Secret Gifts for a Married Man

Well, aren’t you the naughty vixen? Hey, we’re not here to judge – we get it. Some married men just have the right words to get you hooked and keep the secret relationship going. Or maybe the situation is more complicated. Either way, you’re not here for a lecture! You’re here for some secret gift ideas for a married man.

Buying gifts for married men is hard. They need to be thoughtful, but also discreet.

Despite the risks, they may be one of few people in your life to understand your interests and provide for your needs so you want the perfect gift to show your appreciation.

Life is short, (isn’t that why we’re in a secret relationship with a married man?) so let’s get straight into 5 gift ideas that will make your man happy.

There are several ways to please a married man, and of course, I’m sure you know a few of them…

However, picking the perfect secret gift for a married man is not a walk in the park, so let’s take quick look at what you need to consider:

  • Should be discreet and secret – you don’t want the other party asking questions!
  • Thoughtful – the gift can show him that you listen and care
  • Meaningful – something that reminds him of only you
  • Different – if you want to be petty, your present can be something that he says his wife doesn’t allow him to have or do

Secret Gifts You can Give a Married Man

Many married men will fall out of love and stay in a relationship because they don’t want to rock the boat or for their children’s sake.

Leaving a marital home is a big deal for many men.

Whatever your goal for the relationship, you should think about gifts that leave you both with happy memories and leave you both with a warm feeling about escaping the reality of his married life.

So, what do you give a caring and responsible married man to appreciate them? Here are 5 ideas:

Cuff Links

As far as secret gifts for a married man go, a pair of unique cuff links ticks every box.

They are discreet, small, not overly expensive or scary to receive, and you can choose from many unique styles to him which shows you’re thoughtful.

It’s also an easy present to explain to an inquisitive wife if any questions or suspicions are raised.

Either he got it from work or saw a pair he liked and decided to treat himself.

Which cuff links to get him? The choices are endless and you can find a pair that are unique and meaningful for him.

Cuff Links - Steampunk Design With Vintage Gears

as of July 17, 2024 6:19 pm

Our Pick

Whether it be his favorite sports team, his initials or even themed on his favorite video game.

But our personal fave has to be this pair of ridiculously cool Steampunk designed cuff links.

Looking like the insides of clockwork, these cuff links would make a fantastic conversation starter.

They come in 3 colors and you even have the option to buy a pair with actual moving parts! How cool is that?

If you want something different though, click here for an endless choice.

Wireless Earbuds With Active Noise Cancelling

The love of a married man is conditional, but you can tip the scales, even if just a little bit, by uncovering their deepest desires and using them to your advantage.

What is this “deep” love for men? Technology!

Though we are half joking – it’s true that technology, such as earbuds, smartphones, video games will tickle the fancy of most men.

There is something about technology and men that makes them inseparable.

If you are dealing with a modern man with a sense of style, he’ll enjoy the latest and greatest gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live | Wireless Earbuds w/Active Noise Cancelling

as of July 17, 2024 6:19 pm

It’s also a very discreet gift and a man can always say that they got the gift from colleagues or boss at work for a job well done. Or if you don’t want to weave a story, your man can simply say he treated himself!

Besides, it is not that common for women to purchase technological devices for men unless they’ve requested the gift, so you are safe in that department.

Samsung Galaxy Wireless Buds are the kind of gift every man wishes they had.

They look really cool (much cooler than Apple Airpods in our opinion) – profoundly unique and sophisticated like something out of a sci-fi like Star Wars or the Matrix movie.

They come with a case that doubles up as a wireless charger for the earbuds and they have a long battery life of up to 8 hours!

Active noise cancellation technology is rare in earbuds but this pair of Samsung Galaxy buds has them. He’ll love that he can turn it on to block out the noisy outside world and get lost in his music.

Noise cancellation also means clearer conversations in traffic or crowded places. These quality earbuds help maintain a clear and crisp conversation with clients, employees, and other important people (like you!).

Also has “always-on” voice assistance so that he won’t even need to take out his phone to operate these buds. He’ll appreciate that you’ve thought of his convenience with this feature.

Stylish Luxury Pen

If he becomes jealous when you see other men, then you are not a dalliance to satisfy his lust and boredom.

