How Much Should I Spend On Bridesmaids Gifts?

The cost of weddings is continuously rising, and so is the price of being a bridesmaid.  A 2010 national survey showed that bridesmaids spend an average of $1,695 on weddings. 

Besides, they have dedicated the time and effort to ensure that you get your dream wedding. With this high spending and emotional investment, it is only right to thoughtfully gift the bridesmaids.

Continue reading to understand more on how much to spend on bridesmaids gifts.

Why Gift Bridesmaids?

Gifting a bridesmaid is a customary and long-standing tradition. It is a sign of gratitude to your friends for being there for you during that special and challenging time.

With a thoughtful gift at hand, you could show your friends that everything is worth it despite all the trouble and hassle.

The most demanding part of a wedding is the budget. While some areas may take shortcuts, gifting the bridesmaids is an essential aspect that cannot be forgotten.

Your bridal party has been with you every step of the way listening to your concerns and offering advice. Furthermore, they have acted as logistics, part of the wedding planning committee, and have even thrown you a bachelorette party.

The Price of Being a Bridesmaid

Have you ever been a bridesmaid? If yes, then you are familiar with what it takes to be part of a wedding. You understand the financial, physical, and emotional investment that comes with a wedding.

The financial aspect ranges from as low as $100 to as high as $3000 per bridesmaid depending on the wedding type.

Here are some aspects to show you the average money that bridesmaids spend at weddings:

  • The dress- Approximately $250
  • Shoes- An average of $50-$150
  • Hair- This aspect may vary as it may be optional. Averagely, it cost up to $100
  • Jewelry- The price ranges between $50-$75
  • Travel expenses- Costs about $200 depending on the location or destination of the wedding.
  • Other costs include manicure, makeup, and bridal party, among others.

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How Much to Spend On Bridesmaids’ Gifts?

Looking at the above expenses, you now understand how much your friends have invested in becoming part of your memorable day. Besides, you may never hear them complaining about the costs because they know that you may do the same for them.

When it comes to budgeting for bridesmaids’ gifts, consider your budget’s depth and how much the bridesmaids have spent.

While keeping the budget in mind, choose a thoughtful gift to appreciate the money, effort, and time invested in the wedding. Usually, people suggest spending an average of $75-$150 on bridesmaid’s gifts.

However, experts advice to grant at least 10% of the bridesmaids total spending. Calculate the average amount of money to be likely spent and adjust the budget accordingly.

When it comes to the maid of honor, they deserve to be treated better than the bridesmaids. Spend up to 15-20% of her total costs to get a lavish gift.

The maid of honor incurs the financial burden on top of other responsibilities like planning a bridal shower, organizing pre-wedding activities, and even helping in shopping for wedding dresses.

It is only natural to go the extra mile for them as they have done for you. Remember to also gift the junior bridesmaids and flower girls. You don’t have to spend a fortune on them.

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When to Buy the Gifts

Although there are no rules regarding when to start shopping for bridesmaids’ gifts, it should be as soon as possible.

This eliminates frustrations and possible errors while giving you enough time to choose appropriate presents. Furthermore, early planning for the gifts allows you to include the costs into the budget.

 As the wedding day draws closer, you are likely to be consumed in making last-minute decisions and ensuring that everything goes as planned.

Therefore, it is essential to shop for gifts 2 to 3 months before the wedding. If you are going for personalized gifts, ordering ahead gives you time to ensure that everything is error-free and correctly signed and packaged.

What Are Some Gift Ideas?

Choosing the best bridesmaids gifts can be a daunting task, especially with all other wedding preparations at hand. It is not a one fit for all situations because every gift has to be thoughtful and appropriate.

Remember that what may work for one person will not necessarily be suitable for another person. Don’t fear going for different options while sticking within the same price range to avoid hurting feelings.

An essential tip is to ensure that the gifts are personal and something your friends will cherish for a long time. They should know that you took the time to personally pick the presents for them.

Usually, people tend to gift their bridesmaid something to use or wear during the wedding. While it is a good idea, ensure that it holds value even after the ceremony. Besides, the presents don’t have to be wedding specific.

Anything functional and chosen with care is a great pick. Some excellent example of bridesmaids gifts includes:

  • Jewelry
  • Personalized robes
  • Stylish and monogrammed clutches
  • You can pay for the wedding makeup and hairdressing
  • Lovely wine and personalized drinkware

When to Give Bridesmaids Gifts

When it comes to finally give the bridesmaids their gifts, traditionally, it is done during wedding rehearsals. An intimate get-together dinner party is also an excellent option.

As a bride, you have to give a toast to your bridesmaids and present them with the gifts one by one.

If you want a more personal meeting, organize a brunch or lunch with your girls. Take time to thank them for their appreciated presence and contribution to your big day. This should be done a few days before the wedding and is also a good time to give gifts.

Your bridesmaids are important people at your wedding and in your life. They have put effort, time, and money to ensure that you have a memorable day in your life.

So, you should show them how much you appreciate their friendship and participation in your wedding. Find them meaningful gifts that they are sure to cherish for the coming years.

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