16 Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards and Presentation Ideas (to Blow Their Mind!)

A boring gift card or money is not an exciting present to someone, whether for a holiday or on a special occasion.

It’s difficult to offer money or gift cards as a present that will truly delight and surprise someone. Unless, of course, you find creative ways to give gift cards or money.

That’s where we come in! We’re here to help you with some amazing gift card presentation ideas…

Your loved ones will look forward to receiving gift cards from you year after year just to see how you will present them.

There are many fun and creative ways to give your gift card, and they are all easy to do!

In fact, we’ve got 16 for you right here:

  • 6 for kids
  • 6 for adults
  • 4 for those of you who are more creative and crafty

Continue reading to discover the most creative ways to give gift cards.

This first collection of 6 creative ways to present gift cards to kids are entertaining, innovative, and some of them are just straight funny…

6 Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards to Kids to Make Them Giggle

These gift card presentation ideas for kids will have them giddy with excitement!

Whether it’s a cool gift card holder or creative ideas to present it in a thoughtful way, or even a clever way to give two gifts, try some of these inventive ways of giving gift cards.

1. Put the Gift Card in a Candy Jar

Gift Card in a Candy Jar
Credits: diywithsusy Z

Filling a jar with their favorite candy and a gift card is another creative ways to give gift cards.

They won’t realize there’s a surprise underneath!

They believe they are receiving sweets, which is fantastic, but they are really receiving a gift card covered in candy SURPRISE!

You will need the following materials for this project:

  • A mason jar (you can also use empty applesauce jar, just makesure to wash and dry it well before mixing the candy)
  • Candy
  • Get themed-color candies here:
  • M&Ms by color 
  • Sixlets by color
  • A bag or paper envelope in which to place the gift card or money Ribbon or attractive decorations for the lid

2. Ornament Gift Card Holders

 Ornament Gift Card Holders
Credit: The Bearded Housewife

It seems to be a shadow gift box Christmas decoration. However, there is a gift card holder on its back for a surprise!

  • Include a gift tag to let everyone know who it’s for. 
  • Hang on the tree with a gift card or cash on the back.

3. Make an Old Gift Card Into a Gift

This is another creative ways to give gift cards that is both simple and convenient.

Make a tiny book by binding gift cards together using a binding machine.

Make a one-of-a-kind small book out of several kinds of paper:

  • To create a tiny scrapbook, use scrapbook paper.
  • For a tiny notepad, use a notebook or graph paper.
  • For a tiny notebook or doodle pad, use plain printer paper.

Get your creative DIY juices flowing.

4. Offer “Aka Fake” Chocolates

"Aka Fake" Chocolates
Credit: ThePinkTree

Put cash, coins, and gift cards in a chocolate box.

They’ll be happy with the money even if you ate all the chocolates.

And think about money in mixed with chocolate? Gross!

You could always keep the cash inside the chocolate box separate if you buy a sealed box of chocolates.

5. Use a Recyclable Coffee Sleeve

Recyclable Coffee Sleeve
Credit: Rejoice and Create

In the sense of coffee, why not wrap a gift card in a coffee sleeve?

You might even transform the sleeve into a present by wrapping it in fabric or felt, decorating it with glitter, or just painting a nice design on it.

You’ve already created a unique gift card, and you’re also helping the environment by recycling!

Another clever DIY option that’s both creative and helps save money (and the environment)

6. Present it in a Wallet

gift card in a wallet
Credit: Crafty Little Things UK

This is one of the most basic but thoughtful gift card ideas. Most gift cards are made in the same way and are the same size as a credit card.

Make a lovely wallet, or if you don’t have time, buy one at a craft market!

And include a gift card as a surprise inside one of the pockets.

A dollar in the purse or wallet would also be great.

6 Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards to Adults to Make Them Smile

1. Chalkboard Gift Card

Chalkboard Gift Card
Credit: carissawiley

Give a chalkboard with gift cards hung on it.

Play it as a raffle game where they may win a gift card!

2. Chapstick Gift card

Chapstick Gift card

Giving a gift card with a Chapstick attached to it is one of the great ideas that will surely make an adult happy.

Adults will like it, and it will be really useful given that the majority of adults suffer from dry lips and will really make them smile!

3. Jar Of Money Gift Card

Which adult will be able to resist such a creative way of presenting a gift card?

Fill a bottle with cash gifts, note, and put the gift card inside.

Hurray! You made someone’s day in just a snap!

4. Create A Card-igan

This fun “cozy” gift card holder will keep one’s gift card warm.

After they’ve used the gift card, they may put business cards in it!

5. A Gift Card Holder From Library Card Envelope

Library Card Envelope gift card holder
Credit: Paper Terrace

Library card envelopes may be used to make gift card holders.

This gift card holder allows you to customize the envelope with whatever theme you like.

6. Gift Card for a Hotel

Give a hotel gift card to a favorite adult traveler it will also be a perfect gift for someone in need of a getaway!

Hotel brands have gift cards that may be used at all of their locations, but for the most flexibility, try something like a Hotels.com gift card which allows for every location and different hotels under the sun.

This makes it a great option for the traveler.

More Ideas for Adults (BONUS!)

4 Creative Gift Card Presentation Ideas For a Special Occasion

1. Origami Paper Wrapped Gift Card

Origami Paper Wrapped Gift Card
Credit: Sew Elegance DIY

Another one for those good at artsy DIY!

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind and stylish paper to wrap your gift card box for a birthday?

Consider using an origami paper square.

The gift card is tiny enough that you won’t need much paper, and you may even decorate it with an origami form.

2. Create a Gift Card Box

16 Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards and Presentation Ideas (to Blow Their Mind!) 1
Credit: The Paper Pixie

Another DIY option. This is a great way to give a Christmas present, or any present for that matter.

When decorating with wrapping paper, gift card boxes are required since they help retain the form of the item.

If you don’t have any wrapping paper, you may decorate the box itself.

3. Easter Eggs Gift Card

Easter Eggs Gift Card
Credit: The Little Crafties

You may make an egg that includes a surprise gift card!

You may even have them design the egg before revealing them that there is a surprise inside!

4. Wedding Gift Card Holders or Box

Wedding Gift Card Holders
Credit: Helen Griffin UK

A gift certificate is a terrific way to let couples pick out exactly what they want since you know they will be setting up their new life together.

Purchase their favorite brand or restaurant gift card and place it in a box with some of your best photos of them and a note for them to remember!

We also love unique gift cards like Ben and Jerry’s for Ice cream lovers. You can find out where to Buy Ben and Jerry’s Gift Cards in our guide.

If you’re stuck, you never go wrong with an Amazon gift card as well. If you’re wondering where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards besides their website, we’ve got you covered here as well.

Just be sure to present it in a unique and creative way and watch the grateful smile appear across your recipients face.

Summary of Creative Gift Card Presentation Ideas

Giving a gift card is a simple and effective way to make someone happy.

So imagine how happy the recipient will be if you put in extra effort to make it creative and special? Not only are you giving to someone else, but also training your brain to be more creative.

We hope that we have assisted you in discovering creative ways to give gift cards and supplied you with ideas to make someone special to you squeal with delight and surprise when they open their gift package.

If you have a great idea for a cute and adorable way to give a gift card to friends or family, then feel free to leave a comment below.


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