Cute Ways to Ask for Money as A Wedding Gift

In the old days, people didn’t even dream of asking for money as a wedding gift (except in certain cultures). But in modern times, receiving gifts you might already have is awkward for both parties. Nobody wants to be awkward and flat-out ask for cash, but there are some cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift. We’ll hook you up with some great ideas in this post!

Is it Okay to Ask For Cash Instead of a Wedding Gift?

You might be wondering if it is okay to ask for cash on your big day. The truth is, it depends on many things like your culture, traditions and the people who are coming to the wedding.

There is nothing easy about asking money from strangers or those who aren’t expecting to be obligated to do so.

You may feel a bit rude asking for cash and your guests might even feel awkward giving money or feel tacky writing a check for a wedding gift.

Don’t worry, below we have compiled cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift and avoid feeling odd about the issue.

How to Ask for Money for A Wedding Gift in a Cute Way

If the thought of asking for hard cash as a wedding gift is making you wince, there are creative ways to do so.

Unfortunately, you’ll probably always have that anxiety about asking for cash, but there are cute ways of asking for money without feeling tacky.

Here are some of the cutest and discreet methods to request money without seeming awkward or desperate, with some light-hearted options mixed in.

how to ask for cash for wedding gift

Use A Cash Registry

Create an online cash registry where you can explain and paint a picture for your guests about what you’ll use the money for.

Cash registries are almost like your private wedding website, but they also ensure safe and secure handling of your wedding money and can be used as a cute way for your guests to give cash.

Some also allow for you to specify traditional gifts of your choosing. 

Most registries will automatically remove gifts which have already been bought for you by other guests, so there’s never the awkward situation of receiving duplicate presents.

Your guests will be excited to try the new technology and also be happy to have clear direction on which gifts (money. hopefully!) are most suitable for you.

Some of the most popular cash registries are

They handle various gifts such as honeymoon contributions, physical gifts, gift cards, hard cash, and other contributions like donations.

When using an online cash registry, make sure you include the site’s link on your wedding invitations and website (more on wedding websites later).

This makes it clear to everyone that you are open to cash gifts without offending them.

Top Tip: DON’T mention money on the actual wedding invite. The invitation is purely a request for your friends and family to be at your wedding. Don’t make it about money.

Wedding Invitation Sets

The first rule to asking for money as a wedding gift is to never put the request directly on the invitations.

As we said earlier, doing so may make the guests feel that you are only inviting them for their money.

But what you CAN do, is send out cute wedding invitation sets which includes a separate itinerary card or a soppy background story about your wedding.

This is where you can map out how your wedding is going to go and subtly include your wedding website address or the link to your cash registry.

We recommend including the link to your registry on your wedding website as it tells the guests what is expected of them without putting you in the position of answering awkward questions.

Adding a wedding money poem is also a cute way to ask for money as a wedding gift.

You may bring a smile to your guests’ faces which adorably distracts from the fact you’re asking for cash.

Make Your Guests Aware of How You Will Use the Money

Generally, people like to know that their money is put to good use. But also, they want to feel connected to why you want the money and feel like they’re contributing.

It is not only this sense of responsibility and accountability that convinces people to contribute, but also they can now relate to why you want the money in the first place.

By telling guests what the money is meant for, they tend to feel more connected to your story.

Whether you are saving for a charity or renovation, give your guests a back story about the project and your future plans:

  • Maybe you are working on a costly renovation project that needs extra funding?
  • Maybe it’s going towards buying your new home
  • Securing your kids’ future
  • or you simply want to go on the romantic honeymoon you always dreamed of since you were little

Whatever the reason is, the story will help your guests to understand your decision so much better and be less robotic than “give me money, please”.

TOP TIP: Be sure to include how much their physical presence is more appreciated than any other gift they can give you. Don’t get too hung up on cash gifts.

Spread The Word Through Friends and Relatives

Another brilliant way to ask for money at your wedding is to involve your loved ones in spreading the information.

Guests are likely to seek the opinions of those close to you about what you need.

So, tell your parents and the bridal party your preferred gift and why you chose it.

Encourage them to tell other guests about what you are hoping to get if they’re asked.

As the bride, do you know how much should you spend on bridesmaids gifts? < Read our guide

Cash Should Not Be the Only Option

Although you may desire only cash gifts, do not eliminate the traditional gift registry completely. There are chances that some people will want to give physical presents.

Make room for them by creating a section on the registry website for your wishlist – this makes the gift buying process easy for your guests.

And you never know. Someone might just get you the new technology that you have been eyeing for a while.

Reasons to Prefer Hard Cash

Why not just accept the physical gifts, the way it has always been?

Back in the day, couples looked forward to getting gifts like toasters, towels, or blankets because they were beginning a new life together.

In the modern day, most couples already live together for months or years by the time they have decided to wed.

This means that they are well covered in terms of home essentials and don’t really have a need for more.

Besides, they may not have extra space to keep additional items.

Whether it’s due to an unpredictable economy or simply having the choice on what to spend the cash for themselves, having more money is always a welcome option for a married couple.

Cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift should always include telling the guests how you plan to use the money.

It’ll make the guest feel more connected and that they’re contributing to your dream life.

Whether you have a genuine reason for opting for cash or not, wording the request can be tricky. A cute story could be just the ticket.

Cute Ways to Ask for Money as A Wedding Gift 1

Why Asking for Money Gifts Is a Challenge

Whether it is your pride or just the awkward feeling you want to avoid, people have different reasons to feel anxious about the issue.


Asking for hard cash may expose couple’s insecurities, like financial problems and might be received with questions and concerns.

Some guests may wonder why you opted for big wedding expenses in the first place.

Most friends and families will be completely understanding of the modern era, but some old-school ways of thinking may not.

Placing A Price Tag On Your Relationship

Asking for money feels like asking your guests to put a monetary value on your worth. Some people may feel uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Requesting cash gifts puts the guests in the spotlight, and they may not know the appropriate amount to give.

Some people’s feelings might get hurt if they feel that less value is placed in your friendship.

Perhaps talking about your plans to ask for money instead of gift giving will give you an idea about how most of your close friends and family will react.

The History of Giving Money at Weddings

The traditions around gifting money at weddings are different in many cultures. In some cultures like the Mediterranean, cash is expected.

For example, it is an Italian and Turkish custom for guests to lineup and either pin or post money into a box for the newlyweds. Polish wedding guests also pin money on the bride’s veil or dress.

In the new age and era, things are changing towards accepting cash at weddings in most cultures around the world.

More people now prefer hard cash over traditional gifts like jewellery and other home appliances. A consumer research survey by Zelle recorded that up to 84% of the respondents preferred money gifts over traditional gifts.

Almost half of the guests even stated they preferred gifting money!

In today’s economy, everyone understands that money is tight. But regardless, there are cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift as we’ve shown without being greedy and ungrateful.

Be appreciative of both physical and cash gifts. After all, it is the thought that matters.

If these tips aren’t enough, you can also join conversations in wedding forums to find other married couples experiences for requesting cash as a wedding gift.

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