Once in a while, test the depth of his feelings and intentions to bring out the green-eyed monster – not a bad thing if he loves you.

The man will show that they are genuinely unhappy if someone else starts to show interest in you. At such a time, you should get them a thoughtful and good quality gift to appreciate their genuine feelings.

MontBlanc Meisterstuck - Platinum Line Classique Ballpoint Pen

as of July 17, 2024 6:19 pm

If he is a businessman, then a stylish pen, like the Cross Edge Pen with a titanium barrel, will come in handy.

The man will use it everywhere and always think of you, and most importantly, it will not raise suspicions.

The capless gel ink technology produces the finest writing, and the man will be proud to show it off to everyone.

Other impressive features include the click-and-slide and the metallic fusion resin with style to boot.

Ideally, select an unusual item that stands out from the rest. It will not mean anything if they can get the pen at the local store at a discount.

Genetically, men are lazy, especially when it comes to heart matters, so you should be ready to put in the work.

Take your time to pick the perfect gift, and you will give them the motivation to concoct a plan that works best for you.

Remember, the quality of the gift is the best indicator of intentions or desire.

If the man you’re dating is already financially well off, then maybe you’re looking more for ideas on cheap gifts for rich people

Diary or Journal

If you don’t want to freak your married man out too quickly with something too expensive like a luxury watch, or even a holiday property where you plan to surprise him with bedroom antics, you can start your him off small to not scare him off.

Get the man something they will frequently use to remind them that they are always on your mind.

Full Grain Premium Leather Refillable Journal - A5

as of July 17, 2024 6:19 pm

Perhaps the best gift for a secret relationship is a diary, which he’ll probably use at the office, home, and when he goes for a business trip.

Choose the most stylish and beautiful diary like our favourite full leather one above, and resist the temptation to sign it.

You don’t want his wife coming across the signature and starting world war three!

With lined pages, professional design, and functional case, this diary is an excellent gift for your man.

It supports a precise organization of thoughts, and the high-quality paper impresses business people and those who value time management.

Of course, don’t demand to feature in some of the pages, just yet, unless chaos turns you on.

Bottle of Cognac or Luxury Decanter Set

Your married man not really a diary-keeper or book worm? No problem.

If he has an expensive taste for fine alcohol, then a nice bottle of cognac will take them by surprise, and they will appreciate you.

Fair warning, though; things may start to change and you might see the loosening of his ties that bind him to the matrimonial castle.

Basically, he might love you even more. Especially, if he’s on the cognac while declaring his love. That might be what you want anyway, eh?

Tip: bonus points for thinking up a story in advance for him about where he got the bottle of Cognac before giving him the gift i.e. a business event.

Billionth Barrel Crystal Glass Whiskey Decanter Set – 880ml with 4 x Glasses

as of July 17, 2024 6:19 pm

You can accompany the cognac bottle with the Billionth Barrel Crystal Glass Whiskey Decanter Set, with unique and stylish patterns.

The vintage style, well-balanced, and sturdy whiskey glasses are a visual confectionery that best indicate class and good memories.

The decanter set comes with a hand-written thank you note in a luxurious box. He’ll have to keep that discreet, obviously.

These attention grabbing, intricately-cut glasses stand out like something out of a fairy tale.

The classical look of the set and the way it glimmers and captures light is outstanding.

Your man will be crazy impressed – especially if you’ve made a note of his favorite cognac or spirit – something that might not happen quite often.

Even though the decanter set and a bottle of cognac may be suspicious, such a unique gift is the kind of stuff that you get at company appreciation parties or from business clients.

Besides, your primary objective is to show appreciation and not to craft a believable story.

But as we said, weaving a story for him in advance will save him stress as a bonus, and he’ll appreciate the gift even more.


No doubt an affair with a married man is a big bag of secrets. But he is your married man, and there is a reason why you stick with him through thick and thin.

We can only advise on gifts – we’ll stay out of giving married relationship advice and leave it to the experts like in the video below!

Regardless of your reasons, gifts are the best to show your love for them.

Choose wisely, and keep in mind that there may be potential for friction between the married man and his wife if she suspects the gift is from ‘the other woman.’

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