Where to Buy iTunes Gift Card in Italy?

If you have friends or family who are regular users of Apple goods and services, and iTunes card is perhaps the most convenient and best present to give them.

You can order an iTunes gift card online on the Apple store directly.

Also, hundreds of third-party sites like carddelivery.com, offgamers.com, sell iTunes gift cards, and they will send you a scanned copy of the gift card via email.

The code works on the Apple store in Italy. You have to pay for the iTunes card first before the gift card is emailed to you. 

How can you use Italy iTunes gift cards?

When you use an iTunes Gift Card in Italy, cash will be deposited into your Apple account.

You will be able to spend these funds to purchase and renew a variety of services available via the App Store and iTunes Store.

What are other uses of Italy iTunes Gift Card?

The cash redeemed from your Italy iTunes gift card may also be used to renew various subscriptions, such as your Apple Music membership.

Are iTunes and Apple Gift Cards interchangeable?

You could use an iTunes gift card to make purchases on the App Store (including the Mac App Store), iTunes music Store, extend your iCloud storage, or use an Apple Store gift card to make purchases in the company’s physical or online shops.

Apple Gift Cards may only be purchased in the United States at this time.

What Italy iTunes Gift Card denominations can you buy in the Italy iTunes store?

Gift cards for Italy’s iTunes store are an excellent option for people of all ages and interests.

You may purchase gift cards ranging in value from EUR10 – EUR100.

All gift cards purchased in the Italy iTunes store may be used on any Apple device.

What are the Italy iTunes Gift Card features you can use?

Apple Arcade: A wide variety of games will be accessible on the Apple Arcade, and users will be able to buy and make in-app purchases from them.

Apple TV+ Apple TV+ allows you to binge-watch your favorite television series and movies from the comfort of your own home. Apple Books are also available to purchase with the Apple itunes gift card.

Can you buy Italy iTunes Gift Card in Store?

iTunes gift cards are available in different denominations in Italy’s…

  • supermarket
  • retail
  • warehouse
  • convenience
  • and pharmacy establishments

Remember that you may also get them through Apple or online.

How can you buy iTunes Gift Cards online with digital delivery?

Step 1: Go to the iTunes website or authorized seller website and choose the amount of gift card you want to purchase. When you’ve found the amount you’re searching for, click “Add to Cart.”

Step 2 This will lead you to your shopping basket, where you can either checkout or continue shopping to purchase other things. When checking out, click “Proceed To Check out.”

Step 3 You will then be requested to log in (if you have not previously done so) to your Card Delivery account to proceed with the checkout process.

For new customers, choose “No, I am a new client” and enter your information, including your email address, name, phone number, and password, before clicking “Sign Up.”

Returning Customers should choose “Yes, I have a password,” input your information, and then select “Login.”

Step 4 Double-check your purchase, then click the Proceed to Payment button.

Step 5 You will now be directed to the PayPal checkout page, where you can either log in and pay using your PayPal account or pay as a PayPal guest with a credit card.

Step 6 Once your money is received, your purchase will be handled as quickly as possible and sent to you as a PDF download.

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How To Redeem iTunes Gift Card?

Redeemable on: Apple’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Go to the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store on your device. Tap Redeem at the bottom of the Featured section.

“You may also manually input your code.”

Tap Redeem after entering your gift or content code.

(If you have an iTunes Gift Card, enter the 16-digit code that starts with the letter X on the back of the card.)

How to Check the Balance of Your Italy iTunes Gift Card?

Because it may be used for a variety of Apple services, the remaining amount on your iTunes gift card is often referred to as “Apple ID credit.”

To see the remaining value of your iTunes gift card on your iPhone, follow these steps: Go to the App Store and download the necessary apps.

Tap your user symbol in the upper-right corner of the Today tab.

Under your name, you may see whether you have any iTunes credit remaining.

How can you update your Italy iTunes balance?

Your iTunes account balance will be updated when you redeem a gift card code.

Your material would begin downloading if you redeemed an iTunes gift card.

How To Redeem Italy iTunes gift card on a Windows PC?

  • Look for the 16-digit code on the back of the card.
  • To view the code on certain gift cards, you may need to peel or lightly scratch off the label.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Choose Account from the menu at the top of the iTunes window.
  • Select Redeem.
  • Sign in and follow the on-screen instructions.

Is the Italy iTunes gift card only redeemable in Italy?

Yes. After purchasing the Italian version of the iTunes Card, it is only valid in Italy and cannot be used anywhere else.

You must have an Italy itunes account and can access the Italy itunes catalog.

Is it possible to use my iTunes gift card on an Android device?

You certainly can!

To begin, open your Apple Music app and redeem the code from there.

The credits will be added to your account.

Can you renew your Netflix Subscription using an Italy iTunes card?

You may renew your membership with an iTunes gift card as long as your subscription payment is tied to your iTunes account.

Do Italy iTunes Gift Cards Expire?

For the time being, there is no expiry date for iTunes gift cards, and Apple will continue to accept and honor them indefinitely.

You can use even very old iTunes gift cards since iTunes gifts do not generally have expiry dates.

Can You Use Italy iTunes Gift Cards Instead of Credit Cards?

When purchasing in the iTunes store, you may use an iTunes gift card instead of a credit card.

When you create an Apple ID, you have the option of adding a payment method.

However, you are not required to link a credit card to your Account.

If you want, you may skip the process of choosing a payment method and instead use gift cards to add a balance to your Account.


Italy iTunes gift cards are available in denominations of EUR10, EUR15, EUR25, EUR50, EUR100.

You can buy Italy iTunes gift cards in Italy Apple Store, third-party stores, and hundreds of online retailer sites.

Remember that you are buying an Italian gift card used at Italian stores and only for use on Italy iTunes account registered in that country.

iTunes cards are redeemable on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from Apple.

Your gift card has no expiration date.

When purchasing in the iTunes store, you may use an iTunes gift card instead of a credit card.

Remember the risks when you buy an Italy iTunes gift card from a retailer.

iTunes cannot ensure the code’s legitimacy once a gift card has been removed from the secured inventory.

iTunes gift cards cannot be refunded or exchanged once you redeem itunes card.

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