • LOVE AT FIRST SIP: We curated this decadent Coffee and Chocolate Tasting Box by pairing incredible coffees from award-winning roasters with culinary-inspired chocolate bars; the ultimate tasting symphony for your palate!
  • WHOLE BEAN: Enjoy 4, 1.8 ounce bags of specialty whole bean coffee and 4 artisan chocolate bars in this 8 piece set
  • COFFEE GIFTS: A coffee and chocolate gift set is the perfect Christmas, holiday, or birthday present for coffee lovers. We paired our best-selling coffees with special indulgent chocolates for a memorable tasting experience
  • ABOUT US: The coffees curated by Bean Box are from exclusive small-batch microlots and selected by a world-class coffee expert to help you discover your next favorite cup. Mornings never tasted so good!

The packaging has information and tasting annotations, but chances are you won’t be able to read them because the very delicious coffee or chocolate won’t last long enough.

These would make excellent coffee gifts. Coffee lovers would love a coffee and chocolate gift set for Christmas, holidays, or birthdays.

Soma Brew Bottle

10 Gifts For Coffee Lovers - Unique & Affordable 11

Are you looking to give a brew bottle as a gift?

With a bottle that doubles as a brewer for cold brew, pour-over, and tea, as well as a travel mug, you can simplify their coffee-making process. That’s some hot coffee, right there.

SOMA Double Wall Glass Tea and Coffee Cold Brew Bottle, Black, 12oz (SM18501K)

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  • Hydration and Caffeinating at home and on the go. Designed to provide the highest quality coffee and tea with the most convenience.
  • The double-wall glass keeps your Coffee hot and your hands comfortable.
  • Our patent-pending stainless steel filter provides a balanced taste with no sediment
  • Flip top lid is completely leak proof and provides for a perfect flow rate, hot or cold.
  • Sustainable alternative to coffee pods and disposable Coffee Cups; functional for your everyday Coffee drinker to your coffee connoisseur

A borosilicate glass bottle with a recyclable plastic cover and an ultra-fine stainless steel filter makes up the Brew Bottle. It is straightforward to use, and there’s also no need for paper filters.


We know it’s not easy to pick gifts for your friends and family, and that is why we hope that our list of coffee presents has assisted you in selecting the ideal coffee gift for your recipient.

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