Sell Nordstrom Gift Card (How to Exchange it For Cash)

Nordstrom, Inc. is a famous fashion company that caters to men, women, and children with appealing apparel, shoes, and accessories.

They’ve been dedicated to giving the greatest possible service to clients since 1901, and they’ve been working to improve it every day.

If you like Nordstrom but don’t like carrying cash, Nordstrom Gift Card are the way to go.

Your Nordstrom Gift Card may be used to purchase clothing and accessories at Nordstrom shops around the United States, as well as online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and

Gift cards and e-gift cards from Nordstrom do not expire, have no fees, and may be used both online and in stores.

If you plan to sell your Nordstrom gift cards for cash, you may do it online or at a local retailer.

Since going to a local retailer seems inconvenient, you may choose to sell it online instead.

Various gift card platforms provide gift card exchange services all over the internet.

However, you should be aware that certain websites may be untrustworthy.

Card exchange websites such as Cardtonic and Zealcards are some trusted websites that allow you to trade in your unwanted cards for cash.

Where Can I Get Cash for My Nordstrom Gift Card?

These are some websites that may be able to assist you in selling your Nordstrom gift cards for cash.

Zealcards: You may cash in your Nordstrom gift card on their safe gift card exchange. Unwanted Nordstrom gift cards may be exchanged for cash. 

You may sell your gift cards in two ways here.

Sell online: You will get the money quickly, but it will be less than an In-Mai transaction.

Sell In Mail: This transaction method often gives the greatest price to the seller, but it takes a long time to complete.

However, this is the most secure method to sell your gift card on Zealcards.

Cardtonic:  Cardtonic claims that it meets all of the requirements for a good gift card trading platform.

To begin exchanging gift cards, just download the mobile app or register on the website.

Log in and get familiarized with the three-step gift card trading procedure, which only takes a few minutes to complete.

You can trade your $300 above Nordstrom E-Gift Card for $250 and your $300 above Nordstrom Physical Gift Card for $395.

Can I Sell My Nordstrom Rack Gift Card?

Yes! You may sell your Nordstrom Rack Gift Card on sites like Raise, eBay, GiftcardOutlets, and EJGiftCards.

These websites’ online gift card marketplaces allow you to safely sell Nordstrom Rack gift cards.

Your Nordstrom Rack gift card will be displayed in front of the thousands of buyers that browse their gift card exchange.

EJGiftCards – provides up to 90% cashback on your Nordstrom Rack Gift Card.

GiftcardOutlet – provides the same amount as EJGiftCards. Up to 90% cashback on your Nordstrom Rack Gift Card 

Raise – charges a fixed rate of %15 of the selling price.

eBay – charges a fixed fee of 10% of the selling price.

You can also sell your Nordstrom Rack Gift Card offline.

When selling your Nordstrom Rack gift card in-store, you can sell it for less so that customers can spend more money.

How Do I Check My Nordstrom Gift Card Balance? (& Get Cash Back!)

Here are some steps to check your Nordstrom Gift Card Balance:

Via Nordstrom stores: You may check your balance at any Nordstrom shop by asking a cashier.

Here’s how to locate the closest store:

Go to the Stores & Events page.

Enter your city, state, or ZIP code 

Click the Search button.

Via Online: Go to the Gift Card Balance page on the Nordstrom website and proceed from the steps below:

Enter the gift card number.

Enter your access code or number.

Select Check Balance.

By phone: Call Nordstrom customer service at 1-844-639-8924 and then do the following:

Request that a customer service representative to verify the balance of your gift card.

Give them your contact information.

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What Is The Best Way To Sell Nordstrom Gift Card?

Selling Online is the best way to sell your Nordstrom Gift Card.

Since many people now purchase and search for items online, it is now the ideal option to sell anything.

It will save you from going to a shop or kiosk to trade your gift card.

Just keep in mind that there are some scammers all over the internet, so be careful about where you sell your gift card.

Another disadvantage of selling online is that you are unlikely to get your full money back.

Can I Sell My Nordstrom Gift Card Offline?

Yes, you may sell your Nordstrom Gift Card offline 

If you are hesitant to sell online, another option is to sell it directly in a designated store.

The shop may accept the card in return for cash, but only at a discounted rate.

For example, the issuer may refund 90% or less of the card’s face value.

Selling online may seem to require more effort than selling in person, but it will protect you from the risk of being scammed online.

Particularly if you really need the money from selling your Nordstrom Gift Card.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


A Nordstrom Gift Card is a wonderful holiday or birthday gift to give or receive.

Especially for fashion-obsessed loved ones.

However, we can’t avoid obtaining gift cards for just what we can use, so they’ll remain unused.

But don’t worry, you can easily sell your Nordstrom Gift Card.

You just have to choose whether to sell it online or in person. Selling online may save you time, but it is risky due to internet scammers.

Another downside of selling online is that you are unlikely to get your whole money back.

On the other hand, selling in-store will protect you against online scammers.

However, you must make an effort to exchange your Nordstrom Gift Card at a designated store or kiosk.

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