Where to Sell Steam Gift Card For Cash (and Other Payment Methods)

A Steam gift card is a great present, especially for those who love to play on their computer.

However, for some gamers, it may not be a helpful present.

If you got a Steam gift card and were unsure what to do with it, try selling it online instead of giving it away or letting it expire.

Do you know that you can sell any unused, prepaid, or non-reloadable gift cards?

Yes, that’s right! You can sell any unused and unwanted cards for cash.

Just list your Steam gift cards on a website or mobile app like GameFlip.

Some people recommend choosing auto-delivery for the fastest and smoothest transaction.

Your Steam gift card will be displayed in front of thousands of customers on the marketplace.

If you want to quickly sell your Steam gift cards, choose the price between 2% and 15% off the original value.

People love discounted items, so you may need to drop your asking price to attract buyers.

How Do I Sell a Steam Card?

You may begin trading your Steam Card on a trading website, such as Presmit.

You must first make an account and log in to Presmit.

Log in to your account and choose “Begin Trade” or “Start Trade.”

Then, on the next page, select “SELL GIFT CARDS.”

Then, scroll down to input the transaction data.

Category: Select the gift card brand you wish to sell here. If you have a Steam gift card, you may input it here.

Gift card: You may choose the “kind” of gift card you have and wish to sell here.

Amount: In this field, enter the total amount of gift cards you wish to sell. If you sell a $100 iTunes gift card in 5 pieces, you will get $500.

Method of payment: You may be paid in NAIRA, CEDIS, BITCOINS, or USDT when you trade. Choose a payment method.

File upload: This area allows you to upload photographs of your gift card. You may import up to 25 pictures in a trade. If you’re exchanging E-code and don’t need a picture, leave this box blank and put the E-code in the comment thread instead.

Send directly:  There is an option called “Send Directly to My Bank Account.” Tick this box if you want the money sent straight to your bank account when the deal is completed. Please remember that you must have added your bank account from your Naira or Cedis wallet to take advantage of this service.

Comments: Include any other information you want the administrator to know in this section. If you’re exchanging an E-code or your steam card isn’t clear, enter the code here; otherwise, leave the field empty.

Can You Exchange Steam Cards for Cash?

Steam does not allow the exchange of gift cards for cash.

You may, however, search for “Steam card for cash” online and try trading it with someone or putting it on an online gift card trading site.

There are various websites for this exact purpose.

However, you will lose around 70% to 90% of the value of your gift card since certain platforms charge a fee or some buyers may seek a discount.

Can I Sell a Steam Gift Card Online?

Yes. A Steam Gift Card may be sold online.

Selling a Steam gift card for cash on various websites is very simple and convenient.

Thanks to some authorized gift card trading services like PRESTMIT and GameFlip.

They accept e-codes and physical gift cards in any denomination, with or without receipts, regardless of the place of origin, and you may earn money in just a minute.

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Can I Sell my Steam Gift Card for Paypal Funds?

Yes. CardCash allows you to exchange unwanted gift cards for cash in your PayPal balance.

The money may then be used to make payments, purchase at any online retailer that supports PayPal, or simply transfer to your bank account.

Your cash will usually be deposited into your PayPal account within one business day.

You may trade as many gift cards as you want in a single transaction.

Rates for gift card exchange value might vary from business to business based on the demand for the gift card.

Where Can I Sell my Steam Gift Card for Cash Instantly?

Selling your Steam gift cards online is the fastest and easiest method to sell them.

There are online sites like GameFlip, Premits, ClimaxCardings, and others.

With the help of such gift card trading platforms, you can instantly sell your unwanted gift cards and convert them into cash.

Can I Sell my Steam Gift Card for Bitcoin?

Yes. You can sell Steam cards for Bitcoin.

Steam gift cards that you no longer use or need can be converted into a profitable investment!

New generation cryptocurrency shopping methods allow you to invest in Bitcoin with gift cards in a secure manner without using any additional tools.

Furthermore, this system works not only with Bitcoin but also with other currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Perfect Money USD. 

You may sell a Steam gift card for Bitcoin in three easy steps, which are perfectly legal.

Can Steam Gift Cards be Refunded?

No. Once a Steam card has been activated, it cannot be refunded.

When the card is scanned for purchase, it becomes active.

Since Steam gift cards cannot be returned, your only choice is to sell them to get your money back.

Can I Trade my Steam Gift Cards For a Different Gift Card or Gift Certificates?

Yes, you may sell Steam gift card for a different card or gift certificate.

However, be informed and careful of the possibility of scammers.

To avoid this, just use a legal website such as Raise, GameFlip, CardCash, or CardPool.

Which Places Sell Steam Gift Cards at a Discount?

Steam Wallet Codes and Steam Gift Cards may be purchased worldwide.

You may buy them in hundreds of retail locations or online retailers using your local payment methods.

However, most discounted Gift Cards are offered via online websites.

They may be purchased as part of a promo or as a package.

What Can You Do with A Steam Gift Card?

Steam Gift Cards and Wallet Codes work similarly to gift certificates. They may be used on Steam to purchase games, software, and other items.


A Steam Gift Card would be an ideal gift for those who like playing and working on their desktop computer.

However, for others, a Steam Gift Card may be unnecessary.

But don’t worry; you may sell or exchange them for cash or via PayPal instead of throwing them away and losing their value.

Steam Gift Card may be sold or traded on sites that enable exchange for these cards.

For the trade to be successful, you must fill out all of the required information, offer a photo of the gift card, and be specific with the amount and payment method.

You may sell Steam Gift Cards using internet services.

However, please be careful of the risk and danger of scammers; always use authorized websites such as GameFlip and Raise.

They may provide discounts for the Steam Card and assist you in converting it to PayPal funds.

Steam Gift Cards function just like gift certificates; optimize your experiences and the advantages of owning one.

Sell and trade them wisely so that they may be redeemed at a high value.

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