Top 15 Thank You Gifts for Physical Therapists

If you have recently received the help of a physical therapist and want to express your gratitude, gifts for physical therapists are a great way to go.

As professionals, physical therapists do not expect gifts from their patients.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

However, if they have made a big impact on your physical health and wellbeing, understandably, you would want to say “thank you”!

How do you go about doing that? What makes a great gift for a physical therapist?

15 of the Best Gifts for Physical Therapists

Rather than having to search around yourself, we have done the hard work for you and in the following post, you will find must-have, great gift ideas for physical therapists that will make them feel like they matter!

Novelty Creative Bone Shape Ballpoint Pens Pack of 5

As is the case with many professions within the healthcare industry, physical therapists often have a good sense of humor.

If you want to give your physical therapist a bit of a giggle while showing how much you appreciate their hard work, this practical and quirky gift could be ideal.

Although you might not think it, these bone-shaped ballpoint pens are surprisingly light and comfortable to use.

Putting the Fun In Functional Occupational Therapist: Occupational Therapy Notebook 6 x 9

Sometimes, it doesn’t need to be a very big gift for occupational therapists and physical therapists.

It’s the thought that counts more than anything and with this incredibly useful but also well-designed and beautifully decorated notebook, you can show your therapist that their work matters.

It features 108 fully lined pages, does not include any wires so won’t get caught in anything, and is bound for easy storage.

AKTAP Physical Therapist Assistant Cuff Bracelet for Women

Let’s not forget those hardworking physical therapist assistants out there.

You can show your gratitude to a diligent and professional physical therapist assistant you met during your sessions with this smart and sophisticated stainless steel cuff bracelet.

It features a heart with PTA written within it.

Physical Therapy Word Art Reusable And Washable Mask With Filter

Another great practical gift for a physical therapist, particularly as we continue to live and deal with Covid-19 is this reusable and washable face mask with a filter.

As well as being easy to adjust with elastic earloops and a metallic nose clip, it is anti-fogging, dustproof, soft, breathable, and comfortable.

The stylish mask is complete with key phrases and words related to the world of physical therapy.

Never Forget the Difference You’ve Made Keychain

Anyone who has worked through the physical therapy process will know how hard it can be. Your therapist knows it too.

This lovely and simple keychain and its heartfelt message will undoubtedly show your therapist how much they’ve helped you.

We love the fact this gift is made from stainless steel and is therefore nickel-free and lead-free and hypoallergenic.

It also won’t tarnish, fade, change color, or rust.

Skeletal System Anatomical Chart – Laminated (18 x 27)

Whether the physical therapist gift you want is for a newly qualified individual or an experienced professional, this chart would be an excellent addition to their office or therapy room.

It is presented with accurate drawings and clear and easy-to-read font.

The addition of 3MIL lamination means it will last a long time.

Physical Therapy Shirt I Will Be There For You

How about a physical therapist gift that mixes a little bit of pop culture with a warm message?

That’s what you get with this funny, but cool tee with the words Physical Therapy printed in the style of the Friends logo from the hit 90’s sitcom.

The phrase “I’ll Be There For You” is a reference to the theme song and a sentiment that all physical therapists work hard to show their clients.

Available in a variety of colors, this is made from a 50/50 mix of polyester and cotton.

Personalized Physical Therapist Mug 15 or 11-ounces

Another personalized vessel for hot liquid, this time it’s a proper ceramic mug that they can keep in their office.

Designed with female physical therapists in mind it features a pretty flower bouquet and the abbreviated PT at the top and space for their first name at the bottom.

Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Anatomy Reference Clipboard with Wire Clip (22.95)

Perhaps they are new or have only recently started practicing and you want to show your gratitude by giving them a gift that will help as their practice grows.

Clipboard with Wire Clip

This handy clipboard is perfect as it provides them with space to keep notes on patients, while also offering them handy guides and charts covering the range of motion, spinal cord injury function, ASIA impairment scale, and lots more.

Medigauge Electronic Digital Goniometer

Yet another practical gift for physical therapists, this digital goniometer helps to take incredibly accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurements of joints.

With latex-free hypoallergenic poly fiber blades, it is easy to locate the joint axis while assessing the range of motion.

