Where to Buy Flix Brewhouse Gift Cards

America’s First Cinema Brewery is Flix Brewhouse, the world’s first-run movie theater with a fully working microbrewery.

Flix offers three of America’s biggest delights — artisan beer, delicious food, drinks and the latest movies — to your cinema seat.

Flix brings three of America’s great joys — craft beer, superb food, and the newest movies – to your theater seat by integrating these themes.

All stadium seating “dining rooms” incorporate high-definition digital projection and sound technology, wall-to-wall curved displays, and our unique Easy Glider moving tabletop.

The Flix Mix lobby bar and café will be available to the public seven days a week, no ticket necessary, so you can walk in and get a bite to eat or a locally made beer whenever you want!

Flix Brewhouse gift cards can be bought through any of its locations, the Flix Brewhouse website and any third party authorized seller such as SamsClub, Bigscreen, Gift Card Place, Giftly, and Gift Rocket.

What Are Flix Brewhouse Gift Cards?

Unlock the full potential of your Flix Brewhouse Gift Card by purchasing artisan beer, delectable food, and the hottest movies that Flix Brewhouse has to offer using it as your debit card.

You may use it at any Flix Brewhouse location unless otherwise forbidden by law.

On their website, or a third party merchant online, you can purchase a Flix Brewhouse gift card, which will be sent to you or any chosen recipient free of charge.

You or the recipient redeems online making it a great gift for family or friends, and a great alternative to gifted money.

A Flix Brewhouse Gift Card is a tangible prepaid card that functions in the same way as a debit card from your bank.

Each Flix Brewhouse Gift Card is redeemable for a certain sum ranging from $10 to $50. You may use the gift card to buy any product from any Flix Brewhouse location.

The gift cards are available at all Flix Brewhouse locations throughout the country.

In addition to accepting cash, Flix Brewhouse also takes all major credit cards as well as bank debit cards.

What are the denominations of Flix Brewhouse Gift Cards?

Flix Brewhouse gift cards are available in denominations of $10, $20, $25, $35, and $50.

During special events, Flix Brewhouse locations throughout the country offer additional discounts such as gift card discounts, free or discounted movie tickets, and other perks when you buy one of their gift cards.

Can you recharge a Flix Brewhouse gift card?

You do not need to buy another Flix Brewhouse Card.

Instead, you should keep your current one and recharge it in any of their store locations or online through the Flix brewhouse official website or any other authorized merchant.

How to check your Flix Brewhouse Gift Card balance?

To check the balance of your Flix Brewhouse gift card, first visit the Gift Cards website.

To check your gift card balance, go to the CHECK A GIFT CARD BALANCE section and enter your gift card number.

Your Flix Brewhouse gift card may be checked online or at a Flix Brewhouse store by asking a cashier.

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Can I send a Flix Brewhouse Gift Card to a friend?

Gift cards from Flix Brewhouse are an excellent way to give someone something they will like, with the advice that they use it at Flix Brewhouse.

Gift cards or certificates combine the thoughtfulness of a gift with the flexibility and convenience of cash in one convenient package.

This allows the receiver to redeem their gift online and get their gift card most conveniently for them.

A physical gift card will be sent to them at no additional charge.

The gift card may only be used at Flix Brewhouse; however, the recipient can use the funds at any other Flix Brewhouse location they choose.

Can You Redeem Flix Brewhouse Gift Cards For Cash?

No, you cannot redeem Flix Brewhouse gift cards for cash.

It can only be redeemed and used to purchase tickets, food, and beverages at any Flix Brewhouse participating store.’

If the Flix Brewhouse Gift Card is Lost or Stolen, can you get a refund?

For lost or stolen credit cards, Flix Brewhouse is not accountable.

So, it is suggested to maintain and look after the e gift card like how you would keep your cash.

What are the terms and limitations for Flix Brewhouse Gift Cards?

A Flix Brewhouse Gift Card may be used to buy tickets, food, and beverages at any Flix Brewhouse location.

Flix Brewhouse is not responsible for lost or stolen credit cards. It cannot be exchanged for cash.

There will be no refunds, swaps, or transfers.

Any attempt to resell the gift card will invalidate it and result in its forfeiture.

After the final use, the gift card is valid for up to two years.

Additional terms and restrictions may apply to the card.

Do Flix Brewhouse Gift Cards Expire?

Flix Brewhouse gift card is valid for two years from the last date of use. See the official site for details or any changes to this term.


Flix Brewhouse has been in operation since July 2011 in its original site in Round Rock, Texas.

Created from the ground up to provide an excellent watching and eating experience at a reasonable price, Flix brings three of America’s great passions – craft beer, fantastic food, and the newest movies – to your seat in the theater.

Many review the place as providing a positive experience and a gift card makes for great holidays or birthdays presents.

Gift cards for Flix Brewhouse are available in denominations of $10, $20, $25, $35, and $50, with the highest value being $50 to make payment towards Flix products or services.

Gift cards may be bought directly from the Official Flix Brewhouse website or via third-party websites such as SamsClub, Bigscreen, Gift Card Place, Giftly, and Gift Rocket.

Gift cards are available for purchase on the Official Flix Brewhouse website.

Purchase a Flix Brewhouse gift card online by entering the amount you want to put on your gift card and clicking the Buy Now button.

Most major credit and debit cards are accepted, as well as cash, through any Flix Brewhouse location.

The Flix Brewhouse gift card will be shipped by mail and delivered to the recipient at no extra cost.

There will be no refunds, substitutes, or transfers permitted.

The Flix Brewhouse gift card is valid for 24 months from the day it was last used unless otherwise stated. There are no fees for using the card.

NOTE: The card falls under the card act and it is suggested that you look at these terms if you have any questions to keep yourself covered.

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