7 Unisex Christmas Gifts Under $50 – The Best Gift Pick List

Christmas is on its way! The clock is ticking down to the end of the Christmas shopping season, but if you act soon, you’ll have plenty of time to hit the ground running with holiday presents.

As the holiday shopping season approaches, you’re likely to have a long list of people to shop for and a limited amount of time and cash to do so. 

Following a budget when gift buying does not need to stop you from providing exceptional gifts.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

We’ve picked together the top presents under $50 you can buy today to help you stick to a $50 per gift budget. These one-of-a-kind and reasonably priced presents are suitable for both men and women and cost less than $50.

The trendy Dash mini waffle maker, the beloved Homesick walk candle, and the echo dot that everyone is enamored with are just some of our favs.

Radiate Portable Campfire

7 Unisex Christmas Gifts Under $50 - The Best Gift Pick List 1

Without the trouble of building a complete fire, your friend or gift receiver can enjoy roasted marshmallows in the cold season and hot dogs in the summer. 

They can sing songs, dance, and share stories around this portable campfire. This portable campfire is simple to start and will last three to five hours. It’s made of soy wax and paper, and it can be ignited again and again until the wax runs out.

They can also re-use the can once the product has been used, which is fantastic because they won’t have to worry about garbage.

Overall, it’s the ideal gift for your pals this Christmas. It is perfect for hiking in the woods, beach vacations, pool parties, or just a peaceful get-together with friends and relatives in your backyard. 

Radiate is an excellent outdoor necessity because of its simplicity, affordability, reusability, and portability.

Vivitest Oil Diffuser

7 Unisex Christmas Gifts Under $50 - The Best Gift Pick List 2

Diffusers with essential oils are very popular right now. If they have never tried aromatherapy before, this small diffuser is a fantastic place to begin. It’s simple to set up, is quiet, and compatible with their favorite essential oils and fragrances.

This 100ml aromatherapy oil diffuser is perfect for anyone who needs a little more serenity in their life. (That’s everyone.) It has nine color modes, four timer options, and a simple ceramic/wood-grain design that would look great in any modern living room.

They can assist your friend to unwind and create a more tranquil, serene atmosphere in her house, among other things. They can also be utilized to instill a sense of vigor.

This diffuser is not only helpful when people are unhappy or distressed. This diffuser can be used to boost spirits during the holidays (yes, we are talking about Christmas), create a happy environment for business activities and seminars, and get people going on a lazy morning.

Dash Mini Waffle maker

7 Unisex Christmas Gifts Under $50 - The Best Gift Pick List 3

Waffles are fantastic, but there is something about little waffles that make them super tasty. Gift your foodie friend Dash’s mini waffle maker. 

Since you shouldn’t have to wait to savor your breakfast treat, the non-stick sides make food cleanup quick and effortless. Even if you aren’t purchasing this waffle maker for yourself, it would be an excellent gift for a dear one.

With this small and compact waffle maker, they can prepare their snack-sized breakfast treat, which has hundreds of positive Amazon ratings.

This cute, non-stick waffle maker is perfect for anybody who takes brunch seriously — or, more importantly, for anyone who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen.

These beautiful little waffle makers are available in two different prints that evoke the season’s festive spirit. They can use these small kitchen tools to make hash browns, brownies, sandwiches, and other dishes in addition to waffles.

It’s also perfect for a student dorm or a small kitchen. All they have to do is plug it in, and their favorite morning delight will be ready in no time.

Home Sick Holiday Stroll Candle

7 Unisex Christmas Gifts Under $50 - The Best Gift Pick List 4

A candle that evokes the impression of glittering lights and lively stores will get them in the festive spirit. The candle’s wonderful aromas are red currants, wild ivy, blackberries, lemon, sugar plums, sandalwood, and winter rose.

Homesick has a variety of unique Christmas-scented candles, ranging from a Gone Hiking to Winter mantle and even a Nutcracker, but our favorite is the brand’s celebratory Stroll.

We think this candle would conjure up images of shopping in one of those charming Christmas villages, based on its fragrance profile.

This is a beautiful gift that will bring a tear to anyone’s eye. A Homesick candle, with aromas inspired by all kinds of places, will transport them back to their favorite area, whether it’s their hometown, university town, or favorite holiday place.

Takeya Cold Brew Maker

7 Unisex Christmas Gifts Under $50 - The Best Gift Pick List 5

These days, we need more than just a cup of joe to get through the day, and if your giftee is a cold brew coffee connoisseur, they’ll adore this Takeya iced coffee maker. 

With a cold brew maker, you can give the gift of creamy (and highly caffeinated) coffee. Place ground coffee in the infuser, fill it with water, and chill.

This is one of the best cold brewers we tested, and its simple and minimalistic design makes it easy to store in refrigerators. Who says iced coffee is just good in the summer?

Now your friend can go ahead and press that snooze button. This coffee maker will allow them to prepare excellent cold brews at home, saving them the morning shuffle through that ridiculous queue at the corner café.

Echo Dot 

7 Unisex Christmas Gifts Under $50 - The Best Gift Pick List 6

Be Santa this Christmas and give your loved ones gadgets and electrical devices as gifts. Not only can they make fantastic gifts, but they also serve as useful products.

The Echo Dot is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a speaker, whether intelligent or not. The speaker is compact enough to fit almost anyplace, yet it packs a punch in terms of sound quality.

The Echo Dot is an excellent way to extend that power to other areas of your recipient’s home. 

The speaker can be controlled by voice and can even be managed from a distance. It can be used as a stand-alone speaker and connect to other devices via Bluetooth. 

Alexa, the built-in assistant, can operate with a smartphone, play songs, make payments, provide news and weather reports, and much more.

Bath Bombs

7 Unisex Christmas Gifts Under $50 - The Best Gift Pick List 7

If your giftee is usually whining about how busy their week has been, they’ll love this favorite package of bath bombs. 

The top-rated LifeAround2Angels set, which includes 12 effervescent, colorful, and moisturizing bombs, has over 30,000 Amazon reviews, with many people claiming that they’re equally as excellent as the more costly Lush bath bombs. 

They also do not leave any stains in bathtubs as most other bath bombs do. They are individually packaged bath bombs and are perfect for Christmas gifts. 


That’s all there is to it! We hope that our list of 50 gifts under $50 alleviates some stress and worry, especially when trying to select the ideal gift for that particular someone at this time of year. 

Merry Christmas!

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