Where to Buy Affordable Christmas Gifts

The holiday season has a habit of creating all kinds of extra expenses, and while it’s great to get the perfect gift for someone you love, it does always pay to budget as far ahead of time as you can! With that in mind, for a really inexpensive Christmas, you should be careful to look for gift ideas from stores and catalogs likely to really drive down the cost of that Christmas gift list. Some big chains are always likely to sell inexpensive Christmas gifts during the sales, but there are some evergreen chains always worth hunting down.

When it comes to great gift ideas that don’t break the bank, your best outlet is always likely to be online. Amazon and eBay, for example, sell all kinds of holiday shopping essentials at cut price. That said, some of the best gift ideas do still come from retail stores, so let’s take a look at a few of the best options out there.

Which Retail Stores Sell Affordable Christmas Gifts?

You don’t have to complete your Christmas list online unless you really want to – and in fact, you may find a unique gift or two at the local store that’s not always easy to spot online. Here are three top grocery store and retail locations brimming with cheap Christmas gift ideas.


Walmart is more than just your big grocery store. This time of year, the brand offers up all kinds of holiday gifts for kids and adults alike, whether they have a sweet tooth, if you’re buying for a coffee lover, or if they are a big fan of self care. Walmart might not seem like the best spot for the fanciest third party and imported goods, but do take a look – you might just surprise yourself while walking down the aisles.


Costco is a huge retailer of big homeware and appliance brands, and if it’s a major present or two you’re planning for Christmas morning, this is a brand that is likely to be a good friend to you. Costco’s wholesale approach means that you may end up with more than you bargain for, but what really sets this store apart from the rest is the fact you can often buy in bulk. We’re not suggesting you can pick up a six pack of the fanciest silk pillowcases on the market here, but there is still a plethora of excellent gift ideas that won’t cost you the planet.

Dollar Tree

If you really want to make this Christmas an affordable one, Dollar Tree is a popular pick. No, you probably won’t find top of the line brands or labels here, but what you will find is all kinds of party supplies and creative materials to help you make the holidays that little bit more personal. Creative gifts are not only cheaper – they just take some time to make – they tend to resonate more with people over time. The good news is, Dollar Tree has an ever-growing selection that really won’t eat into your bank balance.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Christmas Gifts Online?

Of course, there is a world of extra choice online, and while you have probably got your own favorite gift supplier on the web, it is still worth looking at the major players.


Amazon is undoubtedly the reigning monarch as far as affordable shopping for Christmas is concerned. With their affordable monthly Amazon Prime membership, you can save money on shipping on thousands of goods and gifts, and you can even receive some the same day.

Through verified buyer reviews, users provide extra confidence on cheaper products, meaning there is potentially much less concern over what you’re getting into. Of course, there is always likely to be a spate of cheaper products available on Amazon than you may expect elsewhere – so you do need to keep a close eye out for the quality of any items you buy into. Whether it’s an olive oil set, a waffle maker or a new pair of boots, be sure to compare manufacturers as well as pricing.

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Etsy may seem expensive to many people at first, but if you have a family member with very specific taste, it makes sense to look for a custom item or two that’s made from scratch. We’ve listed Etsy here as it is the leading marketplace for goods on order online, meaning that you are always investing in unique items and presents.

While this may mean you pay a little extra in terms of asking price, you are getting immense value from a hand-made, personalized gift – something that, literally, money cannot buy elsewhere. What’s more, it is easy enough to have an inexpensive Christmas by carefully searching and filtering through Etsy’s various options and stores.


eBay is a fantastic gift buying resource if you don’t mind choosing something that is second-hand or pre-loved. If the gift recipient is unlikely to worry about new presents and simply wants a specific gift or brand, then you can find some great deals across eBay. It is essentially like a virtual yard sale with auction capabilities. You could pay extremely low prices for some top quality goods if you are lucky, or get in at the right time.

eBay does tend to go toe-to-toe with Amazon for ecommerce shoppers’ hearts, and there is a clear reason why – the savings are immense.


The holiday season is always likely to generate some costs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy into the most expensive Christmas gift ideas. In fact, if you are creative enough, it is really easy to find your way to some amazing cost cutting – and you can save money both online and offline, too.

Why not take the time this holiday season to think carefully about what the family members, kids and friend groups really want from the perfect Christmas gift – and focus more on the thought, rather than the price?

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