Great Gifts For A 12 Year Old Girl (in 2022)

It’s easy to picture your ideal gift because you know yourself best. However, how do you figure out what someone else’s ideal gift is, let alone a good gift for a 12 year old girl? 

Trying to piece this mystery together becomes even harder when the recipient of the gift isn’t your age. 

12 year old girls are in a formative part of their life. They’re preparing to transition from middle childhood to teenage years and this means their interests are constantly evolving. 

This could mean a different thing for each person. 

Depending on the child’s interests in music, art, technology, self care, travel, or construction, they’ll enjoy a different type of gift. 

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend purchasing gifts that involve some element of peer-based activities. 

Good Gifts For 12 Year Olds

Apples To Apples

Apples to apples is a strategy centered game by Marvel. You win if you have the best gameplay. 

In such a case, it is important to make sure the 12 year old girl you’re giving the gift to will want something stimulating. 

The goal of the game is to put down red cards with phrases or words that match the prompt on the green cards. 

Whoever collects the most green cards wins. 

Since this is a Marvel game, each card has a superhero on it, which makes this a great gift for any child who appreciates the comic books or cinematic universe. 

Some examples of the titles on cards include giants, zombies, and hawkeye. 

Waterproof Speaker

Getting a practical gift is another great option. If the 12 year old girl you want to give a gift to regularly spends a lot of time in water bodies, a waterproof speaker is a great way to go. 

She can use it to blast her favorite songs on repeat while walking to or from school, in the middle of a swim meet, or while waiting for her parents to pick her up from sports practice. 

She could even use it while partying with her friends in a backyard swimming pool. 


Popsockets are an excellent budget-friendly gift for 12 year olds. There are virtually endless options so you can get a design that you know the gift recipient will like. 

For instance, you could choose a cat popsocket if she has a cat she loves or one with a Taylor Swift design if she is a Swiftie. 

The official Popsockets page has an excellent Who Runs The World option too. It’s a female empowerment popsocket acting as a tribute to Malala. 

Support the Malala Fund by purchasing it since 50% of net product sales go to the fantastic organization. 

Polaroid Camera

All 12 year olds have smartphones that are equipped with cameras. But very few little girls have polaroid cameras. 

It’s a throwback to old vintage cameras with a modern twist. With these cameras, they can print out pictures taken with their friends and memorialize their time. 

Since taking each picture takes time to compose and the camera has limited film, each picture becomes incredibly special. 

Popping Stress Reliever 

Pop fidget toys are great at channeling nervous energy. If the 12 year old you want to give a gift to is really hyper or super anxious, this would be a great gift for them. 

It’s a healthy alternative to biting nails or cracking knuckles since it offers the same psychological release without kids hurting themselves or disturbing the people around them. 

Knee High Socks 

Long socks are coming back into fashion. With short skirts and dresses, long socks are the ideal accessory. 

For 12 year old girls who love being on par with today’s fashion trends, cute knee high socks are a great gift. 

The only thing you should remember is that clothing items should always be cotton. 

Try to avoid getting cotton polyester blends because those are harmful for skin. 

Moreover, get socks that are in the child’s style. 

For instance, if they wear funky clothes, funky socks with playful designs would be a great idea. You could get an animal themed pack that has socks with cat and panda designs. 

Alternatively, if you know they wear basic outfits, get them basic block coloured socks. 

Your gift doesn’t count as a good gift if the recipient never uses it. 


Lego is another good gift for 12 year olds. They can channel their inner engineer and build ships, buildings, and bridges. 

There are several design options on the Lego website so you can choose whichever one you think the girl might like. 


Irrespective of whether the 12 year old girl in question actually goes camping, a hammock is a great gift. If she goes camping regularly, that makes the gift ever better. 

Hammocks are a good gift because they are super fun. How many people do you know who sleep in one? Probably not a lot. 

Anything out of the ordinary that offers a child a new experience is something they’re bound to love. 

The 12 year old can hang the hammock in her backyard and read books on it, take it with her while camping, or hang it up in her bedroom and take naps on it. 

It could even be a bed for one of her pets. The possibilities are endless. 

As long as you get a product that is sturdy enough to hold her weight and has a spacious design, a hammock can be a good gift. 

Wrap Up

The ideal gift for any kid depends entirely on their interests. So you have to have some general idea of what sorts of things they’re interested in to get a good gift for them. 

We’ve included good gifts that cover a wide range of interests so you’re bound to find something you like. 

If the 12 year old girl in question spends a lot of time with her friends, get her the polaroid camera. Do the same if she enjoys retro goods or photography. 

However, if she spends most of her time on her phone, a popsocket might be a better idea. 

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