Where to Buy Typo Gift Cards

Typo gift cards are available for purchase in all Cotton On stores in the United States. You can also buy one through Card.Gift.

Typo gift cards may be purchased on-site and given as fantastic presents to those you care about.

You may choose from a variety of physical or digital gift cards, and then customize it with a written or video message that is suitable for the recipient.

You save time, and they have more options – it’s a win-win for everyone! 

Where to Get Typo Gift Card?

A Typo Gift Card may be bought at any Cotton On location. In the United States, there are 154 shops.

You may use Typo gift cards at any Cotton On site throughout the nation.

The Cotton On Group presently does not have any online stores where you may buy the Gift Card; however, you can buy it online via another website named Card.Gift. 

Card Gift is situated in Australia, but it offers Typo digital gift cards that are accessible in the United States. They create gift cards for gifting.

Typo Gift Cards are more than just a gift certificate.

It might be a thank you, a happy birthday, I love you or even a warm greeting from an old friend.

Can you use Typo Gift Card to purchase online?

Typo Gift Card can be purchased online within the official Cotton On website.

You can use Typo gift cards with a PIN purchased in the United States from Cotton On Group stores, which are now valid for use online and in-store.

Cards purchased via a third party are not valid for online use. These cards will begin with “6375”. You must enter your gift card number and pin at checkout to use your gift card online.

How to send a Typo Gift Card?

With Treat, you can have your Typo gift card sent in one-of-a-kind, “ready to give” packagings, such as a high-quality greeting card personalized with your own message and design.

The gift card may be mailed straight to you or the recipient by USPS First-Class or Priority Mail.

To get one, purchase a Typo Gift Card from their website treatgiftcards.com.

They may deliver your gift card to the people you choose. They accept MasterCard as a form of payment. 

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How to find out your Typo Gift Card Balance?

There is only one way to check if your Typo Gift Card still has a balance.

You can add the gift card into your bag or cart during check out, and then the available amount will then be applied to your purchase.

If a balance is left, it will use the amount to the balance owing.

Can I pay the balance if my gift card doesn’t cover the order?

Typo gift cards are not reloadable and may not cover your purchase.

But, you can choose to pay the remaining balance via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Zip, Laybuy, or Klarna.

This is applicable if your gift card is low on credit and can’t reach the purchase amount.

Are there Perks and Rewards with Typo Gift Card?

Having a Typo Gift Card might provide you with a significant edge when it comes to spending money.

At Cotton On, you may receive perks and rewards for your efforts if you’re using a Typo gift card to make your payment.

This might assist you in finding excellent offers and perks to help you keep your spending to a minimum.

However, you will not earn reward points when you buy a gift card since it is not included in the Card’s benefits.

What is a Typo Gift Card?

Typo equips you with the essentials of life that you will need.

Typo Gift Cards allow you to buy their products without the need to spend any cash, depending on the quantity of the gift card you purchase.

Giving presents to colleagues, family, friends, or a special someone is made possible with the use of a Typo Gift Card.

If carrying around a physical card is too much of a nuisance for you, you may choose to utilize a digital card instead.

You may also use Typo Gift Cards to purchase their items online on their website.

The use of a Typo gift card may be quite helpful whether you are shopping in a hurry, are unsure of what to offer as a present to your friends and family, or are a person who is completely fascinated with rewards and perks.

Because it can assist you in maximizing the value of your money and time.


Typo is an everyday essential that is anything but ordinary. Typo has it all: socks, mugs, lighting, laptop, and phone cases, drink bottles, candles, pens, and diaries! It is under Cotton On. & Perks Co. It is your everyday necessity in one shop, having stationery and desk accessories to boost your productivity for the day.

Typo Gift Card can be purchased in 154 stores in the United States and online at Card.Gift website.

You can also purchase Typo Gift Card with Treats, delivered directly to your footsteps, which you can also give to your family and friends.

Cotton On currently doesn’t have an online choice of purchasing the gift card, but you may use the gift card to make online purchases on the web, which is convenient and efficient.

Using the Gift Card, you can earn perks rewards as you buy in Typo. But won’t be able to use the perks vouchers to buy a Typo Gift Card.

If there will be instances that the Gift Card will have an insufficient balance or you want to check your credit, you can add it to your card at checkout to see the balance.

If the Gift Card does not meet the total amount of the product you’re buying, you can pay the remaining balance via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Zip, Laybuy, or Klarna.

Whatever business needs, Typo offers the right products to keep your employees organized and up-to-date with the latest technology. Socks, candles, mugs, laptop cases, and even diaries are all available at Typo.

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