How Much Do You Give For A First Communion Gift?

First Communion can be a very important time in many Christians’ lives. It’s a rite of passage for children of at least eight years old, where you make an early commitment to the Catholic church. It’s a very special day, which is why so many people are careful to look for the perfect First Communion gift.

On their First Communion, you should normally give a child a small amount of cash if you are a distant relative.

If you’re more closely related, you may be expected to give $100 or more. Both money to put towards savings or an appropriate keepsake are great gift options!

It doesn’t need to be a religious gift – but it needs to be something they’ll cherish.

How much money should I give my grandchild for communion?

As close family, grandparents may expect to gift money in the range of $200, max, for a First Communion. Of course, this may be higher if appropriate.

Grandparents are perhaps most likely to offer the First Communicant a keepsake or an appropriate gift to mark the occasion.

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Bu, there is certainly nothing wrong with looking beyond average gift ideas.

Grandparents and parents alike may wish to offer gifts of money that can be placed in a savings account or savings bond, for example; 100 dollars, at least, is likely to go a long way if they save now – and will be available to them when they come of age.

How much should I give my godchild for communion?

While you are not blood related to those receiving the First Communion, it’s still an excellent idea to show generosity as godparents. Generally, between 20 to 50 dollars is a good ballpark figure.

Of course, as their Godparent, there is nothing to say that you shouldn’t offer a child more money at their First Holy Communion if you want to!

If you have a close relationship with the boy or girl in question, then you may wish to follow what other family members are offering.

Many godparents have hugely active roles in helping to raise children – so you may give more if you feel it appropriate.

How much should I give my nephew or niece for communion?

In many cases, aunts and uncles are close family members, meaning it is traditional to consider gifting upwards of 100 dollars at a First Communion, Sacrament or Confirmation.

However, some aunts and uncles may be less involved in a child’s life than, say, grandparents (and Mom and Dad, of course).

Therefore, a smaller gift is entirely appropriate. Instead of money, you may wish to offer a celebration gift in the form of something spiritual, or a necklace or photo frame to mark the event.

How much should I spend on first communion gifts?

The amount of money you spend on First Communion gifts largely depends on your relationship with the young person at the heart of the ceremony or event.

As parents: you may expect to pay up to $200 (as appropriate), or between $20 and $50 if you are friends or distant relatives.

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What’s most important is that you offer a child a First Communion gift that marks the occasion in a memorable and enduring way.

This may be in the shape of money that girls and boys can save for years to come.

It may even arrive in the shape of jewelry or a presentation box.

Thankfully, as time has moved on, ‘rules’ surrounding First Communion gift ideas have relaxed a little.

But, it is still a hugely important time in a child’s life. This is more than an average ceremony or yearly celebration – it’s a rite of passage that marks their early link to the church.

Should I buy a gift or give money for a first holy communion?

The gifts you give for a First Communion really depend on your relationship with the First Communicant, and what is seen as appropriate.

It’s perfectly acceptable and within tradition, nowadays, for family and friends to offer money if they cannot find the right gift for the child.

In some cases, people invited to a First Communion may not feel comfortable offering religious or spiritual gifts. If you invite a friend who isn’t a Catholic, for example.

In which case, it’s perfectly acceptable to offer a simple necklace, some nice jewelry, or a keepsake in a box that a child can cherish for years to come.

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You may even consider a rosary or photo frame to help a First Communicant mark their special day.

If you are considering religious gifts for a First Communion or Sacrament, however, you can always offer Bibles or artifacts that help to signify the importance of God in their lives.

Something in silver, a tasteful cross – while the average kid might not appreciate personal gifts like these right away, they’ll come to appreciate them in years to come.

If you are struggling to give the right gift to girls or boys on this special occasion, why not consider offering a card or keepsake – with money inside they can place in a savings account?


For children and parents all over the world, the First Communion marks an important first step in their religious life.

Many close family members and friends may attend a Catholic Confirmation or Holy Communion, however, the rules for gift giving and cash amounts may vary!

Holy Communion and Confirmation traditions remain the same in many ways nowadays, but as time has moved on, the gifts we give have changed.

The best idea is to follow the etiquette of providing gifts that truly mark the occasion.

While you may celebrate birthdays or Christmases with toys and games, this is more of an affair where you’d receive an heirloom or a gift that has significant emotional value.

That said, you shouldn’t avoid giving money – if you are direct family, godparents or friends of the child in question, it’s perfectly reasonable to offer money that they can save while young, and unlock at a later date.

It’d be a great way to kick-start their education, career, or to put a down-payment on a house when they come of age.

If you are struggling for religious gift ideas for a child at their First Communion, remember that if you are close, $100 to $200 is a reasonable cash present.

If you are less close but still have a bond, $20 to $50 is more than reasonable to give at a Confirmation or Sacrament!

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