Where to Buy Steam Gift Cards? (Online & In Stores)

While some people believe that gift cards are an easy gift, many will agree that they are an excellent solution when you are at a loss for thoughtful gift ideas.

Steam gift cards are the ideal present for gamers and provide instant access to play online games on a PC, Mac, Linux, mobile, and even your television!

Steam Gift Cards are available in various denominations at retail stores worldwide for occasions when a gift in hand is preferable.

Physical gift cards are a great option when you have cash on hand and would like to spend it on Steam.

You can also now contribute directly to a friend’s or relatives member’s Steam wallet online.

Sign in to Steam, choose a Steam Friend and a gift amount, and we’ll guide you through the rest (a bit further down this post!).

To assist you in purchasing Steam gift cards, we have gathered a list of sites and physical stores where you may get Steam gift cards.

Where Do I Get Steam Gift Cards Online?

Where Do I Get Steam Gift Cards Online

Steam Wallet Codes and Steam Gift Cards are available for purchase worldwide.

You can buy them using your local payment options in various retail stores or online shops.

Steam gift cards are available from a number of trusted online stores such as MyGiftCardSupply, Amazon, Dundle, and OffGamers.

The simplest way to purchase them is instantly from the website.

You can buy a physical gift card or a digital gift card. Whichever gift card works for you or your recipient.

How to Buy a Steam Gift Card for A Steam Friend

  • Log into Steam
  • Choose a Steam Friend
  • Choose a gift amount to use the online option
  • The recipient will see the gift in their Steam wallet

Gamers can choose to spend their gift on games, software, or hardware, and wallet credit on the Steam store.

Do Stores Still Sell Steam Gift Cards to Buy in-Person?

Do Stores Still Sell Steam Gift Cards

A physical Steam gift card can be purchased from any of the retailers listed above and others.

If you get a physical one, you must give it to your friend in person.

Physical Steam cards can be purchased at retail stores worldwide, including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, GameStop, 7-Eleven, CVS, Dollar General, and others.

The only real distinction between a physical and digital gift card is the quantity of money received.

Physical cards are available in denominations of $20, $30, $50, and $100, whereas digital cards are available in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.

Note that denominations and price vary from store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Steam Gift Card

When redeemed, steam Card balances are added to your Steam Wallet, and you can add multiple account balances to your wallet.

If your wallet balance is incomplete for a purchase, you can pay the remaining balance with a credit or debit card.

A Best Buy gift card cannot be used to purchase a Steam Card.

Even if you make a purchase, Best Buy will almost certainly cancel it if it is against their policy to use a gift card to purchase another gift card item.

Does 7/11 Sell Steam Cards?

Yes, you may purchase Steam gift cards in 7/11.

Does Walmart Sell Steam Gift Card?

Yes, Steam gift cards are also available on Walmart.

Their Gift Cards have no fees and never expire.

Can Steam Gift Cards Be Converted Into Cash?

The funds in the steam account are not directly withdrawable.

The remaining balance can be saved and used to buy other products in the future.

How Much Money Can You Put on A Steam Gift Card?

The maximum amount of money that can be added at one time is $100.

The Steam Wallet has a limit of $500.

You must use your debit/credit card directly for purchases that cost more than that.

Can I Buy a Steam Wallet Codes Online?

You can get steam wallet gift cards by using the official Steam app or the web platform.

You can also use many third party websites online like G2A to buy a Steam gift card or wallet code. Some may even have exclusive deals.

Physical ones include a code that must be revealed by scratching it with a coin.

  • Open Steam on your desktop to redeem one through the Steam app.
  • On the top menu bar, click the Games button, then click Redeem a Steam Wallet Code button.
  • Enter the Steam Wallet code field and press the Continue button.
  • After this step, Steam may ask you to add an address, but the amount will be added to your Steam Wallet balance.

You do not need to redeem a digital Card because it is automatically credited to your account.

You have to accept the gift, and the money will be credited to your Steam Wallet.

How to Send a Digital Steam Card?

1. While registered into your Steam account, navigate to this page on the Steam website. Choose the monetary value of the card you would like to send.

2. Choose the friend or their account name or account details from your Steam friends list to whom you want to send the card. The recipient must be on your list of friends.

3. Steam will provide you with a text field to write a note to accompany the card. This step is purely optional, but it is a nice gesture. Add funds amount.

4. You’ll be requested to choose a payment method. Steam accepts the majority of major credit cards as well as PayPal payments.

5. You’ll be asked to accept the Steam subscriber contract and given one final chance to change your purchase.

6. Steam will email you to confirm that the transaction was successful, and your digital Steam card will be delivered with the same-day delivery.


Steam Gift Cards are perfect for your loved ones who like to play games and would want to maximize their gaming experience. ( Find out Where to Buy Steam Gift Cards in Thailand by clicking on the link! )

You can purchase these gift cards online and in their physical stores.

You can add an amount with a maximum of $100 for every purchase, the wallet has a limit of $500, but the great news is that it never expires.

You can buy them at their official online site or Walmart, GameStop, 7/11, Walgreens, etc.

You cannot use Best Buy gift cards to buy Steam Gift Cards, but you can purchase a Steam Card at Best Buy and add it to your Steam Wallet.

You can get the Steam Wallet codes online, follow the steps, enter the code and the amount, and make sure that your account is active and directly credited to your account.

You can send yourself the Steam Gift Cards to your friends and family and play the games you love!

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