Virtual Gifting – 8 Best Digital Presents to Bring a Smile to Anybody’s Face

Whether you’re a last-minute gift-giver or looking for the right consolation present, there are many digitized gifting possibilities.

When you gift anything virtually, you may easily mail, direct message, and even text your present to the recipient. 

Virtual gifting not only reduces the delivery window but also spares you a trip to the store. 

We have got you covered if you can’t meet your near and dear ones in real life this holiday season.

E-CARDS That Can be Collectively Signed.

E-CARDS That Can be Collectively Signed

Individual cards cost $4, roughly the same as a conventional paper postcard. 

It’s beautiful to collect cards and sort among them piece by piece, but the future might be one gigantic card that everybody can sign. 

That’s the notion behind GroupGreeting, a fresh take on the traditional greeting card. 

Each card contains a link that you distribute to prospective signatories. 

People may sign with multiple typefaces, add photographs, and tilt the writing a little askew to add some flare. 

And, most of all, no stamps are necessary, and there is no need to strive to time the delivery properly.

Input a time, date, and the recipient’s email address, and it will be delivered precisely at the proper time.

Virtual Shoutouts from Stars and Celebs.

Suppose you have an infotainment enthusiast particularly fond of a particular star. In that case, your first destination should almost probably be Cameo

On this website, you can hire the wealthy and renowned for recording a brief, personalized welcome for your pal. 

A daily soap star? Please take $50 for it. Want to hire a former NFL quarterback? That’s a little more, at around $250.

OTT Platform Subscriptions – Amazon Prime.

Suppose your recipient currently uses a streaming service. 

In that case, you can load some credits into their accounts or expose them to something new entirely. When unsure, offering streaming subscriptions is sure to go down well. 

There are plenty of options to gift them something like Amazon Prime or Disney+ (via a HULU subscription), two popular services. 

Each offer particular giving pages (here’s Amazon’s; here’s Disney’s) where you may transfer access directly to someone in just a few taps.

In a nutshell, purchasing streaming access is simple. Netflix has a separate page that leads you to various online stores. 

In contrast, Hulu refers you to several locations where you may purchase Hulu membership.


audible ebook subscription

An Audible membership is a time-tested Family’s present for my grandfather every year, and it works great for just about everyone. 

However, you may purchase legitimate gift memberships: monthly for $15, three months for $50, 6 months for $80, and a year for $149.

Each month, your recipient will receive one credit for a book of their choosing, as well as access to a database of unique and fresh Audible material. 

If they are already an Audible subscriber, the credits will be deposited straight onto their subscription.

Contribute to a Deserving Cause.

A contribution to a nonprofit organization is a virtual present that also makes a big difference. 

Make a difference with Presently by distributing any extra group gift monies to the community and the world.

The World Wildlife Fund allows you to electronically foster an animal from a list of threatened species. 

If Koalas are your loved one’s favorite animal, use your donations to conserve them and their ecosystems.

Help the World Health Organization’s COVID-Solidarity Operation Fund. 

Track the coronavirus transmission, treat victims, and help develop vaccinations for a more timely contribution. 

This Time magazine story mentions other groups that help those on the frontlines. 

Alternatively, look into local organizations in your region and put your money to good use.

Digital Tickets for a Show/Concert.

Even if your present is virtual, the event does not have to be. 

If there’s a big performance forthcoming or your loved one’s favorite band is performing nearby, buy a pair of tickets online and email it to them as a present.

This idea is a clever approach to appreciate your loved ones, and it wouldn’t have to be pricey.

If you want to make the present even more memorable, organize VIP treatment at the arena or have some tour merchandise shipped to their residence.

If the band is doing a live-streamed performance, nothing like it! 

Membership for a digital coffee or tea service.

Many of us expend a significant amount of time at our workstations. 

If your loved ones are remote workers, they frequently rely on their culinary equipment to enjoy a decent cuppa tea or coffee.

Send them a subscription for a coffee or tea subscription service to make that coffee break feel more luxurious or soothing.

Our favorite is Grounds and Hounds, which offers delicious coffee as a subscription and gives 20% of its profits towards rescue dogs. A beautiful combination!

Such tea and coffee delivery services are an excellent opportunity to try new tastes and manufacturers or replenish your loved ones’ stocks of their unique blends. 

If you wish to pair this with a natural gift, send them a gift box that includes a tumbler, a coaster, and some delectable regional treats.

Virtual Wine Tasting Session.

Virtual Gifting - 8 Best Digital Presents to Bring a Smile to Anybody's Face 1

If you’re searching for a present that works nicely for a group, try having an online Wine Tasting Session.

As a holiday present or a thank you gift, you may schedule your whole family for a virtual session guided by a wine connoisseur.

Our personal favorite is

This hamper is an attractive option if you present an online gift to create a hybrid experience with in-person aspects.

Several firms provide online wine tasting and beer tasting experiences. 

Product delivery and live demos – all you need to do is locate the right partner and make the reservation.

Why do Virtual Gifts Make Great Presents?

Suppose you left deciding the gift at the last moment. 

In that case, these presents are your best choice since they can be delivered directly to your receiver’s doorstep within a few days or even online. 

There’s no need for last-minute packing or excursions to the postal service. 


Virtual presents used to feel less meaningful than their in-person equivalents. Still, there are now many intriguing and engaging alternatives available. 

Use this list as motivation to create a comprehensive list of fantastic virtual gift ideas.

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