Whether they have one or not, a physical therapist will undoubtedly appreciate this kind of gift.

Ulta Beauty Gift Card 25

What if you are not sure what would be the best gift for physical therapists.

Don’t sweat the decision any further, by investing in this great Ulta Beauty gift card.

Ulta Beauty is one of the biggest and most highly regarded beauty retailers in the country.

This gift card is redeemable in-store and online and with various salon services, haircare, skincare, fragrance, and makeup products, your physical therapist can give herself a treat.

Physical Therapist Collectible Handmade Metal Art Figurine 27

If you are looking to push the boat out with a gift for your physical therapist, why not consider this handmade collectible metal figurine.

Made from steel, washers, brazing rods, and nuts, this amazing little deck or bookshelf accessory depicts a physical therapist working with a client.

Stunning and unique are just two words we would use to describe it.

Yeti Rambler 14oz Mug (30)

If you know your physical therapist loves a nice hot cup of joe in the morning, why not treat them to this awesome stainless steel travel mug.

Available in a variety of colors, it features double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps the contents warm without burning your hands.

Another great feature is the Yeti MagSlider Lid, which uses magnetism to keep the drink safe.

Belifu Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit with 24 Modes

While it’s likely that most physical therapists will have all the equipment and apparatus they need, it doesn’t hurt to have spares and extras.

That is why if you want to say thank you to a physical therapist in a practical way that will help their business, you could gift him or her this excellent TENS machine.

Featuring 24 different massage modes, it is a great tool to use on patients suffering from a variety of different conditions.

Although one of the pricier gifts, it does come with a selection of handy extras too.

Physical Therapist Canvas Wall Art 24 x 16

Next up we have a stylish piece of word-based artwork with a humorous edge.

This canvas wall piece features an official-looking dictionary definition of “Physical Therapist” with a funny description that still sounds incredibly accurate.

Although tongue-in-cheek, this would give their modern office or therapy room an elegant and lighthearted touch.

Trakk Sport Deep Tissue Handheld Massage Gun

Although this is more like something a physiotherapist or massage therapist might use, a physical therapist could still find it useful for patients.

The deep tissue massage gun comes with 4 different head attachments, a rechargeable battery and offers 4 different speeds to help target different muscle groups around the body.

Can Physical Therapists Accept Gifts from Patients?

In theory, there are no strict rules that suggest physical therapists can’t accept gifts from their patients.

As professionals, though, they don’t necessarily expect gifts, as your recovery and successful treatment is a reward in itself for them.

How Do You Thank Your Physical Therapist?

There are several different ways you can show your gratitude.

You could simply send them a thank you card with a message expressing your appreciation for their hard work and support.

However, if you want to give them a thank you gift, because you feel strongly about it, they are likely to appreciate that too.

Some physical therapy students may also not get paid, so a gift after a long day of practice could be the ultimate stress relief or reward for them on their journey.

Can You Give Tips to a Physical Therapist?

Again, in theory, there is no problem with you giving tips or money to your physical therapy professional.

However, it may make them feel uncomfortable and as they are offering a professional service within the healthcare sector, it may be better to get them a card or a small gift.

It really depends on your personal relationship with your therapist, PT, clinic or hospital.

The best gifts are the ones that benefit or are helpful to your favorite PT.

The perfect gift is a thoughtful gift, that means something in the context of your relationship and things you’ve discussed during your sessions.

The perfect gifts for physical therapists are a little something that is thoughtful and not big enough to make them feel uncomfortable.

Christmas gifts or a holiday gift is more than acceptable if you have a friend-like relationship.

What Do You Say to A Physical Therapist When Giving Them a Gift?

The best and most meaningful messages of thanks are the ones that come from the heart and are specific to the individual patient.

Rather than giving a generic thank you card, why not express how much they have improved your life.


There you have it. If you are looking for gift ideas for physical therapists, we hope you find some inspiration or perhaps the very thing you know your professional will appreciate.

When we suffer and go through trials it is only natural to want to thank those who helped us along the way.

Hopefully, this post has given you some ideas for great gifts and the perfect present for the holiday season, or simply to say “thanks” for any occasion.

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