Sell GameStop Gift Cards – How to Exchange Your Card For Cash

A GameStop Gift Card is a physical or digital gift card (also known as an eGift card) with a pre-loaded monetary value.

This gift card is only usable in GameStop stores or online at

It may be used as a form of payment if the price of the item you want to buy is less than the number of credit points on the GameStop gift card.

There is no expiry date on the GameStop Gift Card, and they are free of fees.

However, these GameStop gift cards are only available in the United States. GameStop gift cards range in value from $5 to $500. 

This gift card is ideal for gamers.

However, suppose you unexpectedly received a GameStop gift card for a holiday or birthday and are not a gamer.

In that case, you may sell GameStop gift card to avoid it being left unused. But don’t know how?

We’ve got you covered. GameStop gift cards may be exchanged for cash!

In fact, there are various websites you may search online where you can sell an item like your gift card and reach thousands of buyers online!

Where Can You Sell Your GameStop Gift Card?

To get you started selling your GameStop Gift Card, here is a list of trusted sites that may be able to help you.

You may sell GameStop gift card on this site with their safe gift card exchange. 

You have two options for selling your gift cards here.

Sell online: You will get the funds quickly or within one business day, but the amount will be less than an In-Mail transaction. Get paid $47.00 in exchange for a $100 GameStop gift card.

Sell In Mail: This transaction method often provides the seller with the best price, but it takes another business day to complete. Get paid $55.00 in exchange for a $100 GameStop gift card.

This is an excellent site to sell GameStop gift card for cash.

One advantage of trading your gift card with Climaxcardings is that you may sell both physical and electronic gift cards.

Several websites will not allow you to sell them.

When you sell your unused GameStop gift cards to Climaxcardings, you may earn up to 92% cashback.

The money is sent into your account in less than one business day, depending on the payment options.

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Walmart Carding accept two options for trading gift cards for cash.

The initial step is to list the cards for sale on their website.

You may get up to 85% of the card’s cash value on sale.

A gift card may be sold in three steps:

1. Get in touch with their customer support. 

2. Give them what kind of gift card you have and how much it is worth, and they will tell you the rate for your gift card.

3. After accepting their offer, email them the gift card and fill in your account information. Within 5-10 minutes, they will process your card and pay you.

Can You Sell a GameStop Gift Card Instantly For Cash?

Selling your gift card at a Gift Card Exchange kiosk is the quickest method to earn cash for it

Here’s the fastest way to receive some money for gift cards:

Check the balance on your gift card.

Take the gift card to a kiosk that accepts Gift Cards Exchange.

Fill out the gift card details in the system.

Examine the cash-back offer and evaluate whether or not to take it.

Print the voucher once it has been successfully accepted.

Take the voucher to a cashier to get paid.

How Do I Check My GameStop Gift Card Balance?

To check your gift card balance online, please visit the Gift Card FAQs page.

Go to the Gift Cards section and then to the Balance Inquiries section.

To check your gift card balance, go to “check your gift card balance here” and enter your 19-digit card number and 4-digit PIN.

You may check your GameStop gift card balance online or contact them at 1-877-427-3526.

You may also visit any GameStop store and ask a cashier to check your balance.

Can You Exchange a GameStop Gift Card For PayPal Funds?

Yes, you may exchange a GameStop Gift Card for PayPal funds!

Simply add the card to your PayPal account and transfer the amount to your own account.

You may receive money from a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk voucher and deposit it into your account after you receive it.

Can You Sell a GameStop Gift Card For Bitcoin?

It may seem surprising, but YES! Paxful does accept unused GameStop gift cards in exchange for Bitcoin.

Keep the physical card or receipt close to hand for a quick transaction.

Here’s how to use your unused GameStop Gift Card to trade Bitcoin on Paxful:

Sign up for a Paxful account.

Confirm your account.

Look for GameStop Gift Card under “Buy Bitcoin.”

Open a transaction with the vendor and complete the terms.

Bitcoins are sent immediately to your Paxful wallet.

And that is all! You have successfully purchased bitcoin with your unused gift card!

Can You Trade GameStop Gift Cards For Steam Cards?

Yes, it is possible, although not in a direct way. You can use a GameStop gift card to trade a Steam Gift Card, which can be redeemed for Steam wallet money.


A GameStop Gift Card is a wonderful holiday or birthday gift. Especially for gamers.

Suppose, however, that you received a GameStop gift card unexpectedly for a holiday or birthday and are not a gamer. As a result, it may go unused.

But don’t worry; your GameStop Gift Card may be simply exchanged for cash.

All you have to do is decide whether to sell it online or in person.

While selling online saves time, it is dangerous because of internet scammers.

You may also sell your gift card at a Gift Card Exchange kiosk.

It is the quickest way to get paid for your GameStop gift card. You must, however, make an effort to visit a kiosk to sell it.

If you don’t have much time, selling online is the best alternative.

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