Greek Easter Gifts – Present Basket Ideas for Kids and Adults

As you may know, Greek Easter falls after the Catholic Easter every year. This is due to the fact that the date is calculated according to the Julian calendar.

Nevertheless, Easter is still very much celebrated by Greek people, if in a way that it is a little different to what you might be used to in the west.

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So, to help you prepare the Easter baskets for your Greek family and friends, here is a list of the present Easter gifts and Easter Basket ideas for the occasion to come.

Top 3 Greek Easter Gift Ideas

As you may know, one of the main focuses of Greek Easter is absolutely the food.

Everyone gathers around a roasted lamb and all the delicacies that arrive alongside.

However, the gifts that you give do not always have to do with food. Here’s our selection of Greek gifts to help make Easter that extra bit special.

A Greek Easter Candle 

The Greek Easter candle, also known as the lambada, is traditionally used in the evening of the Megalo Savvato.

Everyone holds their candle, awaiting the holy light to pass across them.

A great point about giving these candles as presents is that they can be beautifully customized with pendants, wood, medals, and more. Lambada sets are available to buy.

Easter bracelets 

Again, bracelets are pretty easy to come by, but they do make great Greek Easter presents.

You can find beautiful bracelets for every member of the family and personalize them to their tastes and styles.

Make them Easter-related by adding trinkets such as ribbons, bells, etc. Consider buying a multi-piece DIY bracelet, for example.

Egg baskets

Of course, the best thing that you can do for your loved ones on Greek Easter is to get each individual person their own Easter Basket.

You can fill them with all of the gifts that you have found, a nice card, some games for the day, and of course plenty of red eggs.

You can easily find beautiful baskets online in different styles, and sizes to suit every member of the family.

In fact, a great way of making them that much more special is by ensuring that everyone has their own personalized basket.

Take a look at these great Easter buckets as starting points!

Top Greek Easter Gift Baskets

As you may have guessed, the best things to put in an Easter Basket are certainly sweet treats and edible goodies.

There is, of course, the occasional Easter present, too. Here are some great Greek Easter Basket ideas. 

Easter Candy 

Everyone deserves something sweet at Easter.

One of the great things about Greek Easter is when it occurs – given that it comes after the Catholic Easter, most of the chocolates and candies have already been discounted by local shops and online outlets.

The best sweets for Greek Easter Baskets include marshmallows, big Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, chocolate cream eggs – and you can’t go wrong with Peeps.

Stuffed Toys

From sheep and chicks to bunnies, there are so many great stuffed Easter animals to choose from – and they’re normally out in full force when spring sales arrive.

Plush, cuddly and stuffed toys make for ideal child comforters, though there are plenty of grown-ups who appreciate the odd toy over Easter eggs, too.

Families across Greece often share more than just chocolate across the Easter table – be sure to consider cuddly toys for baskets.

Craft supplies 

A great way of ensuring that everyone’s got plenty to do at Easter is by gifting craft supplies.

Of course, you can make them Easter-related with fun Easter stickers, bright colored paints, paper, tools, etc.

This will help to keep the children busy as they wait for the lamb to cook – and it might keep them away from Easter eggs for a little while, too.

Check out Easter craft supply sets online for inspiration.

Red eggs 

Greek Easter Gifts blog post image

No Greek Easter Basket is complete without a red egg.

However, not everyone loves hard-boiled eggs.

If that is the case with the people that you love, then you can always buy some red plastic eggs on Amazon and fill the insides with chocolate, candies, or even some of the craft supplies as mentioned above.

The red from the egg is supposed to represent the blood of Christ, so ensure that the eggs that you get are especially bold in color.

What to Get Kids For Greek Easter? 

Greek Easter is the perfect time to spoil the children in your life.

Treat them to new clothing, a nice Easter Basket, a game for the day, their own decorated light, and of course, plenty of candy and chocolate (within reason!).

The best thing to do is to give them things that they will be able to play with throughout the day and even into the next one, as the Greek Orthodox Church usually hosts ceremonies that last overnight for Greek Easter.

Easter is a very special and often solemn time for Greek families, which means traditions are highly important – so be sure to offer gifts that reflect the season, as well as those that offer tons of fun.


Greek Easter truly is a wonderful time of year. The food is fantastic – from Greek Easter bread and feta cheese to pastries and red eggs, it is normally an ideal time to feast.

And, of course, the point is to enjoy this great food with your loved ones.

The best way of celebrating your loved ones is by letting them know just how much they mean to you with carefully-chosen gifts and treats.

Greek Orthodox Easter gifts are very easy to come by, and some you can definitely even make yourself.

In fact, the only thing you should have to worry about during Greek Easter is what you’re going to do with all of the leftovers…

We hope this guide has helped to give you some firm inspiration on what to purchase for the best experience this Greek Easter.

Don’t forget, this time of year is all about coming together and celebrating family – so, no matter the gifts you buy, always prioritize family time first – and creating lovely memories.

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