Where to Buy Wood Ranch Gift Cards

Wood Ranch has expanded and is now a popular spot for Texas-style barbecue in nearby shopping malls and if you’re looking to gift restaurant gift cards to loved ones, a Wood Ranch BBQ Grill gift card could be the one to buy.

Eating at Wood Ranch would be an excellent location for a get-together with friends, family, and co-workers.

You may express your gratitude to a close friend or your congrats to a valued employee by giving them an outstanding gift, the new and improved Wood Ranch restaurant gift card.

Wood Ranch Gift Cards are redeemable (and maybe bought) at any Wood Ranch or WR Kitchen & Bar location.

What are Wood Ranch Gift Cards?

Wood Ranch Gift Cards is a gift card that can be used if you would want to surprise your team for a great steak night.

You can give it as a gift or use it for yourself as a reward.

You can use the gift card to buy a nice meal and ambiance at every branch of Wood Ranch.

Wood Ranch provides Holiday Promotional Gift Cards; the Holiday Promotion Card is a free certificate issued for every $50 in Wood Ranch Gift Cards bought between November 1 and December 31.

Because it is a promotional certificate rather than a monetary gift card, it does have certain restrictions on how it may be used.

So, if you purchase gift cards from Wood Ranch, you may be able to take advantage of additional promotional deals from them.

Wood Ranch sells gift cards every year.

For every $50 gift card bought, you will get a complimentary $10 gift card.

Sometimes, recently opened locations may offer a new restaurant gift certificate to new customers.

This grill gift card is a fantastic buy for you to enjoy during the holidays or on a regular day.

Where can I get Wood Ranch Gift Cards?

Wood Ranch Gift Cards are redeemable (and maybe bought) at any Wood Ranch or WR Kitchen & Bar location. During Monday through Friday, they handle Gift Card orders.

Orders made over the weekend are processed on Monday.

The United States Postal Service is used to send orders.

Shipping timeframes are presently estimated to be 7-10 days from the date of your purchase.

Please keep the cards secure since they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

The purchase and usage of Wood Ranch gift cards constitute acceptance of the restaurant’s terms and conditions.

You can also purchase Wood Ranch Gift Cards through online websites like treatsgifts.com and giftrocket.com.

These sites are available to send your gift cards to your home or send them to your desired recipients, who may be someone close to you or someone you want to give a gift to.

They provide personalized gift cards to write your thoughts and letters.

They accept payments through MasterCard.

Does Wood Ranch sell and accept E-Gift and Digital cards?

They do not accept any kind of e-Gift Card or digital Gift Card.

When redeeming a Wood Ranch Gift Card, you must present the actual physical gift card at the time of purchase.

They cannot guarantee the validity of any alleged Wood Ranch Gift Cards purchased on third-party platforms and the like.

Also, Wood Ranch BBQ Grill Gift Cards cannot be added to digital wallets or other credit/gift card/rewards card management systems for future redemption as they cannot verify these gift cards’ authenticity.

How to check Wood Ranch Gift Card Balance?

You must have your card with you and refer to the serial number on the bottom of the card to check the balance.

You’ll also need the numbers underneath the scratch-off area. Your “e-pin” is here.

If you are checking the balance on this card for the first time, you may need to register it during the balance check.

You may check your balance by going to the official Wood Ranch website and entering your “e-pin.” This will enable you to see the balance on your card.

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Does the Wood Ranch BBQ Grill Gift Card Expire?

If not redeemed, the value expires three years after purchase.

A monthly fee of $10 is charged beginning on the 13th month following purchase.

If the gift is redeemed before it expires, the costs are repaid, and the receiver receives the entire original value.

Make sure to use your gift card wisely.

Can I use Wood Ranch Holiday Promotion Gift Card to buy Wood Ranch Gift Card?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the holiday promotion card to buy a gift card.

Holiday Promotion is only a limited offer, given only at an exact time and date.

Gift cards are purchased and can be used any time of the year round.

A holiday Promotion card is provided as a complementary restaurant gift certificate and thus cannot be converted to cash or gift card.

Also, Holiday promotion cards can only be used once.

Can I use the Wood Ranch Gift Card or Wood Ranch Holiday Promotion Gift Card to order online?

No. Currently, their online ordering system cannot process Wood Ranch Gift Cards or Holiday Promotion Cards as payment methods for their online ordering service.

They are working to change this as soon as possible to accommodate their customers more.

But at the moment, they don’t offer an option where the recipient redeems online.


Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill is a restaurant noted for its excellent steaks, which many people enjoy.

They provide free Holiday Promotional Cards to their consumers on a specific day and time.

Wood Ranch Gift Cards are redeemable and available for purchase at any Wood Ranch or WR Kitchen & Bar location.

Wood Ranch Gift Cards are also available online at treatsgifts.com and giftly.com.

These websites provide customized gift cards (including restaurant gift cards) and send them to you wherever you are.

Wood Ranch does not presently accept E-Gifts or digital cards.

They want to confirm the gift cards’ legitimacy and only accept gift cards presented in their shops.

You may check your balance by going to the official Wood Ranch website and entering the pin and number provided.

Gift Cards that have not been redeemed will expire after three years.

You prevent incurring a charge, be sure to use your gift card.

The Wood Ranch Holiday Promotional Card cannot be exchanged or used to buy a gift card.

Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill goes above and beyond just cooking it like any other steak.

Instead, it’s slow-roasted overnight with the fat cap still on to lock in flavor before being grilled over hickory.

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