Where Can I Purchase Ticketmaster Gift Cards In Person?

Ticketmaster is massively popular with people who love live events. From concerts and comedy nights to monster truck rallies, a Ticketmaster gift card is the perfect present for anyone who wants to get out and about. If you’re struggling to find a physical Ticketmaster gift card in person, we have tons of information on where you can find them offline.

Can you buy Ticketmaster gift cards in person?

Yes, you can absolutely buy Ticketmaster gift cards in person – meaning you don’t always need an online balance to buy the perfect gift for friends online.

Ticketmaster gift cards can be used via their website to buy tickets to all kinds of events, but you won’t have to head to their online store yourself unless you want to.

A Ticketmaster gift card you buy in store will offer you a code that can be used by the recipient when it’s time to buy tickets.

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You’ll actually find physical Ticketmaster gift cards at stores and locations across the country.

That’s great news if you don’t feel safe using a credit card online, or if the idea of an egift card boggles the mind a little bit!

A physical Ticketmaster gift card works exactly the same as an egift card, and it’s a great alternative if you want to put it in a greetings card to the family at Christmas, or to a friend on their birthday.

There’s no need for you to search around online, and you don’t need to wait in for delivery.

What stores carry Ticketmaster gift cards?

Right now, stores in the US that retail Ticketmaster fit cards include Publix and Giant Eagle.

  • Giant Eagle appears to be the safest retailer of these gift card options, as you can buy Ticketmaster credit worth up to $500 in store!
  • At Publix, you may not find gift card options at such large denominations.

However, it’s also worth noting that you can also buy physical Ticketmaster gift card options online.

  • Ticketmaster themselves offer physical gift card delivery straight to your address. This is a great option if you are mainly looking for physical gift cards to put in with presents and gifts.

In fact, many people find buying a Ticketmaster gift card – physical or otherwise – is easiest through their official app.

Which department stores sell gift cards?

Many department stores sell gift cards, but unfortunately, there are only a handful of locations in the US right now that offer Ticketmaster gift card options.

If you’d like to give the gift of an event ticket to a loved one, you may do best to check the Ticketmaster website first – especially if you are looking to add a physical gift card to someone’s present when they open it.

It appears that Ticketmaster may be a little selective when it comes to retailing gift cards beyond their website.

But, our advice would be to call your favorite store to check whether or not they have ticket cards you can purchase on your next visit.

If you can’t find a Ticketmaster gift card at your chosen department store, don’t worry – as there are other options available.

Does Walmart sell Ticketmaster gift cards?

At the time of writing, Walmart does not sell Ticketmaster gift cards, however, they do retail a number of other gift vouchers and coupons that you can use both on the web and offline.

If you can’t find gift card options to let you buy a ticket or two for your loved ones, then why not look for related cards and vouchers?

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They may appreciate a similar gift in the form of a VIP experience at their favorite sports events, for example. Or, you may find cards to use at popular restaurants and bars.

If all else fails, go for the egift – Ticketmaster gift cards can be used in a variety of settings and on all kinds of big event.


A Ticketmaster gift card is a great gift idea for any recipient who lives for live entertainment.

The retailer offers tickets for huge arenas and tours, for everything from pop stars and opera to WWE and ballet.

If you fancy giving their egift system a try, there is plenty of useful information available on their purchase page.

Otherwise, with a physical gift card, all your loved one needs to do is head straight to Ticketmaster, enter in their card code, and head to payment – their tickets are already paid for, or are at least paid for in part! Heading to a live event is a great way to celebrate any occasion.

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