Gifting A Song on iTunes To Your Friends – How-to Guide

Have you discovered something unique in the App Store, iTunes Store, or Apple Publications? 

You are welcome to forward it to a friend or relative. If you are unsure what to offer, you can send a gift card through email.

An iTunes gift card is a safe bet for any music fan, but sometimes offering the gift of a particular song or collection is much more considerate.

Gifting music is a great approach to satisfy the receiver if you understand what they enjoy. Here’s how to go about it.

iTunes Gift Vouchers; For Anyone and Everyone

The iTunes Store contains more content than you’ll ever absorb in a decade! 

Apple has a lot more to offer, including 12 million songs, 200,000+ applications, hundreds and thousands of shows and movies, and a diverse collection of iBooks to read and listen to. 

All of this content is available for on-demand viewing on any Apple device. Purchasing an iTunes Gift Card is quick, simple, and enjoyable!

Purchase An iTunes Voucher Online.

Are you hoping for a quick and easy method to impress? It is simple to get a gift voucher instantly! 

This setting assures there will be no surprise costs! 

Rather than linking credit cards or entering bank account details, use this secure prepaid credit to gift your loved ones with their favorite Apple products.

Isn’t it wonderful? Thanks to speedy digital delivery, you may obtain your voucher in minutes after buying gift cards online. 

So what are you holding out for? Make the most of your opportunity to make someone happy this holiday season.

You Will Receive Your iTunes Voucher Through Email Immediately.

To finish your transaction, choose the value of your virtual gift card and then make your payment. 

Your code appears instantly on your smartphone, and you receive an email with the coupon, a bill, and redeeming procedures within seconds. 

It doesn’t get any simpler than this! 

All you have to do now is gift it, and your loved ones will be able to shop all Itunes has to provide! You can quickly contact Apple, customer service staff if you have any issues placing an order or redeeming discounts.

Why Should You Gift an iTunes Voucher?

Suppose you want to give your child more credit for their favorite mobile game. There are many possibilities. 

The buyer has ultimate control with this digital gift card when buying Apple items. 

You can even surprise your near and dear ones with credit for that new VR app they’ve been waiting for.

You may personalize it by inserting a message and picking a free design template during the buying process.


  1. Is an iTunes gift Voucher usable on an Android phone?

Sure! The iTunes Present Card is a straightforward gift for iPhones, Ipads, and Apple users. Still, you can also use it to purchase Itunes on Android and PC.

How? Download the Audio app for Android or the iTunes program for PC and install it on your computer. 

Over 1 billion albums, songs, shows, videos, and ebooks are available. 

Not to mention the number of genuine item alternatives available in the Apple Store, which would satisfy any user – Android or iOS! Use the gift card to begin a new subscription or replenish an existing one.

  1. Does Itunes offer Flexibility?

iTunes has a lot of possibilities, and it’s a beautiful place to start if you’re looking for a present for a fussy individual but don’t know what they want. 

Apple customers are the most likely recipients of an iTunes gift card, but Android users have alternatives.

When you purchase one of these gift vouchers, you are purchasing a global card that one may use for:

– Applications: Do you or the person you’re purchasing the gift for frequently purchase apps? You may make app purchases if you have a gift card; this is great for heavy smartphone or iPad users who are always linked to their gadgets.

– Films: Do you want to see one of the most recent films? The entertainment category is a popular choice for an iTunes gift card. You may, of course, use your card for this as well.

– Musical composition: You’ll be able to listen to millions of albums and songs. You’ll also own the content, so you won’t have to worry about the music being pulled from a streaming service. If you don’t use a music streaming service and wish to buy music, use your gift card.

Literature: Do you enjoy reading digital books? So, read in peace. There’s a massive library full of books to peruse. Choose your favorite title, buy it, and curl up with some blankets as you turn the first page.

— Video games: Who doesn’t like a good game? Download that premium game that everyone is raving about if you’re on a long journey or have some downtime. All of the top titles are available for play on iTunes.

— In-app purchase: You may add the card to your Apple ID and use it to purchase products through an app if you have one; this is useful for unlocking ad-free apps or purchasing things or additional features in your favorite app.

An Apple gift card is required if you wish to purchase or add cash to buy a tangible Apple device, such as an iPhone or iPad. Please keep in mind that you cannot use your card to purchase Apple items. 

Only downloadable content is available for purchase.

How to Use iTunes to Give Songs as Gifts?

It’s effortless:

1. Go over to the iTunes Store and look for the song you want to give as a present.

2. To give a piece of single music as a gift, click the button next to the pricing, scroll to the bottom, and then select “Gift This Song.”

3. To give an album as a present, click the button beside the buy option, then scroll down and select “Gift This Album.”

4. You will then be sent to the ‘Request an iTunes Present’ page, where you may enter the gift recipient’s email account.

5. If desired, type a customized note in the Text box.

6. Select a design for your present. On the right side of the page, you’ll see a sample of how your presentation will look in the recipient’s email. To proceed, click Next.

7. Choose a present theme and the period on which you want the gift “delivered.”

8. Confirm the details and mail the gift!

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