First Birthday Gift Ideas For Boys and Girls

The first birthday calls for a big celebration. Looking for some gift ideas for your 1 year old? You’re at the right place! 

We browsed through the baby-toy categories to uncover the greatest toys and unique gifts for one-year-olds, from educational toys to recreational toys and just about everything else, whether you’re shopping for first birthday presents or Christmas presents. 

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

One thing is certain: 12-month-olds are energetic little humans, whether they’re crawling, waddling, or taking their first few steps. As a result, it’s critical to select toys for 1-year-old girls and boys that will satisfy their urge to discover the world around them while also providing plenty of action. 

The physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities of a one-year-old are always evolving, so keep this in mind when shopping for a gift for your child. The top toys and gifts for one-year-olds are listed here.

PBS Kids Playtime Pad

For guilt-free screen time, the PBS Kids Playtime Pad provides kids with over 1 million movies and games. The device is wonderfully built for the high-tech baby boy, reaching seven inches and secured by rubber bumpers. This device is extremely user-friendly and simple to understand, operate, and enjoy.

The games and activities provided will assist your kid in developing all of the necessary skills to excel in preschool when she begins next year.

The installed and downloadable instructional content is award-winning, curriculum-based, and created in collaboration with early childhood professionals. It includes nearly 60 PBS Kids games and films, as well as hours of free amusement.

If you have more than one kid in the family who potentially uses it, you can create multiple profiles and allow or restrict extra apps for comprehensive parental control. It was a big hit with us, and we think it would make a terrific birthday present for your one-year-old.

A Princess Castle Tent

Your tiny girl is a princess, and she is entitled to a castle. As a first birthday present, get your newborn girl a princess tent. Ribbons, streamers, and lovely lights can be used to decorate the tent. We recommend getting a large, spacious tent; tiny tents are generally crowded.

This birthday present for a 7-year-old girl will provide her with the wonderful childhood memories she so well deserves! Your youngster and her friends will have a blast pretending to be a beloved character from a favorite fairy story. 

This princess play tent from First Cry also comes with a string of L.E.D. Starlights. These glittering and sparkling lights, which resemble stars, help to create an even more healthful and pleasant environment for your little girl.

VTech Click and Count Remote

Give your kids their remote control if your child is preoccupied with fiddling with your TV remotes throughout the house. 

The VTech Click and Count Remote is a children’s toy that is supposed to resemble a real remote control with a twist. This product is suitable for babies aged 6 months to 3 years.

Like an actual remote, the remote contains a numerical keypad. It also offers voice feedback that identifies which key or channel is pressed in a nice voice that youngsters will enjoy. 

When you press the volume up or down buttons, you’ll hear a lovely sound that indicates which button you’ve pressed. When you press play on your DVR, you’ll hear a voice say, “Let’s replay the movie.”

This VTech Click and Count Remote comes with 45 sing-along tracks, rhythms, sound effects, and sentences. Toddlers can pretend to browse the television channels, which include weather and news. Early schooling benefits greatly from participatory role play.

Baby Einstein Soother Musical Crib Toy

The relaxing colors and melodies of this Einstein Sea Dreams Toy are a hit with kids. It will soothe and glow light effects while playing classical songs.

This soother is “magic” at lulling a baby to sleep or lulling a tired baby back to sleep in the dead of the night. It has an adjustable strap that secures it to the crib.

It plays soothing music for about 25 minutes, and the underwater spectacle is breathtaking! The music slowly fades and quiets as the soother runs, which truly helps to set the tone for sleepy time.

It’s possible to set the volume to “soft” or “regular,” which is a nice option. It runs on four “C” batteries that will last longer than you expect.

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

Playing with the LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket will help your child learn about colors and patterns. The items in the basket can be sorted, matched, stacked, emptied, and filled by the children.

This picnic set’s pieces are all composed of long-lasting hard plastic, making them safe to use and interact with for a long time. They are also the ideal size, not too huge for a child’s hands but big enough to prevent choking hazards.

Some of the smaller bits might fit into the mouth of an older youngster, but it would take a lot of work on their behalf, and even then, they wouldn’t be able to swallow them whole.

This provides most parents peace of mind because they can now leave their child with the toy unsupervised without worrying about the safety of the child. 

If you are still not sure, keep a close eye on your child while they’re playing, or simply remove the pieces that you believe are the most dangerous before moving on.

Maya The Mermaid (Cuddle and Kind)

Maya is a mermaid that lives in the sea.

A doll is another guaranteed first birthday gift suggestion if the baby doesn’t already have a favorite item that he or she takes everywhere. These reasonable dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but we’re particularly fond of the mermaid set. 

What’s the first benefit? Your purchase will help feed hungry children. What about reward number two? You can have a matching nursery print with the character of your choice. 

What’s the third benefit? The dolls have “birthdays,” so you can choose one that matches with your child’s birthday.


Choosing the proper present becomes simple once you’ve determined your child’s interests. Always keep in mind that your childs’ safety comes first. 

Miniature presents, as well as those with detachable parts or chemicals, should be avoided. Babies have a tendency for putting anything in their mouth, thus such toys could be disastrous.

Lastly, it is more important to spend quality time with your infant on his or her first birthday than it is to exchange gifts. Have a great time and Happy Reading!

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