7 Funny Ways to Wrap a Gift to Make it More Memorable

Having a funny gift is one thing but wrapping it in a funny way is a different matter altogether! Whether the gift inside is meant to be humorous or not, wrapping it in a silly way adds an extra layer to the present – and is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. But what are some genuinely funny ways to wrap a gift?

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or otherwise, you can do more than just buy a funny roll of gift wrapping paper to add humor to proceedings.

Keep reading, as we’ve got some seriously odd ways for you to get creative with your gift wrap.

What are some funny gift wrapping ideas to try?

It’s time to get creative – you could trick your family and friends with locks and chains, trash bin packages, or even with boxes and cartons that contain higher-priced gifts than what they actually receive.

We’ve rounded up 7 gift wrapping ideas that really go beyond funny. Flex those creative muscles!

Have several layers of wrappers and/or boxes 

What we assume was born from the game ‘pass the parcel’ came the genius idea of wrapping gifts in several layers of gift wrap.

Every added layer will add to the confusion and disappointment of the recipient, making it funnier and funnier!

What starts as a massive box, layers upon layers of butcher paper, craft paper, gift bags and more, could eventually whittle down into something the size of a keychain.

Of course, this will take some preparation and dedication to the wrapping task.

funny ways to wrap gift in boxes

Depending on how much you are planning on fooling with the recipient, it may take you multiple tries in order to achieve success, but we assure you that the look on their face will be worth it.

There’s nothing quite like tearing through reams of gift wrap just to find a coaster or thimble in the middle.

Bring the bubble wrap out

Bubble wrap is fun for people of all ages, no matter what they say. Everyone likes that popping noise and it’s even more satisfying when you are the one making it.

That being said, when presents come your way, seeing it in bubble wrap doesn’t exactly give off a reassuring vibe!

Bubble wrap is usually reserved for extremely fragile items and only as an added protective layer.

What’s more, if you’ve got a devilish sense of humor, bubble wrap can be pretty fiendish to get through.

Why not ditch the gift wrap and make a bit of a challenge for your recipient? Gift boxes and gift bag options are so passe – wouldn’t you agree?

wrap gifts in bubble wrap

Make a wrapper out of printed collections of memes 

Who doesn’t like a good meme? Memes are pretty much everywhere, tired or relatable.

With that in mind, why not create your own personal wrapping paper out of a collection of printed memes?

If you really know the sense of humor of the person you’re gifting to, it should be pretty easy to line up some gags and pictures they’ll love reading through before getting to the good stuff.

We’re not necessarily suggesting you plaster Granny’s Christmas gift with ‘Big Chungus’, but, you do you!

Part of the fun of gift giving is in the opening, and if that means plastering parcels with YouTube video screenshots, then so be it.

Use custom-made washi tapes showing recipient’s wacky faces

If personalized wrapping paper isn’t your thing, then why not personalize the tape?

Yes – it’s perfectly possible to spend money on photo tape, and we really love it as a creative concept.

The recipient will definitely notice that there is something a little odd about the packaging and once they realize, they’ll be sure to see the funny side.

They will most likely even keep the tape – so, if anything, make the photo a good one! 

using washi tape for gift wrapping with recipient face

You could use photos that offer brilliant stories or memories you’ve shared over the years.

There’s nothing to say this can’t be a heartfelt idea worth sharing, too.

But again, if you want to plaster your gift wrapping with tape featuring Rick Astley to troll your friends, that’s your prerogative too.

Tape a new trash bin as a gift box

Everyone loves Christmas and birthday gifts – they really do have a certain look on their face when receiving them – it’s all part of the fun in sharing presents.

BUT, imagine the look on your family’s faces when they receive Christmas gifts wrapped in trash bins!

A little odd, definitely daring, and potentially a bit gross – you could buy yourself a new trash bin and really style it up with kraft paper, craft paint and more.

presenting gifts in a trash bin

The whole idea here is that your recipients think they are literally receiving trash as a gift – it’s devilish DIY at its best.

We wouldn’t advise you take a paint pen and start making ideas for a used trash bin. The last thing anyone needs on Christmas morning is botulism, let alone presents covered in nasty leftovers from last week…

Put gift in a box from well-known tech brand

Although none of us really talk about it, we do all keep the packages from our laptops, televisions and especially our phones.

Sometimes the boxes are just really nice. And of course, they can be reused and add value if you sell the item on later.

Why not pull a few pranks and pretend you’ve bought your family a set of new Apple tech?

Wrapping a gift in a known tech brand’s package is a great way of getting your loved one’s hopes up, only for them to be hilariously destroyed.

Does it sound a little mean? That’s up to you.

Gauge your audience for pranks like these – you don’t want nasty comments across the holidays from your loved ones who don’t share your sense of humor.

Or your kids to hate you like these guys below…

Even better, you’re helping to save paper, and therefore the planet.

It’s an eco-friendly prank, not so much a DIY project, but one that’s quick and funny all the same.

Though there’s nothing stopping you from adding your own touch to the box.

Wrap it with a chain and a lock

What’s better than tearing into the wrapping paper and getting to our gift? Watching someone else not manage to get into theirs, of course.

Why not lock it all up and hide the key? One of the most absurd gift wrapping ideas, it absolutely beats wasting wrapping paper – even if it does raise a few eyebrows.

If you love playing pranks over the holidays, then cast off the gift wrapping and add on the shackles of a bike lock or similar.

Maybe you could ask people to break a coded lock before they get to their presents.

This could create some funny stories. Well – let’s face it, you’ll be lucky to receive a thanks for making it so difficult! But there should be laughs all around and they’ll appreciate your creativity.

You Don’t Need Wrapping Paper to Wrap a Gift

As you can see, there are plenty of ways of messing with friends or family member – or rendering a gift giving occasion more memorable – simply by adding a little extra time and creativity to the gift wrapping process!

It will be just as much of a laugh for you as it will be for them (if you’re lucky).

Pranks are definitely a great way of showing that we love someone and of course of making ourselves laugh.

However, take these gift wrapping ideas in kind – poking fun is one thing, bullying is completely different. Go for some light-hearted fun to create stories with your loved ones that you’ll share for years to come.

Finally, if you still want more ideas, Pinterest is a haven for loads more funny ideas for wrapping a gift.

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