6 Ultimate Gifts To Buy For Big Kids (2022 UPDATE)

When it comes to buying gifts for children, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all method. Not only do all children differ in terms of their interests and requirements, but toy trends frequently vary from year to year.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best-reviewed and most popular toys of the year to assist you in selecting a gift for a youngster in your life. Check out the list below, which are the perfect gifts for kids aged five years and above. 

Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron

6 Ultimate Gifts To Buy For Big Kids (2022 UPDATE) 2

The idea of performing actual magic and making their cuddly furry buddy is a fantasy for children.

The new Magic Mixies collection from Moose Toys is sure to be a success, including concoctions, cauldrons, and magic books. Each year, a product sells out far before Black Friday, leaving parents racing to purchase one on eBay for double or triple the cost of the product.

Magic Mixies by Moose Toys The Magic Cauldron allows kids to make a mystical mist that unveils a “Mixie” after a bit of hocus pocus. Your children will delight at the noises and responses produced by their new furry buddy and cauldron. If one is available, buy it right away.

Glitter star, Sparkling Gem, and Magic Feather are among the magical materials included in the Magic Mixies Cauldron. They are mixed into the potions one step at a time to bring their lovely pet to life eventually.

By giving children control over their magical abilities, they may use the wand to finish each task and marvel as the cauldron responds with beautiful sounds and lights to every click of the wand.

Super Mario Legos

6 Ultimate Gifts To Buy For Big Kids (2022 UPDATE) 3

Legos are a crowd favorite. Super Mario is one of the most popular video games in the world. The latest Lego Super Mario kit offers hours of entertainment. 

After your child has completed the 280-piece set, they may play with toys with the interactive pieces, which include noises and music from the classic game.

These Super Mario-themed Lego sets are a fantastic combination of two things that kids enjoy, and they look just like the video game. This unique Lego line combines two classic toys to create the most dynamic Lego set. 

When combined with the Lego Super Mario app, which includes games, challenges, construction advice, and ideas, these sets elevate gameplay both on and off the screen. Also, note that all of the expansion kits will only function with the Super Mario or Luigi Lego beginning sets.

GizmoWatch 2 by Verizon

6 Ultimate Gifts To Buy For Big Kids (2022 UPDATE) 4

If you want to give your child greater independence but don’t want to spend the money on the phone, this watch is the way to go. 

You can message and contact your child while also getting real-time location and geofencing, so you always know where they are. The best part is that he can only contact people on his approved list.

The GizmoWatch 2 is a smartwatch for kids that provides them a sense of individuality while also providing peace of mind to their parents. 

Even though the look is a little dull, the watch is straightforward to operate, and the functionality performs nicely. The display is vibrant and vivid, with large touchpoints for tiny fingertips. 

Jenga Giant game

6 Ultimate Gifts To Buy For Big Kids (2022 UPDATE) 5

This game allows you to take family entertainment to new heights. This extra-large set of 54 giant Jenga pieces, which build up to nearly four feet, is fun for the whole family. In addition, the hardwood set includes a heavy-duty carry case for all of the pieces.

This Jenga Giant set can stack up to 4 feet high and is a great way to get a party started. It fits perfectly in the big orange carry case so that you can take it everywhere. 

It’s ideal for outdoor gatherings. A day at the lake or some plain old-fashioned garden fun are both options to play this game with your family.

A 2-Wheeled Scooter

6 Ultimate Gifts To Buy For Big Kids (2022 UPDATE) 6

Are you looking to buy the perfect child scooter for a youngster between the ages of 5 and 9? We want to mention the Jetson Jupiter Kick two-wheel Scooter. 

It is lighter to ride and bear from one location to another. Also, it has a more easy folding method for saving room or storing it in a cupboard.

Jupiter kick scooters include up to 100 high-visibility LED lights in the deck stem and handlebar. It also has a handlebar that can be adjusted to fit a variety of heights, allowing you to adapt it as your child grows. 

Its broad deck will keep your babies’ two feet together while they’re on it. Furthermore, the frame is long-lasting and enjoyable to use over time. 

If your kids are ready to take their scooter game to the next level, the Jetson Jupiter is the best two-wheeled scooter we tested. 

It’s a two-wheeled scooter with a classic metal frame and will dazzle your neighborhood as it has over 100 LED lights on both the body and the tires.

An Amazon Fire HD 8

6 Ultimate Gifts To Buy For Big Kids (2022 UPDATE) 7

The Amazon Fire HD has the most excellent parental controls in its category. The setup is practically instantaneous. It comes with so many pre-installed applications and movies that they won’t be asking you to buy more for a long time. 

Furthermore, each Fire tablet includes a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which gives users access to over 13,000 apps, games, videos, books, and other resources from PBS Kids, Disney, and other sources.

It is the freshest and coolest kid-friendly device, providing youngsters more room to explore through a digital shop where they may request apps. They can also make video and phone calls and play all of their favorite games that are suitable for the children.


Big kids will undoubtedly like anything fresh, current, or popular with adolescents. As a result, the most recent device, song, video game, or clothing piece may be suitable. 

Pick something that your present receiver is passionate about, such as apparel from their favorite football team, Television series, movie, or musical artist, to tap into their enthusiasm.

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